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SAP Security refers to the measures and practices implemented within the SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products) ecosystem to protect sensitive data, maintain system integrity, and ensure authorized access to SAP systems and applications. SAP Security is critical for organizations to protect their valuable data, maintain regulatory compliance, and minimize the risk of security breaches or unauthorized access to their SAP systems.

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Sap Security Training & Certification in Pune

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Realtime Projects, Scenarios & Assignments



Introduction to SAP

  • Introduction to SAP Preview  
  • Logon and Navigation
  • The need for SAP Security Preview   

SAP Landscape and concept of client Preview  

  • DNA of SAP Security
  • The basic nuts and bolts of SAP security in parts.
  • SAP Security DNA 1 Preview

How does authorizations translate from a role to a user.

  • SAP Security DNA – 2 Preview

A walk through of some important transactions in security and basis area.

  • Key transactions

key tables for security. how to browse a table. 

  • Key tables in Security

Custom auth object class and object with SU21


  • SAP User management
  • Various types of user accounts used in SAP
  • SAP User types Preview

How to create an single user account in SAP using SU01.

  • Single user administration

How to create multiple user accounts in SAP using SU10 mass user management.

  • Mass user management with SU10 Preview  

Central user administration concept briefly explained.

  • What is CUA
  • Role administration
  • Types of roles and how derived roles work in an organization
  • Derived roles

How do composite roles work.

  • Composite role
  • SAP Password policy management
  • How password policy can be implemented using server profile parameters in SAP.
  • Password control with policy RZ10
  • Supporting Internal and external audits
  • 4 liaison tasks for a security administrator for audit team.
  • SAP Audit support

The power of SUIM reporting

  • SAP Upgrade security
  • SU25 dissected and deciphered in this section
  • Upgrade security

Troubleshooting SAP security issues in a structured approach

  • SAP problem troubleshooting with user trace.
  • User trace
  • SAP Security baseline process
  • What is the role compliance / reconciliation / baseline process?


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