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Blue Prism Custom Training Syllabus & Scope (ROM Architect & Product debriefing sessions) – High-level


 Enterprise RPA Maturity Model
 Enterprise RPA Capability Creation Overview
 Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model:
 Module 1. ROM – Vision and Organization
 Module 2. ROM – Governance and Delivery Methodology
 Module 3. ROM – Service Model and Peoples
 Module 4. ROM – Technology
 All overview and delivery documents contained in the Robotic Operating Model category within the Documents section of the Portal
 Lifecycle Orientation Training Delivery Roadmap

 Detailed understanding of the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM)
 An understanding of the different RPA Operating Models.
 Roles and Responsibilities that need to be filled as part of a Centre of Excellence (COE).
 An understanding of Governance and Pipeline.
 An in-depth understanding of the Blue Prism Delivery Methodology
 Blue Prism Support and Service Models.
 Data and Archiving Policies.
 An understanding of the Blue Prism Platform Infrastructure.
 Enterprise RPA Maturity Model.
 Blue Prism Product Overview – Enterprise Edition
 Blue Prism Infrastructure Overview

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