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PDMS, which stands for “Plant Design Management System,” is a 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software solution specifically designed for the modeling, design, and management of complex plant engineering and construction projects. It is widely used in industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, power generation, and shipbuilding to create detailed and accurate 3D representations of industrial facilities and processes.

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PDMS (Plant Design Management System) as it is known in the 3D CAD industry, is a customizable, multi-user and multi-discipline, engineer controlled design software package for engineering, design and construction projects in, but not limited to, offshore and onshore. AVEVA PDMS 3D design software delivers maximum productivity and capability on all types of plant project, from the smallest upgrade to new build projects of unlimited size and complexity. PDMS users range from small engineering contractors to many of the largest multinational process and power companies.

Plant Design Management System (PDMS) The process and power industries seek to commission high-quality plant earlier and to bring it on line with minimum cost and minimum risk. Achieving this in the design domain requires highly functional and productive applications that can be executed effectively across globally distributed project teams.PDMS allows teams of designers to work together, each with their own specialist 3D colour-shaded environment, but able to view all of the design going on around them. As the designers work, PDMS builds a sophisticated plant database from which all of the layout and detail drawings can be produced, together with accurate Material Take Off (MTO) information and all kinds of project reports such as Line List or Valve Schedules.The PDMS approach enables a wide range of sophisticated design checks to be carried out across all aspects of the design to check and improve quality. Drawings and reports are generated directly from the model database to ensure consistency between design information and the project deliverables.There are no limits to project size or complexity. PDMS is proven on projects ranging from the smallest refit to the largest green field projects, and is compatible with all the engineering issue, revision and change-control processes required across such projects. Reduced site rework higher quality design.The ability to perform multiple design checks across the entire design eliminates errors, and  enables ‘right-first time’ Engineering. Accurate materials information eliminates over-ordering and delays on site due to a lack of required materials or information. The Equipment functions build 3D models for all kinds of plant items, From pumps and exchangers through to complex items such as reactor vessels and compressors, they are used in all kinds of layout studies, arrangement drawings and connectivity or clash check.

Duration of Training : 50 hours


To Pipeline Engineering, Plant Design And Analysis.

Job Zones

PDMS can be used to design any type of plant—from petrochemical plants, offshore platforms, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, consumer products (food, beverages,  cosmetics, soap,  paper, and so forth), to power plants, waste water treatment plants, and cogeneration facilities. 


ITI, ITC, VHSS, Graduates, Diploma, Engineering Students.


Production,Mechanical, Chemical


Sketch, 3d Design, Analysis, Isometrics, Analysis,Programming.

Study material

E Books Pdf & References 

PDMS History :

  • What was before PDMS
  • Inventor of PDMS
  • Requirement of PDMS in Piping Industry.

Role & Responsibility of PDMS users in EPC :

  • Working level hierarchy
  • Role & Responsibility of PDMS Administrator
  • Role & Responsibility of PDMS Engineer.
  • Role & Responsibility of PDMS Designer.

Introduction to PDMS modules & Basic structure

Equipment Modeling

  • Equipment Modeling by Primitive method.
  • Equipment Modeling by Parametric method.
  • Nozzle Manipulation.
  • Platforms & Ladders.
  • Equipment & Nozzle report extraction.

Piping modelling

  • Piping modelling.
  • Piping Modification.
  • Consistency check.
  • Clash check.
  • Line report extraction.

Structural Modelling

Isometric extraction

  • Isometric Extraction.
  • Error Resolving.

Automatic Drawing Production

  • 2D drawing Extraction. 

Advanced Course


Design Modules

  • Equipment Modeling- As per vendor drawing and equipment layout
  • Modeling of Horizontal Vessel
  • Modeling of Vertical Vessel
  • Modeling of Heat Exchanger
  • Modeling of Pumps
  • Modeling of Stacked Heat Exchanger
  • Creating the standard equipments
  • Creating obstructions
  • Equipment commands-All equipment commands are covered. Setting the obstructions.
  • Changing the position of the component with respect to world command
  • Modify command, Rotate command, Mirror command, Offset command Measure command, etc – (All Equipment commands are covered).

Piping Module

  • Pipe routing- As per piping layout and P&ID
  • 6 Routing on projector
  • Total 10 routings for practice
  • How to provide spec break
  • Providing offsets Providing slopes
  • Usage of model editor.
  • Solving Data inconsistency & clash check
  • Piping commands (All Piping commands are covered).

Isodraft Module

  • Isometric Generation- As per pipe routings
  • Extracting of Isodraft
  • Splitting of Isometics
  • Providing flow and penetration attachments.
  • Export the drawing to AutoCAD

Structural Module

  • Structures- As per Equipment layout & piping layout
  • Beams and columns
  • Create beams and columns Extend beams and columns
  • Creating Bracings
  • Generating the reports
  • Structural commands (All Structural commands are covered).
  • Panels and plates
  • Creating panels and plate
  • Cutting panels and plate
  • Splitting of panels and plate
  • Penetration of panels and plates
  • Floors
  • Creations of floors
  • ASL modeler
  • Creation of platforms
  • Creation of ladders
  • Creation of stairs

Hangers And Support Module

  • Supporting the Equipments, structures, pipes
  • Modeling of supports
  • Modeling of line guide ,hold down, limit stop.
  • Modeling of stiffner plates,doubler plate.

Draft Module

  • Final output of Plant layout
  • GA-Drawing creation in 2D
  • Creation of sectional views
  • Dimensioning, Labeling
  • Export the drawing to AutoCAD
  • Reflecting the design changes in draft
  • Commands in draft



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