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TOSCA is an integrated test automation and continuous testing platform that offers end-to-end support for software testing across various phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC). TOSCA is used by organizations looking to improve their software testing efficiency, reduce testing cycle times, and achieve higher test coverage while maintaining test quality.

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Tosca is an enterprise-level software testing tool that offers a model-based approach for testing applications. It provides a platform for end-to-end test automation, including test case design, test data management, test execution, and reporting. Tosca aims to streamline and accelerate the software testing process by using a model-based approach that allows users to create and maintain reusable test assets. It supports a wide range of technologies and platforms, including web, mobile, desktop, and API testing. Tosca technology helps organizations improve the efficiency, reliability, and quality of their software testing efforts.



Basics to Test Automation
Why to automate?
Automation candidate
What not to automate.

Introduction to Tricentis TOSCA
Tricentis TOSCA Introduction
Setting up TOSCA
License configuration in TOSCA
Creating sample workspace in TOSCA

Creation of New Project and Basics of UI Automation
Test Project Creation.
Defining modules, test cases.
Overview of Standard Modules.

Creation of Sample Test Script and Execution
Automation of Sample Test script.
Execution of Test Script from Execution tab.
Understanding the reports.

Buffers & Understanding Configurations in Projects
Understand concept of buffers
Test configuration in Project.

Creating modules in Project, XScan.
How to create modules in Project.
Different XScan and using different properties, optimum way to identify object in application.
Adding steering parameters to modules.
Creating Custom modules in project.
Different identification properties to identify object uniquely.

Test Data Management
1. Role of Buffers in Test Data Management
2. Other TDM options available

Reusable components creation
1. How/When to write reusable components.
2. Concept of Business Parameters
3. Calling reusable components.

If-Else/Loops in Tricentis TOSCA
1. How to write logic while defining Test case.
2. Concept of XBuffers (Action Buffers)
3. Writing Complex logic in TOSCA.

Overview of Web Service Testing in TOSCA

Working in Multiuser environment
Types of multi-user environments
Concept of Check-In

Best Practices while creating a Project
Standard practices.
Effectively designing test scripts.
Effective management and configurations.

Test Project
Write test scripts.

Discussions around Interviews/Challenges Faced etc


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