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Salesforce  Testing are two distinct areas within the field of software development and IT. Manual testing is essential for validating software quality, usability, and ensuring that it meets user expectations. While automation is valuable for repetitive and scripted tests, manual testing remains crucial for exploratory testing, usability testing, and scenarios where human judgment is required.

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SALESFORCE TESTING  Training in Pune/ Online 

Duration of Training  : 32 hrs

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training

Module 1: Introduction to Salesforce Testing

  • Understanding the importance of testing in Salesforce.
  • Overview of different types of testing (functional, regression, integration, performance).
  • Introduction to Salesforce-specific testing challenges.

Module 2: Salesforce Test Environment Setup

  • Setting up Salesforce sandbox environments for testing.
  • Data management and data loading tools.
  • Test data preparation and data strategies.

Module 3: Manual Testing in Salesforce

  • Writing effective test cases for Salesforce.
  • Test execution and test reporting.
  • Exploratory testing in Salesforce.

Module 4: Automation Testing in Salesforce

  • Introduction to automation testing tools for Salesforce.
  • Automating repetitive test cases.
  • Best practices for test automation in Salesforce.

Module 5: Test Data Management

  • Data masking and data privacy in testing.
  • Managing test data for different scenarios.
  • Data backup and recovery strategies.

Module 6: Functional Testing in Salesforce

  • Functional testing concepts.
  • Testing Salesforce configurations, customizations, and workflows.
  • End-to-end testing of business processes.

Module 7: Regression Testing in Salesforce

  • Understanding regression testing in Salesforce.
  • Building regression test suites.
  • Continuous integration and continuous testing.

Module 8: Integration Testing in Salesforce

  • Testing Salesforce integrations with external systems.
  • Message-based testing using APIs.
  • Data synchronization testing.

Module 9: Performance Testing in Salesforce

  • Performance testing principles.
  • Load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing.
  • Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks.

Module 10: Security Testing in Salesforce

  • Overview of security testing.
  • Testing Salesforce security configurations.
  • Data security and access control testing.

Module 11: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Preparing for UAT in Salesforce projects.
  • UAT test planning and execution.
  • User feedback and sign-off.

Module 12: Test Automation Frameworks for Salesforce

    • Introduction to test automation frameworks.
    • Building a custom test automation framework for Salesforce.
    • Framework selection and best practices.

    Module 13: Continuous Testing and DevOps in Salesforce

    • Integrating testing into the Salesforce development pipeline.
    • Implementing DevOps practices for Salesforce.
    • Automated deployment and testing.

    Module 14: Best Practices and QA Processes

    • Quality assurance best practices in Salesforce testing.
    • Collaboration with development and business teams.
    • Reviewing and optimizing Salesforce configurations.

    Module 15: Case Studies and Real-World Projects

    • Analyzing real-world Salesforce testing scenarios.
    • Applying testing techniques to Salesforce projects.
    • Presentation and review of project work.

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