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Introduction with Artificial Intelligence.

  • What is AI (Artificial Intelligence) ?
  • What types of intelligences we are talking about?
  • Different definitions and Ultimate goal of AI.
  • What are application areas for AI?
  • History of AI and some real life examples of AI.

ML and other related terms to AI.

  • What is ML and How it is related with AI?
  • What is NLP and How it is related with AI?
  • What is DL and How it is related with ML and AI?
  • What are ANNs and DNNs and How are they related to AI?

A working example of AI and ML.

Project 1 – These simple tasks are to make you understand how AI and ML can find their applications in real life.

Python libraries for ML.

  • What are Libraries, packages and Modules?
  • What are top Python libraries for ML in Python?

Setting up Anaconda development environment.

  • Why choosing Anaconda development environment?
  • Setting up Anaconda development environment on Windows 10 PC.
  • Verifying proper installation of Anaconda environment.

Getting into core development of ML.

  • What is a classifier in ML?
  • Important elements and flow of any ML projects.
  • Let’s develop our first ML program – explanations
  • Let’s develop our first ML program – development

Project – 2

These simple tasks are going to give you some great experience with Machine Learning introductory programs or better say, “Hello world” programs of Machine Learning.

Different ML techniques.

  • What all ML techniques are there?
  • Evaluation methods of all ML techniques.

(IRIS flower project) Developing complete project of ML.

  • Developing complete ML project – understanding data set
  • Developing complete ML project – understanding flow of project
  • Developing complete ML project – visualizing data set through Python
  • Developing complete ML project – development
  • Developing complete ML project – concepts explanations
  • –(Digit recognition project) Developing another project of ML.

Project 3

  • After completing these project, you have done and understood multiple complete projects of Machine Learning.

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