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reactjs-training in pune

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React JS Training in Pune

Duration: 2.5 Months

React JS  Course Content

Section 1: Getting Started

What is React?

Real-World SPAs & React Web Apps

Why Should we Choose React?

React environment setup

Section 2: Understanding the Base
Features & Syntax

Understanding the Folder Structure

Understanding Component Basics

Understanding JSX

Creating a Functional Component

Creating a Class Component

Working with Components &
Re-Using Them

Understanding & Using State

Props & State

Using the useState() Hook for State

Stateless vs Stateful Components

Section 3: Diving Deeper into
Components & React Internals

Splitting an App Into Components

React Hooks

.Using useEffect() in Functional

Controlling the useEffect() Behavior

Cleaning up with Lifecycle Hooks &

How React Updates the DOM

Higher Order Components (HOC) –

Another Form of HOCs

Using Refs

Understanding Prop Chain

Using the Context API

contextType & useContext()

Section 4: Adding Routing to our
Burger Project

Setting Up Routing & Routes

Passing Ingredients via Query

Implementing Navigation Links

Section 5: Forms and Form

Custom hooks for error validation

Section 6: Redux state manage


React Online & Classroom Training available .

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