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Job opening for DevOps/SRE Engineer; Any Graduates; 0 to 3 Years of Experience; Understanding of Linux operating system; Experience working with Infrastructure as Code / Automation tools (Ansible, Terraform, Cloud Formation); ( Job Code- RT 755)

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Hiring for DevOps/SRE Engineer!!!

Location: Pune

  • 0 to 3 Years of Experience.  

 Design, operate, automate, and troubleshoot enterprise datacenters(on prem as well as
on public cloud) comprises of hundreds of VMs, Kubernetes Clusters, Databases,
Distributed Applications, and cloud-native Observability tools.
 Design, operate, automate, and troubleshoot enterprise virtualization technologies based
on VMs and containers such as VMWare, OpenStack, and Kubernetes.
 Being able to containerize complex distributed applications and convert them to
Kubernetes citizen.

 Design, operate, automate, and troubleshoot Jenkin based CI pipelines and maintain
jenkin nodes VMs.
 Design, operate, automate, and troubleshoot open LDAP, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP,
NIS and Kerbarose.
 Support engineering projects through activities such as designing, developing, and
implementing software and automation that assists with capacity planning and
provisioning, and general application lifecycle management.
 Scale systems sustainably through mechanisms like scripting and automation; evolve
systems by pushing changes that improve their operational management reliability and
 Collaborate with team members, across business units, and across multiple time zones to
create high quality customer outcomes.

Training would be provided on:

 Coding ability with one or similar of the following: C, C++, Java, Python, Bash scripting or
 Design, implementation, delivery, and maintenance of software systems.
 Systematic problem-solving approach, strong communication skills, and a sense of
ownership and drive.
 Analyzing performance & debugging Enterprise Systems.

Preferred qualifications (But not mandatory)

 Understanding of Linux operating system.
 Experience working with Infrastructure as Code / Automation tools (Ansible, Terraform,
Cloud Formation).
 Experience with containers and container orchestration systems such as Docker and/or
 Experience with monitoring platforms such as Nagios, Prometheus, and Grafana to
comprehend service health and create dashboards.
 Well organized, with ability to prioritize tasks independently, set goals and follow
through in order to see them to completion.

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