The Analytics segment is a fast changing domain in the IT industry and needs to be in pace with the current trends. At Radical we ensure to keep in pace with the top 3 Analytical tools in the market as per the Gartner study so that the niche availability of resources remain under your belt and the opportunities to explore the BI world remains open at any point of time.

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Qlikview  Syllabus

What is QlikView? 

How does QlikView differ from traditional BI? 

Exploring data with QlikView 

Navigating the document 

Slicing and dicing your data 


Selections in charts 


Bookmarking selections 

Undoing selections 

Cyclic Groups 

Drill down Groups 


The technology and components behind QlikView  and the way the data flows 

Reload, publish, and distribute content  25


What is a SiB? 

Preparing the workspace 

Setting up the folder structure 

Creating the QlikView document 

Creating the app  

Constructing the data model 

What is a data model? 

Loading the fact table 

Playing with listboxes 

Creating the dashboard tab 

Creating and positioning the filters and user controls 

One chart and multiple analyses with cyclic expressions 

Adding a time drill-down group  

Data Sources 

Accessing custom data sources 

Third-party custom connectors 

Reading table files 

Extracting data

Creating the OLE DB connection string

Querying the database

Reloading the script 

The transformation

Refining the input table 

QVD and QVX files 

QVD files 

QVX files 

Loading an Inline table 

Data Modeling 

Dimensional data modeling 

Relational databases and ER modeling 

Dimensional modeling 

The star schema 

The snowflake schema 

Creating the dimensional model 

Dimensional models in QlikView 

The associative data model 

How associations are created 

Avoiding data model conflicts 

Table information 

Field information 

Table preview 

Table viewer menu 

Styling Up  

Design requirements 

The Document Properties window 

The Sheet Properties dialog 

Setting the object properties 

Caption colors and style 

Changing the caption colors 

Setting the caption font 

Setting the content font 

Setting the global font 

Propagating the object appearance

Setting the default Sheet Object Style 

Hiding captions 

Working with listboxes

Adding listboxes

The Expressions tab 

The Sort tab 

The Presentation tab 

The Number tab 

The Font tab 

The Layout tab 

The Caption tab 

The Multi Box 

The Current Selections Box 

Adding a Bookmark Object 

Aligning and resizing sheet objects 

Selecting objects 

Moving objects 

Aligning sheet objects 

Defining chart colors 

Setting the default color map  

Building Dashboards 

Expressions and the Edit Expression window 

The Edit Expression window 

Auto minimize  200

The Report Editor window 

Other charts 

Radar Chart 

Mekko Chart 

Grid Chart 

Funnel Chart 

Block Chart 
Trellis Chart  

Depending on the selection of the BI tool we train you to crack the first step of Data Analytics certification (Developer/Designer for Qlikview) with the guidance of the trainer and the most expected questions in the certification along with the tips and tricks to quickly make your answers by interpreting the questions asked in the certification.

The trainer has 10+ years of experience into Business Intelligence blended with Data Analytics and real time BI implementations of Banking,Retail and Pharma domain which implement BI on a very high scale. Along with the industrial experience he carries a suite of different use cases in the industry and their solutions as a part of the training. The past candidates have successfully been able to grasp the tool after being taught and keep receiving solutions for existing problems in the Real time experience and bond shared by the trainer.

Radical believes in giving Quality to their candidates by gelling up the real time industry experience shared by the trainers. We believe in taking the tour of the technology to a deep level assuming that it provides value in the long rum to its students and they keep up a good bond with the institute and the trainer in their long journey. Swift responses to queries, Alternate solutions to problems and real time use cases of business makes it unique as a training institute.

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