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  • Designing and deploying scalable, highly available, and fault tolerant systems on AWS
  • Lift and shift of an existing on-premises application to AWS
  • Ingress and egress of data to and from AWS
  • Selecting the appropriate AWS service based on data, compute, database, or security requirements
  • Identifying appropriate use of AWS architectural best practices
  • Estimating AWS costs and identifying cost control mechanisms
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Highly Experienced Industry Expert

Realtime Projects, Scenarios & Assignments

Certification Centres in Aundh & Kharadi

Duration of course: 6 weekends

  1. Live Projects
  2. POC’s
  3. Multiple Assignments
  4. Cover All contents of AWS Solution Architect Exam
  5. Live Migration from VMware vsphere to AWS
  6. Live Migration from Azure to AWS
  7. AWS VPC, EC2, VPN Gateway
  8. VPN connectivity from Azure to AWS
  9. Interview and CV Preparation.
  10. Mock interviews.


Note: Each lecture will be followed by a hands-on demo/activity wherever applicable

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Learn the major components of Amazon Web Services, prepare and pass for the associate-level
AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam & Guaranteed Pass

Introduction to the Course
o Introduction & Overview
o What You'll Need Getting Started
o Exam Blue Print
o Setting Up A Free Tier Account

Identity Access Management (IAM)
o IAM 101
o IAM Lab
o Create A Billing Alarm – Lab

AWS Object Storage and CDN – S3, Glacier and CloudFront
o S3
o Lab: Create an S3 Bucket
o Lab: S3 Version Control
o Cross Region Replication
o Lab: S3 Life Cycle Management & Glacier
o CloudFront CDN Overview
o Create a CloudFront CDN
o S3 Security and Encryption
o Storage Gateway
o Snowball
o Snowball Lab
o S3 Transfer Acceleration
o Create A Static Website Using S3

EC2 – The Backbone of AWS
o EC2 101
o Let's Get Our Hands Dirty! Launch an EC2 Instance – Part 1
o Let's Get Our Hands Dirty! Launch an EC2 instance – Part 2
o How to use Putty (Windows Users Only)
o Security Groups Basics
o Upgrading EBS Volume Types – Lab
o Encrypt Root Device Volume and Create an AMI – Lab
o AMIs – EBS Root Device Volumes vs Instance Store
o Load Balancer Theory
o Load Balancers and Health Checks
o Cloud Watch EC2
o The AWS Command Line and EC2
o Using IAM Roles with EC2
o S3 CLI & Regions
o Using Bootstrap Scripts
o EC2 Instance Metadata
o Autoscaling Groups Lab
o EC2 Placement Groups
o Elastic File System Lab
o Lambda – Concepts
o Build A Serverless Webpage

o Serverless Courses on ACG
o Using Polly To Help You Pass Your Exam – A Serverless Approach – Part 1
o Using Polly To Help You Pass Your Exam – A Serverless Approach – Part 2
o Build An Alexa Skill
o Guru Of The Week
o EC2 Summary
o EC2 Quiz

o Route 53 Register A Domain Name Lab
o Routing Types Of DNS Available With Route53
o Simple Routing Policy Lab
o Weighted Routing Policy Lab
o Latency Routing Policy Lab
o Failover Routing Policy Lab
o Geolocation Routing Policy Lab
o Multivalue Answer Routing

Databases on AWS
o Databases
o Lab: Create our first RDS Instance
o RDS – Back Ups, Multi-AZ & Read Replicas
o DynamoDB
o RedShift
o Elasticache
o Aurora

o Introduction and Overview
o Build Your Own Custom VPC
o Build A Custom VPC – Part 2
o Network Address Translation (NAT)
o Access Control Lists (ACLs)
o Custom VPCs and ELBs
o VPC Flow Logs
o NATs vs Bastions
o VPC End Points
o VPC Clean Up

Application Services
o Elastic Transcoder
o API Gateway
o Kinesis
o Kinesis Lab

The Real World – Creating a fault tolerant Word Press Site
o Getting Setup
o Setting Up EC2
o AutoScaling
o CloudFormation!

Whitepapers & The Well Architected Framework
o What Else Do I Need To Know?
o Architecting for the AWS Cloud: Best Practices
o Introduction To The Well Architected Framework
o Security
o Reliability
o Performance Efficiency
o Cost Optimization

Additional Exam Tips
o Exam Tips Based On Student Feedback
o Consolidated Billing
o AWS Organizations Lab
o Cross Account Access
o Resource Groups & Tagging
o VPC Peering
o Direct Connect
o Security Token Service
o Active Directory Integration
o Workspaces
o ECS – Part 1 – What is Docker
o ECS – Part 2 – What is ECS?

Certification can be done after the training & Interview Preparations. Training sessions can be overwhelming but Interview Preparation help you get used to dumps in our fast_Track course after the training &  then you are completely ready to appear for the desired certification & Successfully Pass it.

AWS ==>
AWS Solutions Architect ==> AWS Sysops Administration ==> AWS DevOps Engineer
DevOps ==>
DevOps Certification

Trainer has been in IT Industy since 8 long years & has a huge experience in Operations & Development. Currently he is working as a DevOps Engineer in one of the Finest Multinational Organisation in Pune. He has a stretched knowledge in this industry from C, C++, DS, PHP, Bash Scripting, Python Scripting, Hardware A+, Networking N+, CCNA, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.0/7.x & Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert.
He also holds immense knowledge in Cloud Computing Platforms like AWS, Google Cloud & Rackspace.  He specializes in building Solutions to Enterprise level Organisation for Independent or Colo Infrastructures.


We deliver trainings from Industry level Experts having experience in range of 8-10 years with well furnished & well equipped infrastructure in Pune.
We also promise “Hands-on” Practical Demo & Training sessions based on “Real-time Production Scenario” on latest & technology driven courses. We believe in delivering knowledge while sessions to improve Interview skills.

After AWS Solutions Architect:-
AWS Sysops is the next step after AWS Solutions Architect. It provides detailed knowledge about AWS Administration on AWS Cloud Platform with complex Infra tweaks & tricks. Basic features which were discovered in AWS Solutions Architect course can be learnt at expert level with expertise. AWS Sysops Certification shall be must after this Course.

After AWS Sysops Administration:-
AWS DevOps professional course shall be continued after SysOps Administration since this course provides Professional level training material & hands-on activity lab in the sessions. It helps boost confidence working on the Live Environment & get prepared for the AWS DevOps Engineer interviews.

6. DevOps:- I would suggest you to do any Cloud Computing Certification be it on AWS Platform or Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, OpenStack etc., before or after DevOps Course.
It will definitely improve your Skill-Set & benefit you in the future since the entire I.T Industry is moving towards Cloud Computing & its Service Providers like AWS provisions a Eco-Friendly Eco-System to lay your own platform on Cloud be it Small Scale or Enterprise. DevOps is a System Admin who works on any application on any layer in the
OSI Reference Model. Cloud Computing Platforms provides space to Build, Deploy Infra/App of your choice without worrying about the underlying Hardware.

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