The “Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security – CEHv1” course likely refers to the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certification program, which focuses on ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Please note that the content and coverage of the CEHv1 course may evolve over time, so it’s essential to check the latest curriculum and official training materials from the EC-Council, the organization that administers the CEH certification.

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Information Security and Ethical Hacking Overview

Introduction to Ethical Hacking

– Information Security Overview
– Cyber Kill Chain Concepts
– Hacking Concepts
– Ethical Hacking Concepts
– Information Security Controls
– Information Security Laws and Standards

Reconnaissance Techniques

Footprinting and Reconnaissance

– Footprinting Concepts
– Footprinting Methodology
– Footprinting through Search Engines
– Footprinting through Web Services
– Footprinting through Social Networking Sites
– Website Footprinting
– Email Footprinting
– WhoisFootprinting
– DNS Footprinting
– Network Footprinting
– Footprinting through Social Engineering
– Footprinting Tools
– Footprinting Countermeasures

Scanning Networks

– Network Scanning Concepts
– Scanning Tools
– Host Discovery
– Port and Service Discovery
– OS Discovery (Banner Grabbing/OS Fingerprinting)
– Scanning Beyond IDS and Firewall
– Draw Network Diagrams


– Enumeration Concepts
– NetBIOS Enumeration
– SNMP Enumeration
– LDAP Enumeration
– NTP and NFS Enumeration
– SMTP and DNS Enumeration
– Other Enumeration Techniques (IPsec, VoIP, RPC, Unix/Linux, Telnet, FTP, TFTP, SMB, IPv6, and BGP enumeration)
– Enumeration Countermeasures

System Hacking Phases and Attack Techniques

Vulnerability Analysis

– Vulnerability Assessment Concepts
– Vulnerability Classification and Assessment Types
– Vulnerability Assessment Solutions and Tools
– Vulnerability Assessment Reports

System Hacking

– System Hacking Concepts
– Gaining Access
– Cracking Passwords
– Vulnerability Exploitation
– Escalating Privileges
– Maintaining Access
– Executing Applications
– Hiding Files
– Clearing Logs

Malware Threats

– Malware Concepts
– APT Concepts
– Trojan Concepts
– Virus and Worm Concepts
– File-less Malware Concepts
– Malware Analysis
– Malware Countermeasures
– Anti-Malware Software

Network and Perimeter Hacking


– Sniffing Concepts
– Sniffing Technique: MAC Attacks
– Sniffing Technique: DHCP Attacks
– Sniffing Technique: ARP Poisoning
– Sniffing Technique: Spoofing Attacks
– Sniffing Technique: DNS Poisoning
– Sniffing Tools
– Sniffing Countermeasures
– Sniffing Detection Techniques

Social Engineering

– Social Engineering Concepts
– Social Engineering Techniques
– Insider Threats
– Impersonation on Social
– Networking Sites
– Identity Theft
– Social Engineering Countermeasures


– DoS/DDoS Concepts
– DoS/DDoS Attack Techniques
– Botnets
– DDoS
– Case Study
– DoS/DDoS Attack Tools
– DoS/DDoS Countermeasures
– DoS/DDoS Protection Tools

Session Hijacking 

– Session Hijacking Concepts
– Application Level Session Hijacking
– Network Level Session Hijacking
– Session Hijacking Tools
– Session Hijacking Countermeasures

Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots

– IDS, IPS, Firewall, and Honeypot Concepts
– IDS, IPS, Firewall, and Honeypot Solutions
– Evading IDS
– Evading Firewalls
– IDS/Firewall Evading Tools
– Detecting Honeypots
– IDS/Firewall Evasion Countermeasures

Web Application Hacking

Hacking Web Servers

– Web Server Concepts
– Web Server Attacks
– Web Server Attack Methodology
– Web Server Attack Tools
– Web Server Countermeasures
– Patch Management
– Web Server Security Tools

Hacking Web Applications

– Web App Concepts
– Web App Threats
– Web App Hacking Methodology
– Footprint Web Infrastructure
– Analyze Web Applications
– Bypass Client-Side Controls
– Attack Authentication Mechanism
– Attack Authorization Schemes
– Attack Access Controls
– Attack Session Management Mechanism
– Perform Injection Attacks
– Attack Application Logic Flaws
– Attack Shared Environments
– Attack Database Connectivity
– Attack Web App Client
– Attack Web Services
– Web API, Webhooks and Web Shell
– Web App Security

SQL Injection

– SQL Injection Concepts
– Types of SQL Injection
– SQL Injection Methodology
– SQL Injection Tools
– Evasion Techniques
– SQL Injection Countermeasures

Wireless Network Hacking

Hacking Wireless Networks

– Wireless Concepts
– Wireless Encryption
– Wireless Threats
– Wireless Hacking Methodology
– Wireless Hacking Tools
– Bluetooth Hacking
– Wireless Countermeasures
– Wireless Security Tools

Mobile Platform, IoT, and OT Hacking

Hacking Mobile Platforms

– Mobile Platform Attack Vectors
– Hacking Android OS
– Hacking iOS
– Mobile Device Management
– Mobile Security Guidelines and Tools

IoT and OT Hacking

– IoT Concepts
– IoT Attacks
– IoT Hacking Methodology
– IoT Hacking Tools
– IoT Countermeasures
– OT Concepts
– OT Attacks
– OT Hacking Methodology
– OT Hacking Tools
– OT Countermeasures

Cloud Computing

– Cloud Computing Concepts
– Container Technology
– Serverless Computing
– Cloud Computing Threats
– Cloud Hacking
– Cloud Security


– Cryptography Concepts
– Encryption Algorithms
– Cryptography Tools
– Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
– Email Encryption
– Disk Encryption
– Cryptanalysis
– Countermeasures

Student Stories and Reviews :

The Cyber Security Course at Radical Technologies was incredibly informative and hands-on. The instructors are experts in their field, and I feel well-prepared for a career in cybersecurity.

Radical Student

I enrolled in the CEH V11 Course and was amazed at the depth of knowledge and practical skills I gained. The online resources and support were excellent.

Radical Student

As a beginner, the Cyber Security Training for Beginners course provided me with a solid foundation in cybersecurity. The instructors were patient and explained complex concepts clearly.

Radical Student

The Ethical Hacking Course in Pune was comprehensive and engaging. I particularly appreciated the real-world scenarios and labs that helped reinforce the learning.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' Cyber Security Certification Program is top-notch. The curriculum is up-to-date, and the trainers are very supportive. I highly recommend it.

Radical Student

Taking the Cyber Security Course Online allowed me to balance my studies with work. The flexibility and quality of the course materials were outstanding.

Radical Student

The CEH V11 Training Online exceeded my expectations. The instructors were knowledgeable, and the course content was highly relevant to current industry standards.

Radical Student

The Information Security Course at Radical Technologies provided me with the skills needed to protect sensitive data effectively. The practical exercises were particularly useful.

Radical Student

I completed the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification course and found it to be one of the best learning experiences. The course prepared me thoroughly for the certification exam.

Radical Student

The Cyber Security Institute in Pune offers a great learning environment. The hands-on labs and real-world applications helped me gain confidence in my abilities.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies' Cyber Security Training Courses are some of the best I have attended. The blend of theoretical and practical training was perfect.

Radical Student

The Ethical Hacking Classes in Pune were very engaging and covered all the essential topics. The instructors were always ready to help and clarify doubts.

Radical Student

I was able to secure a job in cybersecurity soon after completing the Cyber Security Certification Online Course. The course content is very industry-relevant.

Radical Student

The CEH V11 Online Training was comprehensive and well-structured. It provided me with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in my career.

Radical Student

The Cyber Security Online Courses for Beginners at Radical Technologies were exactly what I needed. The self-paced learning modules allowed me to study effectively and at my own pace.

Radical Student

FAQs :

 The Cyber Security Course in Pune at Radical Technologies offers extensive hands-on training and theoretical knowledge, preparing students for various roles in the cybersecurity field, including security analysts, ethical hackers, and information security managers.

Yes, Radical Technologies offers a flexible Cyber Security Course Online, allowing you to learn from anywhere at your own pace. The course includes interactive modules, live sessions, and comprehensive support from experienced instructors.

 The CEH V11 Course covers a wide range of topics including network security, cryptography, ethical hacking techniques, vulnerability assessment, and penetration testing. It prepares you thoroughly for the CEH V11 certification exam.


Yes, we offer Cyber Security Training for Beginners that covers fundamental concepts and practical skills. These courses are designed to build a strong foundation in cybersecurity, making them ideal for those new to the field.


Obtaining a Cyber Security Certification validates your skills and knowledge, enhances your resume, and improves your job prospects in the cybersecurity field. It demonstrates your commitment to the profession and can lead to higher earning potential.

The Information Security Course includes topics such as data protection, risk management, compliance, and incident response. It provides the skills needed to safeguard information systems and manage security policies effectively.

Absolutely, our CEH V11 Training Online is designed to be flexible and accommodate working professionals. You can access course materials and live sessions according to your schedule, ensuring a balanced approach to learning and working.

The Ethical Hacking Course equips you with practical skills to identify and fix security vulnerabilities, making you an invaluable asset to any organization. It enhances your problem-solving abilities and opens up opportunities for roles like penetration tester and security consultant.

 Radical Technologies offers expert instructors, a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on labs, and a supportive learning environment. Our state-of-the-art facilities and industry-aligned training programs make us the top choice for Cyber Security Training in Pune.

Yes, Radical Technologies offers a range of Cyber Security Certification Online Courses. These courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace while preparing you for industry-recognized certifications such as CEH, CISSP, and CompTIA Security+.



Most Probable Interview Questions for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11)

Interview Question No. 1 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : What is the difference between vulnerability assessment and penetration testing?

Interview Question No. 2 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : Can you explain the phases of an ethical hacking process?

Interview Question No. 3 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : What are the most common types of network attacks, and how can they be mitigated?

Interview Question No. 4 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : How do you ensure compliance with legal and ethical standards when performing a penetration test?

Interview Question No. 5 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : Describe a situation where you identified a critical vulnerability in a system. What steps did you take to address it?

Interview Question No. 6 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : What tools and techniques do you commonly use for reconnaissance in ethical hacking?

Interview Question No. 7 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : How would you approach securing a web application against common threats such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting (XSS)?

Interview Question No. 8 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : What are the key differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, and when would you use each?

Interview Question No. 9 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : Can you explain how a firewall works and the different types of firewalls available?

Interview Question No. 10 for Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEH V11) : What are some effective methods for protecting a network against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks?

Learn Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security (CEHv11) – Course in Pune with Training, Certification & Guaranteed Job Placement Assistance!

Welcome to Radical Technologies, the leading institute for Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security training in Pune. At Radical Technologies, we offer comprehensive and industry-relevant Cyber Security courses designed to equip you with the skills needed to excel in the dynamic field of information security. Our courses cover a wide array of topics, including the latest in Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking.

Our Courses

Cyber Security Course : Dive into the essentials of cybersecurity with our expert-led Cyber Security Course. Gain practical knowledge and hands-on experience to protect digital assets effectively.
Ethical Hacking Course : Master the art of ethical hacking with our in-depth Ethical Hacking Course. Learn to identify vulnerabilities and secure systems against potential threats.
Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V11) Course : Achieve professional recognition with our CEH V11 training. This course prepares you for the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, ensuring you have the credentials to validate your expertise.
Cyber Security Training Courses : From foundational principles to advanced techniques, our Cyber Security Training Courses are designed to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced professionals.
Cyber Security Certification Course : Obtain your Cyber Security Certification through our structured program, which includes theoretical and practical training for a comprehensive learning experience.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Instructors : Our trainers are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity and ethical hacking.
Comprehensive Curriculum : Our courses cover all aspects of cybersecurity, including CEH V11 training, information security training, and more.
Flexible Learning Options : We offer both in-person classes in Pune and online courses, making it convenient for you to learn at your own pace and location.
Certification Preparation : Our training programs are designed to prepare you for various certifications, including CEH certification, Cyber Security certification, and more.

Our Offerings

Cyber Security Course in Pune : Join our top-rated Cyber Security Course in Pune and get hands-on training from industry experts.
Cyber Security Course Online : Learn from the comfort of your home with our Cyber Security Course Online, tailored for those who need flexibility.
Cyber Security Training for Beginners : Start your cybersecurity journey with our beginner-friendly courses that cover the basics and build a strong foundation.
CEH V11 Training Online : Prepare for your CEH V11 certification with our comprehensive online training, designed to fit your schedule.
Information Security Course : Gain a deep understanding of information security principles and practices to safeguard data and systems effectively.

Certification Programs

Cyber Security Certification Program : Enhance your career prospects with our Cyber Security Certification Program, which covers essential skills and knowledge.
CEH V11 Certification : Our CEH V11 course prepares you for the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, a globally recognized credential in the field of ethical hacking.
Online Cyber Security Certification Courses : Our online certification courses offer the flexibility to learn at your own pace while preparing for industry-recognized certifications.

Training Locations

Cyber Security Institute in Pune : Our Pune-based institute is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best learning environment.
Ethical Hacking Classes in Pune : Join our ethical hacking classes in Pune and learn from the best in the industry.
Hacking Classes in Pune : Enhance your skills with our specialized hacking classes designed to teach you the latest techniques and tools.

At Radical Technologies, we are committed to providing the best Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking training to help you achieve your career goals. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our courses are designed to meet your needs and help you stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. Join us today and take the first step towards becoming a certified cybersecurity expert.

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