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Module 1 : Introduction to Warehouse Management

  • Warehouse management overview in SAP R/3
  • Organization Data
  • Warehouse Structure
  • Warehouse Master Data
  • WM Material master view

Module 2 : Define Warehouse structure

  • Warehouse number
  • Storage type
  • Storage section
  • Storage Bin
  • Picking Area
  • Storage unit
  • Quant etc

Module 3 : Master Data

  • Material Master
  • Storage bin

Module 4 : Transfer Requirement

  • Create Transfer requirement automatically
  • Create Transfer requirement manually
  • Create Transfer requirement for storage type
  • Create Transfer requirement for material

Module 5 : Posting change notice

  • Create Posting change notice – PCN

Module 6 : Transfer Order

  • Number Range for TO
  • Create TO w.r.t Transfer Requirement
  • Create TO w.r.t Posting change notice no
  • Create TO w.r.t Storage unit
  • Create TO w.r.t Material document
  • Create TO w.r.t Inbound delivery
  • T.O. Creation In Background
  • Confirm the Transfer Order
  • Cancel the Transfer Order
  • Print Transfer Order

Module 7 : Inventory Management

  • Activate Automatic T.O. Creation
  • Set Up Auto T.O. Creation for TR’s and PCN’S
  • Allow Negative Stocks in Interim Storage Types
  • Goods Movement (IM) Not Allowed for Storage Types

Module 8 : Put away Strategies

  • Next to empty bin
  • Fixed Bin
  • Open Storage
  • Addition to existing bin
  • Pallets
  • Fixed bin strategy

Module 9 : Picking Strategies

  • Shelf life expired
  • FIFO
  • Stringent FIFO
  • LIFO

Module 10 : Warehouse Management Business Scenario’s (MM)

  • Goods Receipt processing with inbound delivery (with ASN)
  • Goods receipt processing without inbound delivery
  • Goods issue for internal consumption
  • Replenishment Control for Storage Type

Module 11 : Warehouse movement types

  • Define reference movement types for WM
  • Assign reference movement types to WM movement types

Module 12 : Search Strategies

  • Storage type search strategies
  • Storage section search strategies
  • Storage bin type search strategies

Module 13 : Physical Inventory

  • Create Physical inventory record
  • Enter count results
  • Clear the difference in WM
  • Clear the difference in IM

Module 14 : Batch Management in WM

  • Condition Tables
  • Access Sequence
  • Strategy Types
  • WM Batch Search Procedure
  • Batch Status in WM
  • Characteristics and class
  • SLED In Batch in WM
  • Manual And Automatic Batch Display In WM

Module 15 : Integration

  • WM with QM
  • WM with PP
  • WM with SD


Module 1 : The Extended Warehouse Management System Environment

  • Outlining the Basics of EWM
  • Integration
  • Setting Up the Integration Between SAP ERP and SAP EWM
  • Setting Up Delivery Document Integration

Module 2 : Structural Elements and Master Data

  • Creating Structural Elements in EWM
  • Working with the APO Core Interface
  • Reviewing EWM Master Data

Module 3 : Warehouse Process Types

  • Applying Warehouse Process Types

Module 4 : Goods Receipt

  • Outlining Goods Receipt Processes in EWM
  • Setting Up Availability Groups for Inventory Management
  • Configuring Direct Putaway
  • Applying Putaway Rules and Strategies
  • Checking Capacities

Module 5 : Goods Issue

  • Outlining the Goods Issue Process in EWM
  • Applying the Stock Removal Strategies
  • Handling Pick Denials and Picking Differences
  • Processing Batch Managed Products in EWM
  • Combining Items in Waves

Module 6 : Storage Control

  • Outlining the Storage Control Concepts
  • Configuring Process-Oriented Storage Control
  • Configuring Layout-Oriented Storage Control

Module 7 : Warehouse Order Creation

  • Creating Warehouse Orders

Module 8 : Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishment

  • Performing Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
  • Performing Ad Hoc Movements and Replenishment

Module 9 : Physical Inventory

  • Outlining the Physical Inventory Process
  • Setting Up the Procedures for Physical Inventory

Module 10 : Slotting and Rearrangement

  • Configuring the Slotting Process

Module 11 : Post Processing Framework

  • Outlining the Post Processing Framework
  • Applying the Post Processing Framework in Delivery Processing

Student Stories and Reviews :

I never thought learning SAP WM could be so engaging! Radical Technologies' hands-on approach made all the difference. Highly recommended!

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM training exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the practical exercises were invaluable.

Radical Student

I'm grateful for the comprehensive SAP WM course at Radical Technologies. It equipped me with the skills I needed to advance in my career.

Radical Student

The job placement assistance at Radical Technologies was fantastic. I secured a position in warehouse management shortly after completing the course.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM training provided me with the confidence to apply my knowledge in real-world scenarios. Thank you for the excellent experience!

Radical Student

The trainers at Radical Technologies were patient and supportive throughout the SAP WM course. I couldn't have asked for a better learning environment.

Radical Student

I was impressed by the depth of knowledge and professionalism of the instructors at Radical Technologies. The SAP WM course was top-notch!

Radical Student

The practical exercises in Radical Technologies' SAP WM course were instrumental in solidifying my understanding of the concepts. Highly recommend!

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM training helped me transition smoothly into a warehouse management role. Thank you for the invaluable experience!

Radical Student

The support and guidance I received at Radical Technologies were exceptional. I'm grateful for the opportunity to enhance my skills in SAP WM.

Radical Student

The hands-on approach to learning at Radical Technologies made all the difference in grasping complex SAP WM concepts. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM course content was comprehensive and well-structured. It laid a solid foundation for my career in warehouse management.

Radical Student

I appreciated the flexibility of scheduling options at Radical Technologies. It allowed me to balance my studies with other commitments.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM training not only prepared me for the certification exam but also equipped me with practical skills that I could apply in the workplace.

Radical Student

The instructors at Radical Technologies were knowledgeable and approachable, making the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding.

Radical Student

I'm grateful for the personalized attention I received at Radical Technologies. The instructors went above and beyond to ensure my success in the SAP WM course.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM course opened doors to new career opportunities for me. I'm excited to apply my newfound skills in warehouse management.

Radical Student

The job placement assistance at Radical Technologies was instrumental in helping me secure a position in warehouse management. Thank you for the support!

Radical Student

I highly recommend Radical Technologies to anyone looking to pursue a career in SAP WM. The instructors are experts in their field, and the course content is top-notch.

Radical Student

The practical insights shared by the instructors at Radical Technologies were invaluable. I feel well-prepared to tackle the challenges of warehouse management in the real world.

Radical Student

The support system at Radical Technologies was exceptional. From enrollment to job placement assistance, they were with me every step of the way.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' SAP WM course provided me with a solid understanding of warehouse management principles and practical skills that are applicable in various industries.

Radical Student

The hands-on experience I gained at Radical Technologies gave me the confidence to pursue a career in warehouse management. Thank you for the incredible learning journey!

Radical Student

I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn SAP WM at Radical Technologies. The course exceeded my expectations, and I'm excited to apply my skills in the workforce.

Radical Student

FAQs :

SAP Warehouse Management (WM) is a module within the SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that manages warehouse operations and processes.

A Warehouse Management Course covers topics such as inventory management, warehouse optimization, picking strategies, storage techniques, and the use of SAP WM software.

The duration of the SAP WM Warehouse Management Course varies depending on the institute and the curriculum, but it typically ranges from a few weeks to a few months.

Prerequisites may vary, but generally, basic knowledge of SAP ERP and logistics concepts is recommended for participants.

Some courses may include SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) topics, but it depends on the specific curriculum offered by the institute.

Yes, most institutes offer job placement assistance to help students secure employment opportunities in the field of warehouse management.

Yes, many institutes offer online Warehouse Management training courses for those who prefer remote learning or have scheduling constraints.

SAP WM training typically covers topics such as goods receipt and issue, inventory management, warehouse organization structures, and integration with other SAP modules.

SAP WM training can enhance your career prospects by equipping you with in-demand skills in warehouse management, which are sought after by companies using SAP ERP systems.
10. What is the difference between SAP WM and SAP Inventory Management?

SAP WM focuses on the management of warehouse processes, whereas SAP Inventory Management primarily deals with tracking and controlling inventory levels.

Yes, SAP offers certification exams for SAP WM, which validate your proficiency in using the SAP WM module.

The syllabus typically covers topics such as warehouse structure, master data, goods movement, storage types, picking strategies, and reporting in SAP WM.

Some institutes offer online access to course materials for registered participants, allowing for self-paced learning.

You can enroll in a SAP WM training course by contacting the institute offering the course or by registering through their website.

Yes, SAP WM training is designed to accommodate beginners with basic knowledge of SAP ERP systems and logistics concepts.

The cost of SAP WM training varies depending on factors such as the institute, course duration, and whether it includes certification exam fees.

While there are no strict prerequisites, it’s recommended to have practical experience or completed relevant training before attempting the certification exam.

SAP WM training equips you with skills and knowledge that are highly valued by companies using SAP ERP systems, increasing your chances of securing job opportunities in warehouse management roles.

Yes, SAP WM training is recognized globally as SAP is a leading provider of ERP solutions used by businesses worldwide.

Many institutes offer flexible training schedules, including evening or weekend classes, to accommodate working professionals.

Yes, most SAP WM training courses include hands-on practical sessions to allow participants to apply theoretical knowledge in simulated warehouse scenarios.

Career opportunities after SAP WM training include roles such as SAP WM consultant, warehouse manager, logistics coordinator, or inventory analyst.

Yes, SAP WM training is designed to be accessible to individuals from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, including those without prior technical experience.

Some institutes offer customized SAP WM training solutions tailored to individual or organizational requirements, allowing for a more targeted learning experience.

SAP WM training provides comprehensive knowledge of warehouse management processes within the SAP ERP system, which is widely used across industries globally.

Preparation for SAP WM certification exams typically involves studying the course material, practicing with sample questions, and gaining hands-on experience with SAP WM software.

Some institutes offer ongoing support to alumni, such as access to updated course materials, discussion forums, or refresher sessions, to help reinforce learning.

Yes, individuals from various industries can transition to a career in SAP WM by acquiring relevant training and demonstrating transferable skills such as analytical thinking and attention to detail.

You can verify the credibility of an institute by researching its reputation, reading reviews or testimonials from past students, and checking for accreditation or partnerships with recognized organizations.

Most Probable Interview Questions for SAP WM Warehouse Management

Interview Question No. 1 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you explain your experience with SAP Warehouse Management (WM) and how it aligns with our company’s requirements?

Interview Question No. 2 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : What motivated you to pursue a career in SAP WM, and how have you stayed updated with the latest developments in this field?

Interview Question No. 3 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you walk us through a challenging SAP WM project you’ve worked on in the past, highlighting your role and the solutions you implemented?

Interview Question No. 4 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : How do you approach optimizing warehouse processes using SAP WM, and can you provide examples of efficiency improvements you’ve achieved?

Interview Question No. 5 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Describe your familiarity with SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) and its integration with SAP WM in complex logistics environments.

Interview Question No. 6 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : How do you handle inventory discrepancies in SAP WM, and what strategies do you employ to maintain accurate inventory records?

Interview Question No. 7 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you discuss your experience with SAP WM configuration and customization, particularly in adapting the system to meet unique business requirements?

Interview Question No. 8 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : How do you ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations within SAP WM, such as those related to inventory tracking or warehouse safety?

Interview Question No. 9 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : What steps do you take to troubleshoot and resolve issues encountered during SAP WM implementation or operation?

Interview Question No. 10 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you explain your approach to training end-users on SAP WM functionalities, ensuring smooth adoption and utilization of the system?

Interview Question No. 11 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : How do you prioritize and manage multiple concurrent SAP WM projects, ensuring timely delivery and quality outcomes?

Interview Question No. 12 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : What role do you see emerging technologies such as AI or IoT playing in the future of SAP WM, and how do you stay informed about these advancements?

Interview Question No. 13 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you discuss your experience with SAP WM interfaces and integration with other systems, such as SAP Material Management (MM) or SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)?

Interview Question No. 14 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : How do you approach data migration and system upgrades within SAP WM, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations?

Interview Question No. 15 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Describe a situation where you had to collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as IT, logistics, or procurement, to implement SAP WM solutions. How did you ensure effective communication and coordination?

Interview Question No. 16 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : What strategies do you employ to monitor and analyze warehouse KPIs using SAP WM data, and how do you use these insights to drive continuous improvement?

Interview Question No. 17 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you share your experience with SAP WM in a multi-site or global warehouse environment, addressing challenges related to logistics coordination and inventory management?

Interview Question No. 18 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : How do you stay current with SAP WM best practices and industry trends, and can you provide examples of how you’ve applied this knowledge in your work?

Interview Question No. 19 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Discuss your experience with SAP WM upgrades or migrations to newer versions, highlighting any challenges faced and how you overcame them.

Interview Question No. 20 for SAP WM Warehouse Management : Can you provide examples of successful SAP WM implementations you’ve been involved in, including key achievements and lessons le


Learn SAP WM Warehouse Management – Course in Pune with Training, Certification & Guaranteed Job Placement assistance!

At Radical Technologies, we are pioneers in providing comprehensive SAP WM (Warehouse Management) training and certification programs in Pune. With a focus on delivering high-quality education and practical skills development, we cater to individuals aspiring to excel in warehouse management roles within the SAP ecosystem.

Our dedicated team of industry experts and certified trainers ensures that our SAP WM courses cover a wide range of topics, including SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), inventory management, picking strategies, storage techniques, and integration with other SAP modules such as Materials Management (MM) and Sales and Distribution (SD).

With a hands-on approach, we offer interactive training sessions, practical exercises, and real-world case studies to help students gain a deep understanding of SAP WM concepts and functionalities. Our state-of-the-art training facilities and cutting-edge learning resources provide an immersive learning experience for all participants.

At Radical Technologies, we understand the importance of job placement assistance in today’s competitive job market. Hence, we offer comprehensive support to our students, including resume building, interview preparation, and connections to our extensive network of industry partners for potential job opportunities.

Whether you are a beginner looking to kickstart your career in warehouse management or an experienced professional seeking to enhance your skills, our flexible training schedules and customizable course options cater to individuals at all levels of expertise.

Join us at Radical Technologies and embark on a rewarding journey towards mastering SAP WM, unlocking new career opportunities, and making a significant impact in the field of warehouse management.

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