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Job Opening for SAP Technical; MCA/M.Sc. – Comp Science, IT, Comp Engineering, Electronics and Communication, ECE Year of Completion – 2021/2022 Min Percentage – 60% / First Class or equivalent (no round-up allowed) Backlogs – No backlogs at the time of application; 0 to 3 Years of Experience; Basic concepts including knowledge on some of the commands used on Windows ( e.g. IPConfig, Ping, telnet etc); Strong Communication; (Job Code-RT 920)

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Interested candidates kindly apply before 19/05/2023.

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Hiring for SAP Technical


Key Responsibilities:
 Issue Solving – Troubleshooting and providing technical resolution on issues reported by customers through tickets, chat or expert mode, for enterprise product suite like SAP Analytics, Business Intelligence, etc.
 Knowledge Transfer – Continuous technical upskilling
for self and the peers, documentation of accrued knowledge
 Additional Tasks

Key Tasks:
1) Case Solving – on Portal and Expert Chat:
 Resolve known errors by means of documentation – SAP Notes, Knowledge Base Articles, solved customer incidents, documentation, WIKI or verifying customized entries or hardware parameters
 Perform root cause analysis and provide solutions in complex environments for specific fields/areas
 Achieve a high level of customer satisfaction through individual case work
 Escalate on time and good quality – keep incidents aged days to a minimum
 Enterprise Support KPI adherence
 Very High incident handling
 Maintain and follow your personal development plan by attending e Learning Lessons and Remote Learning Sessions, Classroom Training, Coaching and on the job training
 Participate in weekend support activities as
 Provide extended and 24 hour coverage if required
 Report errors to development organizations
 Involvement in case reduction tasks like creation
of Knowledge Base Articles and notes,
contribution in community and, forums

2) Knowledge Transfer:
 Coaching and Mentoring
 Continuous Knowledge Management contribution by Creating Knowledge Base Articles and WIKI Documents.
 Deliver standard application/technology trainings
and workshops
 Perform knowledge transfer to internal staff and
external customers & partners
 Produce e-Learning Content (Forums/Wiki to help
with incident deflection)
 Drive creation of Knowledge in area of expertise
and drive proactive proliferation of knowledge created externally and internally

3) Additional Tasks:
 Product specialization – be a product expert in at
least one product area
 Develop deeper technical skills like reading code /
debugging / creation of small corrections where applicable / SQL
 Work as functional expert in de-escalation and
war rooms (Engage in critical customer situations – e.g: CIM escalation, account escalation)
 Participate in internal projects driven by internal
 Be involved in CoE/IMS activities driven by
business requirements
 Take initiatives improving team’s performance and

4) Required Skill Set:
 Networking:  Basic concepts including knowledge on some
of the commands used on Windows ( e.g. IPConfig, Ping, telnet etc)
 Database: Basic queries, stored procedures, performance
optimization techniques, concepts like joins, normalizations, cardinalities. DN drivers, DSN etc.
 OS: Basic properties of OS, commands, authentications in
windows. Information around location of logs generation, folder structure, Drivers creation, registry etc.
 Aptitude: Troubleshooting skills, know how on recent

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