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Oracle Apps DBA R12.2 Syllabus

1. What is Oracle R12.2
 R12.2 Definition
 Advantages of R12.2
 Limitations of R12.2
 What Benefit Business users will get from R12.2

2. Difference between R12.1 and R12.2 Architecture
 Architectural difference between R12.1 and R12.2
 Advantages and disadvantages of R12.1 and R12.2

3. What is online Patching
 Concept of Online patching
 Adv and Disadvantage of Online Pathing cycle
 Limitations of Online Patching

4. Installation of R12.2
 Installation of R12.2
 Installation issues and fixes

5. Upgrade of R12.2.4 from R12.1
 Analyze and discuss the possible upgrade patch to 12.2.4/12.2.5
 Upgrade from R12.2.4 from R12.1
 Upgrade issues and Fixes

6. Cloning of Oracle Apps R12.2
 Cloning of R12.2 with the default functions
 Cloning of R12.2 with Advanced features
 Issues and Fixes of Cloning

7. What is Adop Patching cycle
 All the Adop cycle definitions
 Detailed information of ADOP cycle
 Sequence of ADOP patching cycle
 Common issues in R12.2 Adop patching cycle

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