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DataQubez University creates meaningful big data certifications that are recognized in the industry as a confident measure of qualified, capable big data experts. How do we accomplish that mission? DataQubez certifications are exclusively hands on, performance-based exams that require you to complete a set of tasks. Demonstrate your expertise with the most sought-after technical skills. Big data success requires professionals who can prove their mastery with the tools and techniques of the Hadoop stack. However, experts predict a major shortage of advanced analytics skills over the next few years. At DataQubez, we’re drawing on our industry leadership and early corpus of real-world experience to address the big data talent gap.


To become a DataQubez Certified Professional, you need to earn at least one of the following certifications:

DataQubez Certified Professional Data science Engineer

DataQubez Certified Professional Big Data – Hadoop Developer

DataQubez Certified Professional Big Data – Hadoop Administrator

DataQubez Certified Professional Apache Spark Developer

DataQubez Certified Professional Java Developer

DataQubez Certified Professional Python Developer

DataQubez Certified Professional Devops Engineer

DataQubez Certified Selenium Professional

DataQubez Certified Blockchain Developer

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