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SAP Analytics is a comprehensive suite of analytics tools and solutions that empowers organizations to harness the full potential of their data. It encompasses a range of functionalities and capabilities to facilitate data discovery, reporting, visualization, and predictive analytics. SAP Analytics empowers organizations to leverage data as a strategic asset, enabling them to gain valuable insights, improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation.

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Duration of Training  :  32 hrs

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training

SAP Analytics Syllabus:-

Unit 1: Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud
1. Overview of SAP Analytics Cloud
2. Benefits & Core Functionalities of SAP Analytics Cloud
3. Cloud, On-Premise, Hybrid
4. Preparation, Sharing, and Collaboration
5. Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud Clients

Unit 2: Connections and Data Models
6. Overview of Connections
7. Data Preparation: Basic Modeling
8. Performing Basic Data Modeling

Unit 3: Building Story / Analytical Application
9. Basic Story Design
10. Storytelling: Visualization, Basic Calculation, and Formatting
11. Data Integration with SAP BW/4 HANA and SAP Universes
12. Advanced Story Design
13. Analytic Applications/Analytic Designer

Unit 4: SAP Analytics Cloud Planning
14. Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud
15. Creating a Planning Data Model

Unit 5: Augmented Analytics
16. Introduction to SAP Analytics Cloud Predictive
17. Exploring with Smart Assist
18. Simplifying Predictive with Smart Predict

Unit 6: Users, Roles, Security and Administration
19. Defining Users, Teams, Roles, and Security
20. Performing Administration Tasks

Unit 7: Digital Boardroom and Consumption of Content
21. Creating Presentations with SAP Analytics Cloud Digital Boardroom
22. SAP Analytics Hub
23. SAP Analytics Cloud Mobile

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