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Masters Program in Cloud and Cyber Security

Integrated with International PG Diploma From UK Government Authorised Awarding Body  – UK ( United Kingdom ) 

OS & Network Concepts.  Cryptography .Infrastructure Security. Application Security .Ethical Hacking. Device Hacking .Web Application Hacking .Enterprise Security .Digital Forensics .CompTIA Security+ 501 Certification content . CEH (v10)- Certified Ethical Hacker Certification content. CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) , Certified Information Systems Security Professional . Certified Cloud Security Professional . CompTIA Network+ , Design security architecture and framework . Learn cloud data storage architectures and security strategies . Data Protection Strategies. perform disaster recovery Planning the Security Architecture .Designing the Security Architecture Security Architecture: Operations Security Governance and Risk Management .Web Application Hacking .Social Engineering Session Hijacking. Device Hacking – Operating System Hacking .Wireless Networks Cloud Hacking. IoT Hacking .Malware Threats .Sniffing Authentication and Authorization .Session Management .Web Security .Database Security File Security. Mobile Security.

60+ Ethical Hacking Practical |  Penetration Testing | Vulnerability Testing | 500 + Auditing  Policies | Security Governance and portfolios | Real time IT Security and Auditing projects

Certificates : RCITP after 6 months and International PG Diploma in  Cloud & Cyber Security – UK After 1 year of successful completion of the course . You have to undergo multiple projects and assignments to achieve the International PG Diploma. After successful completion of the course, there will be 12 online assessments on topics covered during the course .

Good for those who hate programming . Do not require any previous knowledge . Complete process oriented subject

PG Certificate Awarded :- International PG Diploma Certificate  in Cloud and Cyber Security

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