Salesforce  Testing are two distinct areas within the field of software development and IT. Manual testing is essential for validating software quality, usability, and ensuring that it meets user expectations. While automation is valuable for repetitive and scripted tests, manual testing remains crucial for exploratory testing, usability testing, and scenarios where human judgment is required

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Module 1: Introduction to Salesforce Testing

  • Understanding the importance of testing in Salesforce.
  • Overview of different types of testing (functional, regression, integration, performance).
  • Introduction to Salesforce-specific testing challenges.

Module 2: Salesforce Test Environment Setup

  • Setting up Salesforce sandbox environments for testing.
  • Data management and data loading tools.
  • Test data preparation and data strategies.

Module 3: Manual Testing in Salesforce

  • Writing effective test cases for Salesforce.
  • Test execution and test reporting.
  • Exploratory testing in Salesforce.

Module 4: Automation Testing in Salesforce

  • Introduction to automation testing tools for Salesforce.
  • Automating repetitive test cases.
  • Best practices for test automation in Salesforce.

Module 5: Test Data Management

  • Data masking and data privacy in testing.
  • Managing test data for different scenarios.
  • Data backup and recovery strategies.

Module 6: Functional Testing in Salesforce

  • Functional testing concepts.
  • Testing Salesforce configurations, customizations, and workflows.
  • End-to-end testing of business processes.

Module 7: Regression Testing in Salesforce

  • Understanding regression testing in Salesforce.
  • Building regression test suites.
  • Continuous integration and continuous testing.

Module 8: Integration Testing in Salesforce

  • Testing Salesforce integrations with external systems.
  • Message-based testing using APIs.
  • Data synchronization testing.

Module 9: Performance Testing in Salesforce

  • Performance testing principles.
  • Load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing.
  • Identifying and resolving performance bottlenecks.

Module 10: Security Testing in Salesforce

  • Overview of security testing.
  • Testing Salesforce security configurations.
  • Data security and access control testing.

Module 11: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • Preparing for UAT in Salesforce projects.
  • UAT test planning and execution.
  • User feedback and sign-off.

Module 12: Test Automation Frameworks for Salesforce

    • Introduction to test automation frameworks.
    • Building a custom test automation framework for Salesforce.
    • Framework selection and best practices.

    Module 13: Continuous Testing and DevOps in Salesforce

    • Integrating testing into the Salesforce development pipeline.
    • Implementing DevOps practices for Salesforce.
    • Automated deployment and testing.

    Module 14: Best Practices and QA Processes

    • Quality assurance best practices in Salesforce testing.
    • Collaboration with development and business teams.
    • Reviewing and optimizing Salesforce configurations.

    Module 15: Case Studies and Real-World Projects

    • Analyzing real-world Salesforce testing scenarios.
    • Applying testing techniques to Salesforce projects.
    • Presentation and review of project work.

Student Stories and Reviews :

Radical Technologies provided me with comprehensive training in Salesforce Testing, and I couldn't be happier with the experience. The instructors were knowledgeable, the curriculum was well-structured, and the hands-on projects were incredibly valuable.

Radical Student

I highly recommend Radical Technologies for anyone looking to kickstart their career in Salesforce Testing. The trainers are supportive, the course material is top-notch, and the job placement assistance is a huge plus!

Radical Student

Enrolling in the Salesforce Testing course at Radical Technologies was one of the best decisions I've made for my career. The instructors were patient, the classes were engaging, and I feel confident in my abilities to excel in the field.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies exceeded my expectations with their Salesforce Testing training program. The practical approach to learning, coupled with the mentorship from industry experts, helped me gain valuable skills that are in high demand.

Radical Student

The flexibility of online classes at Radical Technologies made it convenient for me to pursue my Salesforce Testing certification while balancing other commitments. The course content was thorough, and the support from instructors was commendable.

Radical Student

Thanks to Radical Technologies, I was able to transition into a career in Salesforce Testing seamlessly. The hands-on experience gained during the course gave me the confidence to tackle real-world challenges with ease.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course provided me with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in my new role. The trainers were patient and supportive, and the practical exercises helped reinforce key concepts.

Radical Student

I'm grateful for the personalized attention and guidance I received at Radical Technologies. The instructors were always available to clarify doubts, and the interactive learning environment made the entire experience enjoyable.

Radical Student

The job placement assistance offered by Radical Technologies was invaluable in helping me secure a position as a Salesforce QA Tester. I'm thankful for the support and encouragement I received throughout the training.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course gave me a solid foundation in testing methodologies and tools specific to Salesforce applications. The hands-on projects helped me build a strong portfolio, which proved to be instrumental in landing my dream job.

Radical Student

The trainers at Radical Technologies are experts in their field, and their passion for teaching is evident in every session. I would highly recommend their Salesforce Testing course to anyone looking to advance their career in the tech industry.

Radical Student

Enrolling in Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course was a game-changer for me. The practical skills I acquired during the training have opened up new career opportunities, and I couldn't be more grateful.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies provided me with the knowledge and confidence I needed to pursue a career in Salesforce Testing. The course content was comprehensive, and the hands-on experience was invaluable.

Radical Student

I'm amazed by the level of support and encouragement I received from the instructors at Radical Technologies. They went above and beyond to ensure that I understood the material and felt confident in my abilities.

Radical Student

The Salesforce Testing course at Radical Technologies was exactly what I needed to take my career to the next level. The practical approach to learning and the focus on real-world applications made all the difference.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course exceeded my expectations in every way. The instructors were knowledgeable, the curriculum was relevant, and the job placement assistance was a huge help.

Radical Student

I'm incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best at Radical Technologies. The Salesforce Testing course equipped me with the skills and confidence to pursue my passion for software testing.

Radical Student

The trainers at Radical Technologies are not only experts in Salesforce Testing but also great mentors. Their guidance and support played a significant role in shaping my career trajectory.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course provided me with the hands-on experience and practical skills needed to excel in the field. I couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.

Radical Student

Enrolling in Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course was a wise investment in my future. The knowledge and skills I gained have opened up new career opportunities that I never thought possible.

Radical Student

I'm impressed by the level of professionalism and dedication exhibited by the instructors at Radical Technologies. They are truly invested in the success of their students and go above and beyond to ensure that everyone achieves their goals.

Radical Student

The hands-on projects and real-world scenarios covered in Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course helped bridge the gap between theory and practice. I feel well-prepared to tackle any challenges that come my way.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies provided me with the tools and resources I needed to succeed in the competitive field of Salesforce Testing. I'm grateful for the support and guidance I received throughout the training.

Radical Student

Enrolling in Radical Technologies' Salesforce Testing course was a turning point in my career. The comprehensive curriculum, hands-on training, and supportive environment helped me achieve my goals and advance in my career.

Radical Student

FAQs :

Salesforce Testing Course is designed to train individuals in manual and automated testing techniques specifically tailored for Salesforce applications.

Salesforce Automated Testing Tools are software applications used to automate the testing process for Salesforce applications, such as Selenium, Provar, and Salesforce Test Automation.

You can obtain Salesforce Testing Certification by completing a certification program offered by Salesforce or other authorized certification providers after gaining relevant knowledge and skills through training.

Salesforce User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the final phase of testing where end-users validate the Salesforce system to ensure it meets their requirements and expectations.

Manual Test Cases for Salesforce are written instructions detailing steps to manually test various functionalities, workflows, and integrations within Salesforce applications.

The best Salesforce Certification for Testers depends on your career goals and expertise level. Common certifications include Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Platform App Builder, and Salesforce Certified Platform Developer.

Yes, Salesforce Testing Courses are available online, providing flexibility for individuals to learn at their own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.

Salesforce Manual Testing involves manually executing test cases, scenarios, and scripts to validate the functionality, usability, and performance of Salesforce applications.

You can find Salesforce Testing Courses near you by searching online, checking with local training institutes, or contacting professional organizations specializing in Salesforce training.

Salesforce QA Tutorial is a comprehensive guide or instructional material providing step-by-step instructions, examples, and best practices for quality assurance (QA) testing in Salesforce applications.

QA Azure Training refers to training programs focused on quality assurance testing using Microsoft Azure’s cloud services and platforms.

Salesforce Automation Testing Classes are instructor-led sessions or workshops that teach individuals how to automate testing processes using tools and frameworks specific to Salesforce applications.

Salesforce Testing Certification enhances your credibility and demonstrates your expertise to potential employers, increasing your chances of securing job placements in the Salesforce testing domain.

Yes, we offer job placement assistance to our students upon successful completion of Salesforce Testing Training programs, helping them connect with potential employers in the industry.

The Salesforce Testing Course syllabus typically covers topics such as Salesforce architecture, testing methodologies, manual and automated testing techniques, testing tools, and best practices.

Prerequisites for enrolling in the Salesforce Testing Course may vary but generally include basic knowledge of Salesforce applications, software testing fundamentals, and proficiency in using computers.

Yes, you can take Salesforce Testing Training online through live virtual classes or self-paced courses offered by institutes like Radical Technologies.

Common challenges in Salesforce Testing Automation include identifying suitable test cases for automation, maintaining test scripts, handling dynamic elements, and integrating with continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Yes, most Salesforce Testing Courses include hands-on projects where students can apply their learning to real-world scenarios, gaining practical experience in testing Salesforce applications.

After completing a Salesforce QA Testing Course, you can pursue career opportunities such as Salesforce QA Tester, Test Automation Engineer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Salesforce Administrator, or Salesforce Developer.

Yes, we provide guidance and resources to help students prepare for Salesforce Certification exams as part of our Salesforce Testing Training programs.

Learning Salesforce Testing Automation helps improve testing efficiency, reduces manual effort, increases test coverage, accelerates release cycles, and enhances the overall quality of Salesforce applications.

Salesforce Testing Courses may include projects related to functional testing, integration testing, regression testing, performance testing, and security testing of Salesforce applications.

Salesforce Testing focuses specifically on testing applications built on the Salesforce platform, whereas traditional software testing encompasses a broader range of software applications and technologies.

In Agile development, a Salesforce QA Tester collaborates with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the development lifecycle, participating in sprint planning, test automation, and continuous integration activities.

Yes, we organize networking events, workshops, and guest lectures where students can interact with industry professionals, mentors, and alumni to expand their professional network.

You can schedule your Salesforce Testing Certification exam through the official Salesforce website or authorized exam centers, selecting a date and location that suits your convenience.

Most Probable Interview Questions for Salesforce Testing/QA

Interview Question No. 1 for Salesforce Testing/QA : What is your experience with Salesforce Testing, particularly in manual and automated testing techniques?

Interview Question No. 2 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Can you explain the difference between Salesforce Manual Testing and Salesforce Automation Testing?

Interview Question No. 3 for Salesforce Testing/QA : How do you approach test case design for Salesforce applications?

Interview Question No. 4 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Which Salesforce Automation Testing tools are you proficient in, and how have you used them in your previous projects?

Interview Question No. 5 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Have you worked with Salesforce-specific testing frameworks like Provar or Salesforce Test Automation?

Interview Question No. 6 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Can you describe a challenging Salesforce testing scenario you encountered and how you resolved it?

Interview Question No. 7 for Salesforce Testing/QA : How do you ensure test coverage for various Salesforce modules and functionalities?

Interview Question No. 8 for Salesforce Testing/QA : What strategies do you employ for Salesforce User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure end-user satisfaction?

Interview Question No. 9 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Have you integrated Salesforce testing into continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) pipelines? If so, how?

Interview Question No. 10 for Salesforce Testing/QA : How do you handle Salesforce testing in agile development environments, and what role do you play in agile teams?

Interview Question No. 11 for Salesforce Testing/QA : What measures do you take to ensure data integrity and security during Salesforce testing?

Interview Question No. 12 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Can you discuss your experience with Salesforce CRM testing, including customization, integration, and data migration aspects?

Interview Question No. 13 for Salesforce Testing/QA : What steps do you take to troubleshoot and debug Salesforce testing failures?

Interview Question No. 14 for Salesforce Testing/QA : How do you manage test data for Salesforce testing, considering data dependencies and privacy concerns?

Interview Question No. 15 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Have you conducted performance testing for Salesforce applications, and if so, what tools and methodologies did you use?

Interview Question No. 16 for Salesforce Testing/QA : What are your thoughts on the impact of recent Salesforce updates or releases on testing strategies and practices?

Interview Question No. 17 for Salesforce Testing/QA : How do you stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in Salesforce testing?

Interview Question No. 18 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Can you walk us through your approach to conducting regression testing for Salesforce applications?

Interview Question No. 19 for Salesforce Testing/QA : How do you collaborate with Salesforce administrators, developers, and business stakeholders during the testing process?

Interview Question No. 20 for Salesforce Testing/QA : Lastly, can you provide an example of how effective Salesforce testing contributed to the success of a project or initiative in your previous role?

Learn Salesforce Testing / QA – Course in Pune with Training, Certification & Guaranteed Job Placement Assistance!


Welcome to Radical Technologies, your premier destination for comprehensive Salesforce Testing education and training in Pune. At Radical Technologies, we take pride in offering top-notch courses in Salesforce Manual & Automation Testing, equipping aspiring professionals like you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in the dynamic world of Salesforce testing.

With a strong focus on quality education and practical training, our institute stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of Salesforce Testing. Our team of experienced instructors comprises industry veterans and certified experts who bring real-world insights and hands-on experience into the classroom, ensuring that you receive industry-relevant training that goes beyond theoretical concepts.

Whether you’re looking to kickstart your career as a Salesforce QA Tester, enhance your skills in Salesforce Automation Testing, or obtain valuable Salesforce Testing certifications, Radical Technologies has you covered. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including Salesforce Testing Automation Tools, Manual Test Case Design, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and much more.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing holistic learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom. We understand that securing a job in today’s competitive market requires more than just technical expertise. That’s why we offer job placement assistance to our students, helping them connect with leading companies in Pune and beyond.

Furthermore, our flexible training options, including both in-person and online classes, ensure that you can pursue your educational goals at your own pace and convenience. Whether you prefer face-to-face interaction or the flexibility of virtual learning, Radical Technologies offers the flexibility you need to succeed.

As a testament to our dedication to excellence, we continuously update our curriculum to align with the latest industry trends and advancements in Salesforce technology. This ensures that our students receive the most up-to-date training that empowers them to tackle real-world challenges with confidence.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to upskill or a newcomer eager to embark on a career in Salesforce Testing, Radical Technologies is your trusted partner every step of the way. Join us today and unlock your full potential in the exciting world of Salesforce Testing.

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