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Students can first take up the Oracle 11g DBA then move on to become Advanced DBA by doing 11g RAC DBA, which will include Data guard Concepts and Implementations as well. Oracle Apps DBA course is designed keeping practical focused for those DBA’s who would like to go for Oracle Apps DBA career path, which is in great demand today.

Students have an option to reach out to the faculty over a phone call for 1 month support to get them established in their new job as DBA.Mock Interview Sessions for all the courses at the end of the course Guidance to students for Books References, Obtain Support, Work with Oracle Corp & Right material reference to become an Expert DBA eventually – today we lack this in industry. Students can avail extra practice hours for implementations.

Oracle Applications DBA R12 ( 11i Overview) Training

Course Content

PRE Requisites: Knowledge of Oracle Database Administration

Architecture & Configuration 

· Oracle Applications Architecture

· Oracle Applications Components

· Oracle Applications Environment Files, Control Scripts, and Languages

· Oracle Applications File System

· Oracle Applications Database

· Preparing for Installation

· Installation of R12

· Advanced Configuration Options

· Finishing the Installation


  AD Utilities

· Startup and Shutdown of Application Services in 11i and R12

· Front End Access , Resolve Browser Problems

· Status Checks to Ensure that Oracle Applications Services are fine

· Oracle Applications Configuration Files

· Component wise configuration files

· AD Utilities

· AD Administration: Maintain Applications and Database

· Autoconfig

· Adident

· Adsplice

· License Manager

· Configuration Utilities

· Checking Oracle Applications and Product Versions

· Oracle Applications AD and FND Tables


 Patching ,Worker Administration and Cloning

· Patching and the AutoPatch Process

· Analyzing Patch Pre Requisites

· Running AutoPatch.

· AutoPatch Modes & Testing.

· Patching Options , Hot patch , Defaults file

· Post Patching

· Patching for a Shared APPL_TOP

· Admrgpch to merge Patches

· Adctrl to control Workers

· Troubleshooting Commonly Encountered Patching Issues

· Cloning Oracle Applications using Rapid Clone

· Cloning using Hot Backup and Cold Backup


Users,Profiles,Responsibilities, Concurrent Managers and Requests 

· Post Clone Configuration

· Debugging each component of Oracle Applications

· Oracle Applications Users, Profiles and Responsibilities

· Creating Oracle Application Users , Assigning Responsibilities

· Important Profile Options and resetting Profile Options

· Resetting Password for Oracle Applications Users

· Resetting Apps Password

· Users , profiles , responsibilities Tables and Scripts

· Defining Concurrent Programs and Managers

· Types of Concurrent Managers

· Scheduling & Debugging of Concurrent Requests

· CM Administration

· Concurrent Manager & Concurrent Requests Tables and Scripts

· Generating a trace for a Concurrent Request

· Common Problems and Troubleshooting Scenarios

· Concurrent Requests for Daily Maintenance of Applications and Workflow

· Backend Tables in Oracle Applications


OAM , Workflow and Troubleshooting

· Oracle Application Manager

· Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration

· Management of Workflow Services and Troubleshooting

· Troubleshooting and Debugging of Apache Problems

· Troubleshooting Forms Performance Problems

· Troubleshooting Slow Running Concurrent Requests

· Generating an FRD Trace for Form Error Diagnosis

· Troubleshooting and Load Balancing of JVMs

· Introduction to PCP

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