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VMware NSX


VMware NSX, short for “VMware Network and Security for vSphere,” is a comprehensive network virtualization and security platform developed by VMware, Inc. It is designed to transform traditional data center networking by decoupling network services and security policies from physical infrastructure and providing them in a software-defined manner. It is particularly valuable in complex and dynamic environments where traditional networking approaches may be insufficient to meet the demands of modern applications and workloads.

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VMware NSX Training in Pune/ Online

Duration of Training  :  32 hours

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training

  1. Introduction to Virtualization and VMware NSX:
  • Understanding network virtualization.
  • Overview of VMware NSX architecture and components.

2. VMware NSX Installation and Configuration:

  • Deploying NSX Manager.
  • Configuring NSX Manager and NSX Controllers.
  • Preparing your physical infrastructure for NSX.

3. Logical Switching:

  • Creating and configuring logical switches.
  • Understanding VXLAN and overlay networking.
  • Configuring transport zones.

4. Distributed Routing:

  • Implementing logical routers.
  • Configuring router interfaces and routing protocols.
  • Understanding dynamic routing with NSX.

5. NSX Edge Services Gateway:

  • Deploying NSX Edge Services Gateway (ESG).
  • Configuring ESG for routing and firewall services.
  • Load balancing and high availability with ESG.

6. Security and Micro-Segmentation:

  • Implementing NSX Distributed Firewall (DFW).
  • Creating security policies and groups.
  • Micro-segmentation concepts and best practices.

7. Network Services with NSX:

  • Configuring network services like NAT, DHCP, and VPN.
  • Integration with external services.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) in NSX.

8. Monitoring and Troubleshooting:

  • NSX Manager and vCenter integration.
  • Monitoring and logging tools.
  • Troubleshooting common NSX issues.

9. Automation and Orchestration:

  • Using VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) with NSX.
  • Scripting and automation using REST APIs.
  • VMware NSX-T and its automation capabilities.

10. Advanced Topics (Optional):

  •  Multi-site NSX deployments and disaster recovery.
  •  NSX Data Center for vSphere vs. NSX-T Data Center. – Integration with cloud platforms and container orchestration systems.

11. Hands-on Labs and Practical Exercises:

  •  Hands-on lab exercises to reinforce theoretical knowledge.
  • Building and configuring virtual networks in a lab environment.

12. Best Practices and Design Considerations:

  • Designing a secure and efficient network using NSX. 
  • Performance optimization and scalability considerations.

13. Certification Exam Preparation (Optional):

  •  Overview of VMware NSX certification tracks.
  • Review of exam objectives and practice exams.

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