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  1. Windows PowerShell 
  • What is Windows Powershell
  • Windows Powershell Architecture
  • Overview and Background
  • Finding and Running Commands
  • Exploring Inbuilt Security
  1. Powershell Help System
    • Understanding PowerShell help System
    • Types of Help Available
    • How to read PS Help
    • Understanding the commands
    • Identifying the parameters
  1. Working with the Pipeline
    • Concept of Pipeline
    • Advantages of Pipeline
    • Exporting, Importing, and Converting Data
    • Filtering Objects Out of the Pipeline
    • Enumerating Objects in the Pipeline
  1. How the Pipeline Works
    • Passing Data in the Pipeline ByValue
    • Passing Data in the Pipeline ByPropertyName 
  1. Using PSProviders and PSDrives
    • What are PSProviders and PSDrives
    • Purpose of PSProviders and PSDrives
    • Using PSDrives to work with Registry, Files system
    • Modifying/Querying the Registry and File system
  1. Formatting Output
    • Using Basic Formatting
    • Exploring Inbuilt formatting
    • Using Advanced Formatting
    • Redirecting Formatted Output to file, Screen, Printer
    • Custom Formatting
  1. Using WMI and CIM 
  • Introduction to WMI and WMI Objects
  • Need of WMI in Powershell
  • Querying Data with WMI/CIM
  • Making Changes with WMI/CIM
  1. Powershell Modules and Manifests
  • Adding additional functionality in shell
  • Exploring new CMDLETS
  • Dynamic/Manual Module loading
  • Creating your own module
  1. Preparing for Scripting
    • Types Of Variable
    • Using Variables
    • Scope of Variables
    • Scripting Security
    • Working with Alternate Credentials
  1. Moving From a Command to a Script to a Module
    • Moving From Command to Script
    • Moving From Script to Function to Module
    • Implementing Basic Error Handling
  • Using Basic Scripting Constructs
  • Further Exploration in Scripting


  1. Administering Remote Computers
  • What is PowerShell Remoting?
  • Prerequisites for Remoting
  • Using Basic Remoting 1:1 and 1: Many
  • Creating interactive Remote session
  • Creating Persistent Session
  • Using Remoting for Delegated Administration


  1. Loops Supported in Powershell
  • .Else and nested If..Else
  • Foreach
  • For
  • Switch
  • While Loop


  1. Using Advanced PowerShell Techniques and Profiles
  • Understanding Powershell Function
  • Purpose Of Functions
  • Creating Powershell Functions
  • Adding Help information in functions
  • Using Parameters in script
  • Adding advanced parameters.
  • Creating Profile Scripts 


  1. Introduction to Active Directory module
  • Querying AD objects(User Accounts, Groups, Computer Accounts),
  • Creating New Objects(User Accounts, Groups, Computer Accounts),
  • Identifying the Properties of AD Objects
  • Adding additional properties
  • Deploying AD through Automation (Parent,Child)
  1. Introduction to Azure, Azure RM Module

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