A Power Platform combo refers to the integration and use of Microsoft’s Power Platform suite of tools and technologies to streamline and enhance business processes. The Power Platform is a collection of low-code/no-code tools designed to empower individuals and organizations to analyze data, automate processes, create applications, and engage customers more effectively.

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Data Transformations :

  • Introduction to Power BI Desktop
  • Changing Locale
  • Connecting to a Database
  • Basic Transformations
  • Managing Query Groups
  • Splitting Columns, Changing Data Types, Working with Dates
  • Removing and Reordering Columns
  • Conditional Columns
  • Merge Queries
  • Query Dependency View
  • Transforming Less Structured Data
  • Query Parameters

Data Modelling :

  • Managing Data Relationships
  • Creating Calculated Columns
  • Optimizing Models for Reporting
  • Creating Calculated Measures
  • Creating and Managing Hierarchies
  • Using Calculated Tables
  • Time Intelligence
  • Include and Exclude features
  • Grouping and Binning

Visualizing your Data :

  • Introduction to charts: Pie, Tree map, Combo charts, Map Visualizations, Scatter plot, Table, Matrix, Gauge, Card, Shapes, Textboxes, Images and KPI
  • Filter (Including TopN), Date Slicer
  • Coloring Charts
  • Page Layout, Positioning, Aligning, Sorting Visuals and Formatting
  • Visual Relationship
  • Custom Hierarchies

Working with PBI Service :

  • Overview of Dashboards and Service
  • Uploading to Power BI Service
  • Configuring a Dashboard
  • Dashboard Settings
  • In-Focus Mode
  • Pinning a Live Page
  • Custom URL and Title
  • Export to CSV and Excel
  • Power BI Notifications
  • Publishing to Web

Working with Excel :

  • Importing Excel Data using Simple Table
  • Connecting to Excel Workbook on OneDrive for Business
  • Pinning Excel Tables or Visuals

Organization Packs, Security and Groups :

  • Creating a Group
  • Creating, Using and Editing a Content Pack
  • Row Level Security
  • Data Classification
  • Creating and Using Custom Visuals



Microsoft PowerApps

This course delivers an instructor-led breakdown of Microsoft PowerApps. Students will be taught how to design, test and publish new applications that work with a variety of data sources. We will take users through a selection of well-crafted lessons to help them build new applications for their business.

Module 1: An introduction to Microsoft PowerApps

Let’s get started with an introduction to Microsoft PowerApps. Traditionally building customized solutions for a business involved using a coding language to build an application from scratch. Typically, these solutions could often only be used within the business, making external use of the application a large hurdle to overcome. With PowerApps we can now not only easily build solutions, but we can also share them with users in our business. Deployment takes seconds and you could by testing your own app on your phone in no time. This module will overview the features of PowerApps, its benefits to a business and the variety of ways you can build and access your apps on different devices.

Topics Covered

  • What is PowerApps?
  • The benefits of apps
  • How to get to PowerApps
  • Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps
  • License Options and Costs

Module 2: Getting started with PowerApps

To begin our journey through the PowerApps product, we will begin by looking at some of the templates that are available to view and edit. Microsoft’s templates are a good starting point to discover what the product is capable off and how it can be achieved. We will also take the chance to have a tour of the editor so that students are familiar with the interface that they will be using over the two-day course. We will then build our first app from a static data source, showing students how to test their changes in the app instantly without the need to publish. We will also discuss how to configure your apps settings and how to access the app once it has been saved and shared.

Topics Covered

  • Discover PowerApps with templates
  • Building a new app with a data source
  • Add, edit and remove controls
  • Testing an app
  • App settings
  • Publish and share an app
  • Mobile app

Module 3: Branding and Media

In our next module, we will look at the options available to designers that allow them to implement their business branding. Not only will this deal with the aesthetics of your app, it will also introduce time-saving tips to help keep your branding consistent. We will also be discussing how to embed media into your app which can be useful if you are planning on an app that might promote video content.

Topics Covered

  • Linking control properties
  • Backgrounds
  • Colours and transparency
  • Duplicating screens
  • Copying the look and feel
  • Using images
  • Embed and play audio and video

Module 4: PowerApp Controls

So far in the course, we would have covered the basics of adding, editing and removing controls from our applications. The drive behind this module is to provide more depth on the categories of controls which can be used on a form. Your instructor will take you through each control and discuss its purpose and configuration. Tackling the wide selection of controls will help students recognise when to use the right control.

Topics Covered

  • Labels
  • Buttons
  • Text inputs
  • Controls
  • Galleries
  • Data tables
  • Forms
  • Media
  • Charts
  • Icons

Module 5: Data Sources and Logic

To help maintain and view essential business information, organisations often have a diverse selection of locations to keep different types of data. This could range from databases to file storage locations. PowerApps offers connections to a wide selection of data sources. We will show students to build their PowerApps to bring in data from a variety of sources as well as how they can utilise the common data source, a storage location unique to PowerApps.

Topics Covered

  • Working with files
  • Databases
  • Filter, sort and search formulas
  • If and Select
  • Accessing on-premises sources
  • The common data source
  • Sharing data sources

Module 6: Model-Driven Apps

Module one to five discussed how to work with the original type of PowerApp known as a Canvas App, Microsoft have now introduced a second type of app known as a model-driven app. Model driven apps involve a different development process to canvas apps. We will review this development process during this module.
Model-Driven apps can be quicker to build than canvas apps, but they are less customizable and typically have a higher cost, knowing which type of app to use is not always a simple decision, we will show you the pros and cons of each.

Topics Covered

  • What is a model-driven app?
  • Where will my data be stored?
  • How do create a model-driven app
  • Canvas vs model-driven summary
  • Mobile App

Module 7: PowerApps Integration

PowerApps is designed to easily connect to other business systems to read and update information. In this module we will discuss some simple ways to integrate PowerApps with key Office 365 systems including Teams, SharePoint Online and Flow. The result, is the ability to use a combination of systems to create solutions for a variety of business requirements.

Topics Covered

  • Start a Flow from a PowerApp
  • Embed PowerApps in Teams
  • Embed PowerApps in SharePoint Online

Module 8: Administration and Maintenance

In our last module for Microsoft PowerApps, we will be looking at how a business can manage their existing apps. This could be using analytics to discover usage trends. We will discover how to export and import apps, so they can be reused in other locations. Finally, we will discuss how Office 365 administrators can shape the PowerApps experience with high-level settings that help ensure data segregation and security.

Topics Covered

  • Maintaining an app
  • View analytics
  • Export and import apps
  • Office 365 administration for PowerApps
  • Environments
  • Data policies
  • Data integration

Module 9: Power Automate Editing Interface

In this first module, we will go into creating blank Flows and building them from scratch.  This includes an overview of the interface and options when building Flows, and concepts such as triggers, actions, conditions, and dynamic content.  Flow sharing and collaboration concepts will also be covered, as well as the mobile app.There are hundreds of available triggers in Microsoft Flow.  In this module, you will learn how to use them, and we will deep dive into some specific common and important triggers.  Learn about manual triggers and how initiation parameters work. This module also covers how to trigger a flow from a SharePoint list or library, how to create a flow trigger button on an item, and how to trigger a flow from Teams. Other triggers such as recurrences, Microsoft Forms, and Outlook will be demonstrated as well.

Module 10: Power Automate Approval Processes

In this module, you will learn about your options when it comes to building approval processes.  There is a Flow action called Approvals, that has a lot of built in functionality.  There are also other ways that you can go about it.  Send emails, assign tasks, assign planner tasks, send email with options.  These various ways will be discussed, compared, and demonstrated.  Learn about approval concepts such as dynamic multiple approvers, serial versus parallel, working with SharePoint content approval, and how to build a flow that sends overdue notifications.

Module 11: Power Automate Conditions, Loops & more

This module is about conditions, loops, and some more common actions.  Conditions let you create IF THEN statements and various branches of a workflow.  Learn about the new interface for creating complex conditions, and other related concepts, such as switches and parallel branches.  With more complex workflows, it is also important to understand looping, and different types of loops, such as apply to each, and do until.  In this module, you will also learn about settings that can be configured on each action, and some useful actions such as date time, schedule, and actions that format numbers and dates.

Module 12: Power Automate Variables & Expressions

When building Flows, it is important to understand how variables are used, and how to build expressions.  There are several different types of variables, and there are over twelve different actions relating to variables and other data operations.  In this module, we discuss and demonstrate these, as well as how to work with arrays (lists of things) in Flows.  The expression builder is covered, with examples of how it is used, and what the possibilities are.  You will learn how to parse JSON, work with HTML and CSV table actions, and you will see several advanced demonstrations of how to utilize all these more complex concepts.


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The Power Platform Combo Course at Radical Technologies has been a game-changer for me. The instructors are knowledgeable, and the hands-on training is excellent. Highly recommend it to anyone in Pune!

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FAQs :

PowerApps is a suite of apps, services, connectors, and a data platform provided by Microsoft that enables rapid development of custom business applications. These apps can be run on web, mobile, and tablet devices.

Canvas Apps allow for a highly customizable user experience where you design the app by dragging and dropping elements. Model-Driven Apps, on the other hand, focus on adding your data and business processes to an app, with the layout largely determined by the data model.

PowerApps can be used to create custom forms and applications that integrate with SharePoint lists and libraries. You can create, read, update, and delete SharePoint data using PowerApps.

Yes, PowerApps can integrate with various non-Microsoft services using connectors. There are built-in connectors for popular services like Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others.

Permissions and security in PowerApps are managed through Azure Active Directory and the Common Data Service (CDS). You can assign user roles, define security roles, and control access to apps and data based on these roles.

Power Automate, formerly known as Microsoft Flow, is a service that helps automate workflows between different applications and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more.

To create a flow, go to the Power Automate portal, select “Create,” choose a template or start from scratch, add the necessary triggers and actions, and configure them to meet your workflow requirements.

Power Automate offers a variety of triggers, including automated triggers (e.g., when an email arrives), button triggers (manual triggers), scheduled triggers (recurring flows), and more.

Errors in Power Automate can be handled using the “Configure run after” settings, which allow you to specify what should happen if an action fails, times out, or is skipped. You can also use the “Scope” action to group actions and handle errors at a group level.

Yes, Power Automate supports integration with numerous third-party applications through its extensive library of connectors. These connectors enable you to create flows that interact with services like Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, and more.


Most Probable Interview Questions for **Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate**

Interview Question No. 1 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : How do you use PowerApps to create a custom business application? Walk me through the process.
Interview Question No. 2 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : What are the different types of PowerApps (Canvas Apps and Model-Driven Apps), and how do they differ?
Interview Question No. 3 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : How do you integrate PowerApps with other Microsoft services like SharePoint, Dynamics 365, and Power BI?
Interview Question No. 4 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : Explain the concept of connectors in PowerApps. Can you give examples of some commonly used connectors?
Interview Question No. 5 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : How do you manage user permissions and security roles in PowerApps?
Interview Question No. 6 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : What is Power Automate, and how does it help in automating business processes?
Interview Question No. 7 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : Can you describe the process of creating a flow in Power Automate? What are the different types of triggers and actions available?
Interview Question No. 8 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : How do you handle errors and exceptions in Power Automate workflows?
Interview Question No. 9 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : Explain the concept of approval workflows in Power Automate. How would you set one up?
Interview Question No. 10 for Power BI + PowerApps + Power Automate : How do you integrate Power Automate with other Microsoft services and third-party applications?


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