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Advanced Excel Training by Experts

Course Duration: 32 hrs

Mode of Training: Online

Batch slots: Weekday /Weekend Batches


What is Advanced Excel?

Advanced Excel Functions refers to the features and functions of Microsoft Excel, which helps the user to perform complex calculations, perform data analysis, and much more

What is Difference between Excel & Advanced Excel?

Advanced Excel is quite different from Basic Excel,  the focus for the user is more on DSUM, DCOUNT, Pivot Table, Pivot Chart, Formulas, Functions, and Macros.

Some of the other important concepts to explore while working on Advanced Excel are:

  • If Statements
  • Sum Products
  • Concatenate
  • Sum Ifs

Advanced Excel Includes:-

  • Building and applying advanced formulas, like SUMPRODUCT, INDIRECT, INDEX MATCH, and OFFSET
  • Knowing what a PivotTable is and how to build one
  • Knowing what an add-in is and how to install one
  • Understanding and using the AutoFilter feature
  • Recording a macro and using it later
  • Editing or modifying simple recorded macros

Advanced Excel Course content in detail:- 

Creation of personalized templates

Knowledge on how to work with sparklines

Basic knowledge on how to create and manage scenarios

Use of Goal Seek and Solver

Creation, management, and formating pivot tables and pivot charts

Use of Excel mathematical functions

Creation and writing knowledge on complex formulas

Perform data lookups

Creation and use IF statements

Use of Excel’s data functions

Creation and use data validation rules

Application of custom and prebuilt conditional formatting

How to work with functions to manipulate strings of text and data

Creation and use of macros

Troubleshoot and audit formulas

Creation of pivot tables and pivot charts

Use of queries to import external data

Import and clean data

How to link and consolidate worksheets and workbooks

Troubleshoot errors

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