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Hiring for Intern;Exp 0 to 2 years ;Monitoring of daily patching of server windows and Linux;Monitor RBreporting;SCOM, CheckMK, NetBackup and WhatsUpGold(Job Code-RT 653)

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Interested candidates kindly apply before 21/06/2022.

CV must be in pdf format, saved with your Full name.

Job title

Main aim of job (in brief no duties and responsibilities)
Monitor/Administer, IT Infrastructure (Monitoring and Backup) of the Brose Group to avoid/mitigate any possible business risks and operating of various monitoring tools.
Specific duties and responsibilities
max. 10 duties and responsibilities; please prioritize the duties according to the significance for the company’s
success and give a brief but precise description
1. Monitoring of daily patching of server windows and Linux
2. List out the servers which are not patched successfully
3. Monitor RBreporting center reports for current patch status
4. Regular health check for Monitoring tools like SCOM, CheckMK, NetBackup and WhatsUpGold
5. To check all the values are displayed in MCD
6. Check Derdack alerting is working fine by login to the Derdack console
7. Check repeat alert count in top talker report for both CheckMK and SCOM
8. List the servers for which backup failed
9. List alerts related to antivirus
10. Check SCCM console is working fine

Kind of key figures (budget responsibility; purchasing volume) – only for senior management
Scale of the key figure Influence of the key figure
Input please select
Scope of authority
Organizational complexity of duties (interface)

Formal education (and specialization) Work experience

Graduation in Computer Science \Graduation in Computer Engineering
Specialized knowledge and skills
Below certification will be added advantage
MCP / MCSA / Red hat
Understanding of operating systems like Windows & Linux.
Basic understanding of Monitoring tools (SCOM, CheckMK, WhatsUp Gold, etc.)
Scripting (Python, PowerShell)
Foreign languages
☒ English proficiency level fluent conversation/correspondence
☐ Input proficiency level please select


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