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VNX Unified Storage Management

Course Duration : 40 Hrs


This Specialist-level course is targeted for storage/cloud infrastructure administrators requiring in depth knowledge and practical lab work with EMC VNX Unified Storage systems. This training covers all the key elements of VNX Block, File, and Unified deployments. It covers integrating VNX block access for open systems hosts (Linux, Windows and VMware ESXi) through FC, iSCSI and, FCoE, and VNX file level access for Windows and Linux user/application environments via NFS and CIFS. Lastly, the course also covers configuration of local replications solutions for VNX systems.


This course is intended for professionals responsible for the configuration, deployment, and management of VNX Block, File, and/or Unified storage systems in heterogeneous host environments.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

To understand the content and successfully complete this course, a student should have knowledge and skills associated with the following:


This will be covered in the course Which will be helpful for the candidates who do not have any exposure to Storage and System Admin Activities

  •  VNX system architecture
  • EMC PowerPath operations
  • SAN configurations and TCP/IP networking
  • Ethernet switch configuration
  • Basic Microsoft Windows and UNIX administration skills (Managing users/groups, files and directories)

Basic VMware ESX/ESXi operations and management

Intermediate to Advanced Topics 

-Configuring Unisphere security and notifications
-Provision and manage VNX block-level storage
-Configure and manage VNX storage features such as LUN migration and   expansion, FAST VP, FAST Cache, and deduplication

-Configure and manage VNX Block local replication solutions–SnapView, VNX


Snapshots, SnapSure

-Configure VNX File storage services for Linux/Unix/ESXi environments via NFS,   and Windows environments via CIFS
-Manage and monitor file systems, Virtual Data Movers, and Usermapper   Configure and manage VNX File local replication solutions with VNX SnapSure

Introduction to VNX Management Unisphere Security and Basic Management

  • Unisphere GUI and CLI Interface
  • Unisphere Security Features
  • Notifications and Event Monitoring
  • Unisphere Storage Domains
  • Storage System Configuration

      SP Networking and Cache Settings

Host Integration to Block Storage

  • Storage Networking Topologies and Requirements
  • Storage Networking with Fibre Channel and iSCSI
  • Host Registration and Storage Architecture
  • Configure Storage

Managing Block Host Connectivity

  • Data Path Management
  • Managing Block Host Connectivity
  • VNX and VMware API Integration Advanced Storage Features
  • LUN Migration and LUN Expansion
  • FAST VP and FAST Cache
  • Block Space Efficiency Features
  • Data-At-Rest Encryption (D@RE)

Local Replication for Block


  • SnapView Snapshots and SnapView Clones ▬ Managing VNX Snapshots
  • Introduction to VNX File
  • Basic IP Networking Configuration for VNX File

Configuration of VNX File Systems – NFS and CIFS

VNX File Content and Space Efficiency Features

  • File System Quotas
  • File Level Retention and File Deduplication

VNX File Configuration


Thin LUN File System  Networking Features

Networking Features Overview and Configuration ▬ Complex Examples and Considerations


VNX SnapSure

  • Writable Checkpoints
  • Configuring SnapSure
  • Planning SnapSure and Managing Checkpoints  Data Mover Failover
  • Data Mover Failover Operations
  • Testing Data Mover Failover and Failback

    In addition to lecture and demonstrations, this course includes labs designed to allow practical experience for the participant.

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