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Cloud Security Architect (AWS) RESPONSIBILITIES

Cloud Security Architect (AWS) RESPONSIBILITIES:

The CSA will be responsible for providing guidance to business and technical partners on secure cloud based solution adoption and work to address security compliance challenges in the cloud realm. The CSA will be an expert on corporate security compliance requirements and will be able to discuss security concerns raised by client experts.

The CSA will work in conjunction with company Cloud Architects who are knowledgeable on the our Unified Data Architecture ecosystem to develop security solutions that include the company RDBMS, Hadoop, and Aster, as well as, third party components such as analytic, Business Intelligence and Data Integration tools. They will also work in conjunction with the existing Info-Security experts in our Consulting community to extent their expertise to the public cloud.


Key Areas of Responsibility

  • Provide direct and substantial support of the team’s revenue and margin objectives via the following:
  • Support the growth of our company’s public cloud consulting practice
  • Be a credible team player in discussions on public / hybrid cloud solutions with customers and analysts
  • Educate customers and delivery teams on secure solution design and privacy / data security practices
  • Develop information security policies, procedures and standards required to design cloud based solutions
  • Ensure adherence to standard regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Identify risks by software, information category and role, and define risk mitigation strategies
  • Implement information security policies and monitor compliance to the policies
  • Understand client’s data security needs and applicable standard compliance requirements and help design solutions fulfilling those requirements
  • Earn the right of being a trusted advisor to the customer’s decision makers by establishing credibility and expertise in public cloud offerings

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