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Qlik Sense is a modern, user-friendly data visualization and business intelligence (BI) platform that empowers users to explore and analyze data, create interactive dashboards and reports, and make data-driven decisions. Its associative data model, self-service capabilities, and focus on data discovery make it a popular choice among businesses looking to extract insights from their data.

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QLIKSENSE Training in Pune/ Online 

Duration of Training  : 32 hrs

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training

Module 1: Introduction to Qlik Sense

  • Overview of Qlik Sense and its features.
  • Understanding the Qlik associative data model.
  • Qlik Sense architecture and components.

Module 2: Data Preparation and Loading

  • Data sources and data connection options.
  • Data loading and transformation using the Qlik script.
  • Data modeling and schema design.

Module 3: Creating Visualizations

  • Building charts and visualizations.
  • Working with dimensions and measures.
  • Interactive dashboard design.
  • Using expressions and functions.

Module 4: Data Analysis and Exploration

  • Exploring data using selections and filtering.
  • Advanced data visualization techniques.
  • Creating drill-down and exploration paths.

Module 5: Data Storytelling

  • Building data stories and presentations.
  • Using storytelling features and best practices.
  • Creating a narrative with data.

Module 6: Data Security and Governance

  • User access control and security settings.
  • Data encryption and authentication.
  • Compliance and governance considerations.

Module 7: Collaboration and Sharing

  • Collaborative data analysis and sharing insights.
  • Publishing and distributing Qlik Sense apps.
  • Integrating Qlik Sense with other applications.

Module 8: Advanced Qlik Scripting

  • Advanced scripting techniques.
  • Scripting for data transformation and aggregation.
  • Script optimization and best practices.

Module 9: Qlik Sense Extensions

  • Working with Qlik Sense extensions for custom visualizations.
  • Building and integrating extensions.

Module 10: Performance Optimization

  • Performance monitoring and profiling.
  • Techniques for improving app performance.
  • Scalability considerations.

Module 11: Advanced Data Modeling

  • Advanced data modeling techniques.
  • Synthetic keys and circular references.
  • Hierarchies and advanced data associations.

Module 12: Qlik Sense APIs and Integration

  • Using Qlik Sense APIs for programmatic access.
  • Integrating Qlik Sense with external systems.

Module 13: Qlik Sense Deployment and Administration

  • Installation and configuration of Qlik Sense.
  • Managing user access and licenses.
  • Backup and recovery procedures.
  • Monitoring and maintenance.

Module 14: Best Practices and Optimization

  • Best practices for building efficient and effective Qlik Sense apps.
  • Performance optimization strategies.

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