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What is SAP Production Planning ?

SAP Production Planning (SAP PP) is the component of ERP Central Component (ECC) that helps businesses plan the manufacturing, sale and distribution of goods. A part of SAP ECC’s logistics function, SAP PP plays a vital role in a manufacturer’s supply chain and integrates with other ECC components, including Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Plant Maintenance (PM), Quality Management (QM), Finance (FI), Controlling (CO) and Human Resources (HR).

SAP PP activities include material requirements planning, bill of material, routings and capacity planning. Everything in SAP PP revolves around master data that is stored and manipulated in centralized master data tables. Master data types include materials master, work center, BOM and routing. The master data is used to create transactional data in SAP ECC, such as creating a production order in PP, a sales order in SD, or a purchase order in MM. For example, when a production order is created in SAP PP, it uses master data from SAP MM about the raw materials needed to produce the finished product, which will subsequently be used to create a sales order in SAP SD.

SAP PP Course Content

Manual Business process and its limitations
ERP Products
Introduction to SAP and its Modules
Role of PP Consultant in SAP Projects


Application Server Services R/3 Landscape
Client Concept in SAP


Control over the enterprise using SAP-PP
Integration of SAP PP with other Modules. (MM, SD, QM, FI)

Material Master
Creation of material master by understanding the importance each field.

Creation of BOM by understanding the Importance of each field.
Types of BOM
Level of BOM
Reports for BOM
Tables for BOM
Work Center
Introduction to work center.
Creation of work center by understanding the importance of each field.
Importance of standard value key and control key.
Creation of capacity.
Understanding the concept of cost center, cost element and activity types.
Understanding the concept of routing.
Creation of routing by understanding the importance of each field.
Understanding the importance of usage and status of task list.
Creation of operations.
Creation of group and group counters.
Creation of alternate and parallel sequences.


Concepts of demand management and planning in SAP PP.
Creation of demand.
Creation of PIR.
Creation of customer requirement.
Creation of sales requirement.
Planning strategies
Types of planning strategies.
Importance of strategy-10, 11, 20, 30, 40, 50
Long-Term planning (LTP)
Concept & Importance of LTP
Creation of planning scenario.
Running planning in simulation mode.
Sales operation planning (SOP)
Introduction to SOP.
Importance of SOP.
Creation of Product group.
Creation of material group.
Creation of production plan in In-active version.
Synchronization of production plan to sales.
Creation and execution of rough-cut planning.
Version management.
Transferring the requirement from SOP to Demand Management.
Material requirement planning (MRP)
Concept of MRP
MRP Types.
Consumption based planning.
Manual and automatic re-order point.
Master production scheduling.
Understanding of MPS types such as M0, M1, M2, M3 & M4.
Execution of MRP in online and back ground.
Creation of planned order manually and automatically.


Creation of production order from planned order.
Creation of production order manually.
Scheduling the production order.
Availability check for components and capacity.
Order release and its restrictions.
Concept of backlash indicator.
Goods issue for the production order manual.
Production order conformation such as standard conformation and milestone confirmation.
Cancellation of confirmation.
Auto and manual goods receipt for the order.
Technical completion of order.
Post processing records.
WIP calculation.
Variance calculation.
Order closing.

PP-REM (Repetitive manufacturing)
Introduction to REM Manufacturing Process Master data
Material master.
Bill of material
Work center
Rate routing
Production version.
Preliminary cost estimate.
Standard cost estimate.
Transferring standard cost to material by marking the variance.
Demand Management
Creation of internal demand
MRP execution
Process execution
Creation of planning table.
Executing the run schedules by auto GI and GR.
Executing the WIP and variance.
Post processing records.


PP Master data (PI)
Material master (same as PP-Des)
BOM (same as PP-Des)
process order creation
Process order Execution
Production planning in process Industries
PP-Pi Configuration


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