Python Scripting is a “scripting language” for web applications. It can automate specific series of tasks, making it more efficient. Python (and languages like it) is often used in software applications, pages within a web browser, the shells of operating systems and some games. A Python script is a collection of commands in a file designed to be executed like a program. The file can of course contain functions and import various modules, but the idea is that it will be run or executed from the command line or from within a Python interactive shell to perform a specific task

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Python Duration of Training  :  30 hrs

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Python Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training


Python Scripting Training & Certification in Pune

Highly Experienced Certified Trainer with 10+ yrs Exp. in Industry

Realtime Projects, Scenarios & Assignments


Why Radical Technologies

100% Placement Guarantee for the Right Candidate

10+ Years Real Time Experienced Trainers

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Highlights :

Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level programming language. Python supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative and functional programming or procedural styles. It features a dynamic type system and automatic memory management and has a large and comprehensive standard library.The official repository of third-party software for Python contains more than 38,000 packages covering a wide range of functionality.


Audience :

Application programmers, automation engineer, testers, system administrators,
web-crawlers and UNIX/NT power users.


Pre-requisite : Basic of UNIX or Windows


For whom Python is?

IT folks who want to excel or change their profile in a most demanding language which is in demand by almost all clients in all domains because of below mentioned reasons-

  • Python is open source (Cost saving)
  • Python has relatively few keywords, simple structure, and a clearly defined syntax. This allows the student to pick up the language in a relatively short period of time.
  • Python comes with a large collection of prebuilt and portable functionality known as the standard library. Python has more than 20 Thousand modules. Every new development comes very early in Python like Hadoop interface, Raspberry Pi and many more!
  • Python can run on a wide variety of hardware platforms and has the same interface on all platforms.
  • You can add low-level modules to the Python interpreter. These modules enable programmers to add to or customize their tools to be more efficient.
  • Django framework might be the most famous Python web framework, there is also a host of successful small and micro-frameworks. 


Who use Python?

  • Google makes extensive use of Python in its web search system, and employs Python’s creator Guido van Rossum.
  • The YouTube video sharing service is largely written in Python.
  • Disney uses Python in many of their creative processes.
  • Mozilla uses Python to explore their extensive code base and releases tons of open source packages built in python.
  • Dropbox file hosting service is implemented using Python, Guido van Rossum now working here.
  • The popular Bit Torrent peer-to-peer file sharing system is a Python program.
  • Intel, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Seagate, Qualcomm, and IBM use Python for hardware testing.
  • JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Getco, and Citadel apply Python for financial market forecasting.
  • NASA, Los Alamos, JPL, use Python for scientific programming tasks.
  • iRobot uses Python to develop commercial robotic vacuum cleaners.
  • The NSA uses Python for cryptography and intelligence analysis.
  • And Many More 


Can I learn Python if I’m not from programming background?


Anyone can learn Python, whether they are from Networking, Administration, manual testing or may be from IT support. It is a big myth that if guys don’t know C or C++ then he can’t learn Python.


What is the job trend in Python?

Per the, percentage growth of Python is 700 times more than its peer Languages.

Python is part of the winning formula for productivity, software quality, and maintainability at many companies around the world.

Few of them are specified at:


Who can learn Python?

In short, anyone.

  • Automation Engineers
  • Data analysts and scientist
  • Web Developers
  • Networking Professionals
  • Software Developers
  • Hadoop programmers
  • Desktop Applications
  • Robotics Engineers
  • Hardware level developers
  • And Many Many More …





What is Python..?
A Brief history of Python
Why Should I learn Python..?
Installing Python
How to execute Python program
Write your first program
Overview on Jupyter Notebook
Overview on Command Line


Variables & Data Types


Conditional Statements & Loops
if…else statement
The while…Loop
The for….Loop


Control Statements
continue statement
break statement
pass statement


Define function
Calling a function
Function arguments
Built-in functions


Modules & Packages
How to import a module…?
Built-in Module – OS
Built-in Module – sys
Built-in Module – argparse
Built-in Module – statistics
Built-in Module – math

How to create packages


Classes & Objects
Introduction about classes & objects
Creating a class & object
Methods Overriding
Data hiding


Files & Exception Handling
Writing data to a file
Reading data from a file
Read and Write data from csv file



Getting started with Python Libraries
what is data analysis ?
why python for data analysis ?
Essential Python Libraries
Installation and setup
2.7 VS 3.5


NumPy Arrays
Creating multidimensional array
NumPy-Data types
Array attributes
Indexing and Slicing
Creating array views and copies
Manipulating array shapes
I/O with NumPy


Working with Pandas
Installing pandas
Pandas dataframes
Pandas Series
Data aggregation with Pandas DataFrames
Concatenating and appending DataFrames
Joining DataFrames
Handling missing data


Data Loading,Storage and file format
Writing CSV files with numpy and pandas
HDF5 format
Reading and Writing to Excel with pandas
JSON data
Parsing HTML with Beautiful Soup


Python Regular Expressions
What are regular expressions?
The match Function
The search Function
Matching vs searching
Search and Replace
Extended Regular Expressions


Python Oracle Database Access
Install the cx_Oracle and other Packages
Create Database Connection
DML and DDL Oepration with Databases
Performing Transactions
Handling Database Errors
Disconnecting Database




Random password generator Mini
CLI based scientific calculator Mini
Instagram bot Mini
Expense Tracker Mini
Site connectivity checker Mini
Lawn Tennis Match Highlight (Can be extended to any sport) Major
NLP library Major









Note: Depends upon Trainers above projects may vary

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FAQs :

Student Stories and Reviews :

Attended Python course.  Trainer has good knowledge but training could have been more organised.

Abhitanshu Shukla

Attended python programming course under guidance of Jatin Miglani. 1. Jatin has extraordinary command over python which helped in clearing doubts …

Abhay Pathare

Course - python with ML Nishan sir's method of teaching  is very easy and effective. Sir, explain all concepts in detail

Abhay Rajput

Course name - Python  and ML Trainer-Nishan jain Experience : my overall experience is good. He has very professional knowledge …

Aishwaraya Ghadage

Course: Python programming and Machine learning Trainer: Nishan Jain I joined Radical technologies to gain knowledge about Machine learning and …

Disha Diwate

Course: Python with Machine Learning Trainer: Nishan Jain I joined Nishan Sir batch for Python scripting and Machine Learning. It was …

Sourabh Rasal

Course:Python programming and Machine learning. Trainer: Nishan Jain It was really a nice experience to be taught by Nishan sir on python …

Sambit Swain

Deepak sir is a great tutor and have best knowledge of Python. It was the best experience learning python under his guidance. Thanks a lot Deepak sir and Radical Technologies.


Faculty:Nishan Jain Course: Python with ML It's been great experience learning ML under guidance of Nishan Jain Sir. We are …

Sakshi Rikhe

I am pushpa dhumal i join python course in radical. I thank to radical. very nice environment. Experience teacher ,problem solving nature.

Pushpa P. Dhumal

I attended Advanced Python Training class for the period of 7 weeks. It was very nice introduction for me into the Python world, since it was my first time learning a scripting language. The basics covered in class alongside assignments …

Anand Jadhav

I completed my python & Machine learning course through Radical Technologies. Thanks to the instructor, Nishan, who has tremendous knowledge of python & ML. …


I did a python programming course under the guidance of jatin miglani. Jatin has deep knowledge in python field. Exercises and weekly assignments improved my understanding. Jatin helps in clearing doubts. Was a nice experience.

Ambar Dudhane

I had joined radical technologies to gain knowledge on Python and Machine learning as per my aspirations. The classes were taken by Nishan Jain, and it was an awesome journey of knowledge so far. He made sure that the topics were clear to …

Shubhadeep Mandal

I have done the python course in Radical Institute , Reetesh sir teaching us very good and explained each concept deeply . i have too much things learned related python.

Sagar Godase

i have joined radical technologies for basic python scripting under the guidance of Ankur Saxena in pimple saudagar branch pune. all staff members are very supportive. …

Manasi Bhute

I have learned Python over here from Jatin Miglani . He is a good trainer having best knowledge of Python. He covers all the points quite well. His patience and problem solving method is very good. …

Suyash Ahire

I have successfully completed my Python   course in Radical(Aundh). This help me to strong my basics and ready for advance technologies.Teaching of Instructor(Abhijeet Sir) is very simple and effective. he explain lots of complex thing very …

Manasi Birhade

i joined for python batch and it is really good.specially the trainer is very good.The teaching type is good .

Aboli Patil

It was my first experience with Python & ML and enjoyed it very much! I did learn several new things to apply in my field of Civil engineering and consider myself "introduced" to the world of python. A very Special thanks to the instructor, …

Sg Vm

I've completed Python Scripting in Radical  Technologies. It was very helpful in gaining depth knowledge. And my trainer Deepak was also good and kind towards teaching. …

Akash Kumar

Jatin is an excellent faculty for Python in Radical. His knowledge and the way he teach is incredible. I strongly recommend him for Python training.

Joginder Lal

Joined this class for getting hands on experience with python especially them offering projects to work on as well is really helpful and the classes taken by Nishant Jain sir are really great and helped a lot from the basics to the advance knowledge of it. Brilliant for getting thorough understanding of any application.

Anvesh Agrawal

Python Classes by Nishan Sir was quite a enriching. Had a great learning experience.

Pooja Shrivastava

Registered for Python training under the guidance of Ankur Saxena sir at Pimple Saudagar Branch, Well explanation about technology, good problem solving technique. Good in clearing doubts, Thank you sir.

Diksha Kadam

Technology: Python Scripting Faculty: Nishan Jain …

Sayali K

This for Python by Deepak Sir,  very knowledgable person and always he  helps and support to his each and every student, solve queries and also updates you regarding the language.

Iha Jolie

Trainer was good and had a good knowledge on python.  i will recommend Radical Technologies

Ankita Behera

Very good experience , I have learnt a Python Scripting and it is very good technical facility .

Mahesh Salunkhe

It was good course with lots of information. I am new to Python programming however Keshav explain everything from basic level which help me to understand. We are always informed about the timing in well advanced which is appreciated.

Nilakshi Barman

The overall experience  of learning python was very good. Keshav Sir is very helpful to address the concerns. They have covered most of the technologies which can be used in todays world.

Omdatta Pawar

Good learning experience for python course. ankur saxena sir is very good and helpful for teaching. he clearify all the queries. and the supporting staff is also good .

Snehal Pokale

Good learning experience for Python. Though since the location in Pimple Saudagar is newly set up it lacks some infrastructure readiness. Ankur Sir was good. I liked the pace of the lecture and had a good learning experience.

Deepak Goswami

Hi.. I am doing Python for Scripting Course under the guidance of Ankur Saxena Sir …

Snehal Pokale

I am doing python course from radical technology Pimple Saudagar branch. The teaching is in depth and Ankur Saxena the trainer of Python Clarifies our all querries and doubts on time..... so basically its a good Experience of Learning …

Sonali Kadam

I am doing Python for Scripting course under Ankur Saxena Sir from Pimple Saudagar Branch!  He has a very good command on python technologies and his way of teaching is excellent but i will suggest that try to complete the course there only don't left it for online classes because it will not going to happen for months.

Anuja Sanadhya

I am doing Python+ML course at Pimple Saudagar . Yes it is good and easy to understand and Aunkur Saxsena is very cooperative and ready to teach any time. Thank you Radical Technology for same.

Tushar Baviskar

I am learning machine learning from Ankur sir.he has very good knowledge of python and machine learning . He has good industry knowledge and hands on latest tools and technology. I will recommend others to join Ankur sirs batch for machine learning.

Milind Pardeshi

I have completed the course of Python and Selenium from Radical Technologies both the trainers were having a very good experience and indepth knowledge of the courses...I would highly recommend Radical Technologies pimple saudagar for …

Divya Soni

If you want to learn python then ankur sir is best teacher, under sir guidance you can develop coding skills at its best.

Shahid Khan

It is very interesting journey to teach Python with Ankur Sir....

Shubham Joshi

Learning python under Ankur Sir Guidance was great experience and Radical Institute provides perfect environment to learn Python. Radical also provides many more courses. Highly Recommended


Learning python under the supervision of Ankur sir is the best thing happened to lift up my career.   Thanks Radical tech.

Vishal Kumar

Very good faculty and course content for Python basic course at Radical Technologies Pimple Saudagar branch.

Megha Mainkar

FAQs :

Yes, our Python Scripting Course caters to beginners, providing a structured learning path from fundamental concepts to advanced scripting.

Radical Technologies stands out for its expert trainers, hands-on curriculum, and commitment to industry relevance, making it the best choice for Python Scripting Training in Pune.

Absolutely! We have conveniently located centers, allowing you to find Python Scripting Classes Near Me for in-person learning.

The Python Scripting Certification validates your skills, making you a competitive candidate for various roles in the industry.

Yes, we offer a Python Scripting Course with Job Placement Guarantee for eligible candidates, ensuring a smooth transition into the workforce.

Certainly! Our Python Scripting Course allows for customization, letting you choose specific modules based on your career goals and interests.

The Python Scripting Course duration varies, providing flexibility for learners. Contact our admissions team for detailed information.

Yes, we provide Python Scripting Training Online, allowing you to access quality education remotely with the same level of engagement as in-person classes.

The Python Scripting Certification cost is designed to provide value for your investment in professional development. It offers industry recognition and credibility.

We offer comprehensive Job Placement Assistance, including resume support, interview preparation, and connections with our network of industry partners.

Yes, we offer Weekend Python Scripting Classes to accommodate busy schedules, providing flexibility without compromising on content.

The Python Scripting Course Fees cover the cost of training, materials, and certification. Contact us for transparent information on fees and payment plans.

Yes, Radical Technologies emphasizes hands-on learning with practical projects and case studies in our Python Scripting Training Institute.

The Python Scripting Online Training cost is designed to be cost-effective while providing the same quality education as in-person classes.

Absolutely! Our Python Scripting for Cloud Applications course prepares you for scripting in cloud environments, a crucial skill in modern applications.

Yes, our Python Scripting Classes in Pune come with comprehensive placement support, bridging the gap between learning and employment.

Yes, our Python Scripting Course Duration and Fees are designed to accommodate the needs of working professionals, offering flexibility without compromising depth.

Our Python Scripting Developer Training focuses on practical aspects, preparing developers for real-world scripting scenarios and challenges.

Yes, our Master Python Scripting Course is designed for beginners, allowing them to master Python scripting without prior experience.

Radical Technologies ensures quality education in Python Scripting through expert trainers, a comprehensive curriculum, and a commitment to industry standards.

Most Probable Interview Questions for Python Scripting

Interview Question No. 1 for Python Scripting :  What are the benefits of using Python for scripting tasks compared to other programming languages?

Interview Question No. 2 for Python Scripting :  Can you explain the difference between Python 2 and Python 3, and which version would you recommend for new scripting projects?

Interview Question No. 3 for Python Scripting :  Describe your experience with using Python’s built-in data structures like lists, dictionaries, and tuples in scripting tasks

Interview Question No. 4 for Python Scripting :  How do you handle command-line arguments in Python scripts, and what libraries or modules do you use for parsing command-line inputs?

Interview Question No. 5 for Python Scripting :  Can you discuss your approach to error handling in Python scripts, including techniques for catching and logging exceptions?

Interview Question No. 6 for Python Scripting :  Describe your experience with reading and writing files in Python scripts, including techniques for handling different file formats and file I/O operations

Interview Question No. 7 for Python Scripting :  How do you work with external libraries and modules in Python scripts, and how do you manage dependencies using tools like pip and virtual environments?

Interview Question No. 8 for Python Scripting :  Can you explain the concept of generators in Python, and how you use them for lazy evaluation and memory-efficient processing in scripting tasks?

Interview Question No. 9 for Python Scripting :  Discuss your experience with using regular expressions (regex) in Python scripts for pattern matching and text processing tasks

Interview Question No. 10 for Python Scripting :  How do you schedule and automate Python scripts to run at specific intervals using tools like cron jobs or Windows Task Scheduler?

Interview Question No. 11 for Python Scripting :  Describe your experience with interacting with APIs in Python scripts, including techniques for making HTTP requests and handling JSON responses

Interview Question No. 12 for Python Scripting :  Can you discuss your approach to testing and debugging Python scripts, including techniques for unit testing and integration testing?

Interview Question No. 13 for Python Scripting :  How do you handle concurrency and parallelism in Python scripts, and what libraries or modules do you use for asynchronous programming?

Interview Question No. 14 for Python Scripting :  Describe your experience with working with databases in Python scripts, including techniques for connecting to databases, querying data, and handling transactions

Interview Question No. 15 for Python Scripting :  Can you explain the concept of context managers in Python, and how you use them for resource management and handling exceptions in scripting tasks?

Interview Question No. 16 for Python Scripting :  Discuss your approach to logging and monitoring in Python scripts, including techniques for capturing and analyzing log messages for troubleshooting and performance tuning

Interview Question No. 17 for Python Scripting :  How do you secure Python scripts from vulnerabilities such as injection attacks and unauthorized access to sensitive data?

Interview Question No. 18 for Python Scripting :  Describe your experience with packaging and distributing Python scripts as standalone executables or libraries using tools like PyInstaller or setuptools

Interview Question No. 19 for Python Scripting :  Can you discuss your experience with integrating Python scripts with other languages and platforms, such as calling Python from C/C++ or embedding Python in a larger application?

Interview Question No. 20 for Python Scripting :  How do you document your Python scripts to make them more readable and maintainable for other developers, including techniques for writing docstrings and comments?


Learn Python Scripting – Course in Pune with Training, Certification & Guaranteed Job Placement Assistance!

Unlock the power of Python Scripting with Radical Technologies, the leading institute in Pune offering a comprehensive Python Scripting Course. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, our program is designed to provide hands-on training, certification, and job placement assistance to the right candidates.

Python Scripting Course: Our Python Scripting Course covers the fundamentals and advanced concepts of Python programming. From basic syntax to complex scripting scenarios, our curriculum is structured to build a solid foundation in Python.

Python Scripting Training: Benefit from expert-led Python Scripting Training at Radical Technologies. Our trainers, with extensive industry experience, provide in-depth insights into Python scripting, ensuring a practical and immersive learning experience.

Python Scripting Certification: Earn industry-recognized Python Scripting Certification upon completion of our course. Validate your skills and enhance your professional credibility in the competitive job market.

Python Scripting Job Placement: Avail Python Scripting Job Placement Assistance to seamlessly transition into the workforce. For eligible candidates, we offer a Job Placement Guarantee, securing your career path in Python scripting.

Python Scripting Institute in Pune: As a trusted Python Scripting Institute in Pune, Radical Technologies is dedicated to providing top-notch education, ensuring that our students emerge as proficient Python scripters ready for real-world applications.

Best Python Scripting Course: Discover the Best Python Scripting Course at Radical Technologies, where quality education meets industry relevance. Our program is crafted to cater to the evolving needs of Python scripting professionals.

Python Scripting Classes: Enroll in Python Scripting Classes that combine theoretical knowledge with hands-on projects. Our interactive classes foster a dynamic learning environment for students to thrive.

Python Scripting Training Institute: Radical Technologies stands as a leading Python Scripting Training Institute, offering a curriculum that aligns with industry standards. Learn from the best to become the best in Python scripting.

Python Scripting Certification in Pune: Attain Python Scripting Certification in Pune through our rigorous training program. Our certification is recognized in the industry, opening doors to various career opportunities.

Python Scripting Job Guarantee: Opt for our Python Scripting Course with Job Guarantee for eligible candidates. Secure your future with the assurance of job placement assistance provided by Radical Technologies.

Python Scripting Online Course: Explore the flexibility of our Python Scripting Online Course, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Our online program provides the same quality education as our in-person classes.

Learn Python Scripting: Master the art of Python scripting with Radical Technologies. Our Learn Python Scripting course empowers you with the skills needed for script development and automation.

Python Scripting Classes in Pune: Join our Python Scripting Classes in Pune for a comprehensive learning experience. Our classes cover the entire spectrum of Python scripting, from basic concepts to advanced techniques.

Python Scripting Course Fees: Access transparent information about Python Scripting Course Fees in Pune on our website or by contacting our admissions team. We provide details on duration, fees, and payment plans.

Python Scripting Training Online: Embark on your Python scripting journey with our Python Scripting Training Online. Our online platform ensures flexibility without compromising the quality of education.

Python Scripting Certification Cost: Understand the Python Scripting Certification Cost and the value it adds to your career. Invest in your professional development with our industry-recognized certification.

Python Scripting for Beginners: Our Python Scripting for Beginners course is designed for those starting their programming journey. Build a strong foundation in Python scripting from the ground up.

Python Scripting Job Placement Assistance: Rely on our Python Scripting Job Placement Assistance to guide you through the job search process. We equip you with the necessary tools to secure your desired position.

Python Scripting Institute Pune: As the leading Python Scripting Institute in Pune, Radical Technologies is committed to nurturing Python scripting talent. Join us to experience excellence in education.

Python Scripting Certification Training: Our Python Scripting Certification Training program prepares you thoroughly for industry-recognized certifications. Excel in Python scripting with expert guidance.

Python Scripting Online Training: Enroll in our Python Scripting Online Training to access quality education remotely. Experience the same level of engagement and interaction as our in-person classes.

Best Institute for Python Scripting: Choose Radical Technologies as the Best Institute for Python Scripting. Our industry-expert trainers and comprehensive curriculum set us apart as a preferred choice.

Python Scripting Course Duration: Learn about the Python Scripting Course Duration to plan your education journey effectively. Our courses are designed to balance depth and efficiency.

Python Scripting Certification Institute: As a Python Scripting Certification Institute, we prioritize quality training and certification. Join us to become a certified Python scripting professional.

Python Scripting Training and Placement: Experience Python Scripting Training and Placement support at Radical Technologies. We bridge the gap between learning and employment, ensuring a smooth transition.

Python Scripting Online Classes: Access our Python Scripting Online Classes for a flexible and interactive learning experience. Benefit from the expertise of our instructors from anywhere in the world.

Python Scripting Course with Job Placement: Choose our Python Scripting Course with Job Placement for a holistic education. We empower you with skills and ensure your successful placement in the industry.

Python Scripting Developer Training: Our Python Scripting Developer Training program focuses on the practical aspects of scripting, preparing you for real-world development scenarios.

Python Scripting Course Duration and Fees: Get detailed information on Python Scripting Course Duration and Fees. Visit our website or contact our admissions team for personalized assistance.

Python Scripting Certification Online: Earn your Python Scripting Certification Online with our virtual training platform. Benefit from the convenience of online learning without compromising on quality.

Python Scripting Training Cost: Understand the Python Scripting Training Cost and make informed decisions about your investment in professional development. Our transparent approach ensures clarity.

Python Scripting Online Training Cost: Explore the Python Scripting Online Training Cost for a cost-effective and flexible learning option. Our online training is designed to provide value without compromise.

Python Scripting Job Placement Guarantee: Opt for our Python Scripting Course with Job Placement Guarantee. We are committed to supporting eligible candidates in securing a position aligned with their skills.

Weekend Python Scripting Course: Enroll in our Weekend Python Scripting Course to accommodate your busy schedule. Our weekend classes provide flexibility without compromising on content.

Python Scripting for Cloud Applications: Discover Python Scripting for Cloud Applications at Radical Technologies. Our course prepares you for scripting in cloud environments, a crucial skill in modern applications.

Best Python Scripting Training Institute in Pune: Choose Radical Technologies as the Best Python Scripting Training Institute in Pune. Our commitment to quality education and industry relevance sets us apart.

Python Scripting for Developers: Our Python Scripting Course for Developers goes beyond basics, providing advanced scripting skills for developers. Enhance your proficiency in Python scripting with us.

Master Python Scripting without Prior Experience: Join our Master Python Scripting Course without Prior Experience. Our program is designed to bring beginners up to speed and help them master Python scripting.


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A competent individual over 5+ years of quality experience in Training & Development, Module Development, and People Management. Strong foundation in the concept of selling-from targeting a customer, needs assessment, presenting benefits to negotiation & closing styles and “Real World” Application of the same to achieve goals and targets. Excellent Presentation skills, as well as the ability to motivate, teach and inspire the sales staff.Strong Coaching orientation: comfortable in coaching both entry level and experienced employees to plug gaps
At Radical we realize that not all students learn at the same pace. In a classroom of more than eight students, certain students will get left behind because of the lack of communication between the students and the instructor. That’s why Radical utilizes a hands-on approach in all of our classes. Our student-instructor relationships ensure that no student’s time is wasted. Each student has ample opportunity within the class to get one-on-one instruction and review for any topics covered in the SEO course.
At Radical we understand that people need SEO & SEM training because they want better jobs. Because of this, we ask all of our students to bring their real-world scenarios into the classrooms. While in class students will work on a project that may actually be utilized by their company. In this way, students will be prepared to apply what they learned in our classrooms directly to their work in the field
We have two simple rules. There is a computer station for each student to use in class and no class will have more than 8 students in it. By following these two rules we can be sure each student has the opportunity to learn in the most efficient, thorough manner..

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