Python is one of the most popular programming languages for machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) due to its simplicity, extensive libraries, and a large, supportive community.Python’s versatility extends beyond machine learning, making it a versatile language for a wide range of applications, from web development to scientific research.

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1: Introduction

What is Python..?

A Brief history of Python

Why Should I learn Python..?

Installing Python

How to execute Python program

Write your first program

2: Variables & Data Types




Lists ,Tuples & Dictionary

3: Conditional Statements & Loops


if…else statement


The while…Loop

The for….Loop

4: Control Statements

continue statement

break statement

pass statement

5: Functions

Define function

Calling a function

Function arguments

Built-in functions

6: Modules & Packages


How to import a module…?


How to create packages

7: Classes & Objects

Introduction about classes & objects

Creating a class & object


Methods Overriding

Data hiding

8: Files & Exception Handling

Writing data to a file

Reading data from a file

Read and Write data from csv file




os module


Module 2:Introduction to Machine learning(ML)

What is Machine learing?

Overview about sci-kit learn and tensorflow

Types of ML

Some complementing fields of ML

ML algorithms

Machine learning examples


Module 3:NumPy Arrays

Creating multidimensional array

NumPy-Data types

Array attributes

Indexing and Slicing

Creating array views and copies

Manipulating array shapes

I/O with NumPy

Module 4:Working with Pandas

Installing pandas

Pandas dataframes

Pandas Series

Data aggregation with Pandas DataFrames

Concatenating and appending DataFrames

Joining DataFrames

Handling missing data

Module 5: Python Regular Expressions

What are regular expressions?

The match Function

The search Function

Matching vs searching

Search and Replace

Extended Regular Expressions


Module 6:Python Oracle Database Access

Install the cx_Oracle and other Packages

Create Database Connection


DML and DDL Oepration with Databases

Performing Transactions

Handling Database Errors

Disconnecting Database

Module 7:Web Scraping in Python

Module 8:Regression based learning

Simple regression

Multiple regression

Logistic regression

Predicting house prices with regression

Module 9:Clustering based learning


Types of clustering

The k-means clustering algorithm

Module 5:Data mining

Introducing data mining

Decision Tree

Affiity Analysis


Module 6:Classifiation – Sentiment Analysis

Module 7:Natural Language Processing

Install nltk

Tokenize words

Tokenizing sentences

Stop words with NLTK

Stemming words with NLTK

Speech tagging

Sentiment analysis with NLTK

Module 8:Making Sense of data through Visualization

Introducing matplotlib

Bar Charts

Line Charts

Scatter plots

Bubble charts

Module 9:Working with openCV

Setting up opencv

Loading and displaying images

Applying image filters

Tracking faces

Face recognition

Module 10:Performing predictions with Linear Regression

Simple linear regression

Multiple regression

Training and testing model


EDA on movies database Mini
House price prediction using Regression Mini
Predict survival on the Titanic using Classification Mini
Image Clustering Mini
Document Clustering Mini
Twitter US Airline Sentiment Major
Restaurant revenue prediction Major
Disease Prediction Major

Note: Depends upon Trainers above projects may vary


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