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Symantec NetBackup 7.7 is an enterprise-grade backup and recovery software solution that provides comprehensive data protection and management capabilities for organizations of all sizes. Symantec NetBackup 7.7 is designed to address data protection challenges in modern IT environments, offering flexibility, scalability, and a wide range of features to ensure the safe and efficient management of critical data assets.

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Duration of Training  :  40 hrs

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training


Symantec Netbackup 7.7 Training & Certification in Pune

Highly Experienced Certified Trainer with 10+ yrs Exp. in Industry

Realtime Projects, Scenarios & Assignments



Introducing NetBackup

  • Netbackup history
  • Introduction to data protection
  • OS Backup vs Specialised Backup s/w
  • The NetBackup environment and structure
  • NetBackup concepts
  • NetBackup options and agents

Installing NetBackup

  • Preparing for NetBackup installation and configuration
  • Installing your NetBackup environment
  • Installing NetBackup clients
  • Verifying your NetBackup installation
  • Verifying netbackup licences
  • Backup process flow
  • Restore process flow

Using the NetBackup Administrative Interfaces

  • The NetBackup Administration Console
  •        NetBackup Monitoring (OpsCenter/Aptare monitoring tool)
  • Netbackup Ticket automation
  • Master server host properties
  • Media server host properties

Configuring Tape Storage and Media

  • NetBackup storage concepts
  • Configuring tape devices
  • Configuring media
  • Verifying tape storage

Configuring Disk Storage

  • Basic NetBackup storage
  • Configuring basic NetBackup disk storage
  • Configuring AdvancedDisk
  • Verifying disk storage
  • Additional NetBackup storage concepts

Configuring File System Backups

  • Introduction to backup policies
  • Policies and policy type
  • Policy configuration tips
  • Configuring file system backup policies

Performing File System Backups and Restores

  • Performing manual backup operations
  • Performing restore operations
  • Backup and restore job tips 

Protecting Backup Data

  • Backup duplication concepts
  • Using Storage Lifecycle Policies
  • Duplication and De-duplication
  • Introduction to Auto Image Replication
  • Introduction to NetBackup Vault 

Protecting the NetBackup Configuration

  • Introduction to NetBackup catalogs
  • Netbackup database
  • Managing images and their retention
  • Performing catalog backup and recovery operations
  • Using user backup and user archive 

Introduction to Enterprise Backups

  • Application protection concepts
  • Database backup concepts
  • Enterprise application backup concepts
  • Virtual machine protect ion concepts(Vmware/Hyper-V)
  • Bare metal backup and restore
  • Configuration of SQL/Oracle/SAP/Exchange Database backup and restore

Working with Support

  • Support resources
  • NetBackup processes, services, daemons and ports
  • Configuring NetBackup debug logging levels
  • Netbackup important erro codes and troubleshooting
  • Netbackup important  logs on master/media/client server

Trainer is having ~10yrs of IT experience in Netbackup/storage/DD/NBU appliances/VTL/PTL, certified in NBU/Storage/ISM, with very good knowledge and training skill

We have trainers who have rich IT experience and  strong technical background. We not only cover theory but practical also with very descriptive lab exercise and training material. Training is always given on latest version of Netbackup. Our Lab exercise are inspired from actual client implementation which explain the technology and its use.Students complete lab exercise in lab itself under trainer’s supervision.Ample time is given in class to cover theory and practical part.Radical technology provides different job oriented training from its certified trainer, it is located in the center of city which makes it approachable from all part of city.Expert advice is given to students which help them in choosing the right course of their interest and expertise.

After Netback up we are suggesting storage and cloud.


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