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Automation Anywhere Course Content:

Introduction to Automation Anywhere

  • Components of AA
  • What is control Room
  • Different Types of Users
  • Bot Creator and Bot Runner
  • Software Requirements
  • Hardware requirements
  • Task Bot
  • Meta Bot

Automation Anywhere Dashboard

  • Task pane
  • Repository/Reports/Triggers/Schedules/Workflows

Task Bots

  • Recording Modes
  • Types of Variables
  • Commands
  • Recording a Task
  • Running a Task
  • Task Creation

Overview on Task Editor

  • Task Editor Features
  • Actions List

Commands Used

  • Excel Command
  • Variable Operation Command
  • PDF integration Command
  • IF/ELSE Command
  • Database Command
  • Email Automation Command
  • File and Folder commands
  • Error Handling Command

PGP command

  • Web Service Implementation

Meta bot

  • Metabot Overview
  • Metabot Creation
  • Understanding Metabot Designer
  • Sample Examples


  • IQ BOT Overview
  • Working with IQ BOT (Only theory as this required license)

Control Room

  • Control Room Overview
  • Working with Control Room

Bot Insight

  • Bot Insight Overview
  • Working with Bot Insight (Only theory as this required license)

Solution Designing Experience

  • Solution Designing Overview
  • Getting Experience in Solution Designing

Project Planning & Best Practices

  • Best practices to follow
  • Project planning overview
  • Project planning implementation

Practice Test & Interview Questions

  • Advanced Automation Anywhere interview questions and answers along with Automation Anywhere resume samples. Take a free sample practice test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.


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