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reactjs-training in pune

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Best Training in React JS at Pune
Duration of Training: 2 months
React JS Course Content
Types of Applications: Standalone, Web App, Mobile App
-Introduction to Web Development
-Client-Server Architecture
-Client-side and Server-side technologies used for web development
-Introduction to HTML
-Introduction to CSS
-Introduction to JavaScript
-Basic to Advance Javascript concepts:
-Variable: var/let/const
-String & Array
-Functions: normal/arrow
-this keyword: intro, normal function & arrow function
-Constructor Function
-Spread Operator
-Rest Operator and arguments
-What is React?
-First React App: Create React App
-Understanding the project scaffolding
-Components Basics
-Components Advance
-Stateless vs Stateful Components
-Data Binding
-Handling Lists
-Conditional Rendering
-Communication with outer world with REST
-Forms Validation
-Authentication and Authorization

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