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Logistics refers to the process of planning, implementing, and managing the efficient flow and storage of goods, services, and related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption. It is a critical component of supply chain management and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that products and materials are available when and where they are needed. Effective logistics management is crucial for businesses to meet customer demands, minimize costs, and maintain a competitive edge in today’s global marketplace.

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LOGISTICS Training in Pune/ Online

Duration of Training  : 32 Hours

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training


Module 1: Introduction to Oracle EBS Logistics

  • Overview of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).
  • Introduction to Logistics modules within EBS.
  • Understanding the role of Logistics in the supply chain.

Module 2: Oracle Inventory Management

  • Managing inventory in Oracle EBS.
  • Inventory structure and organizations.
  • Item setup and management.
  • Inventory transactions and adjustments.

Module 3: Oracle Order Management

  • Order capture and management in EBS.
  • Order types and order lines.
  • Pricing and discount management.
  • Shipping and fulfillment processes.

Module 4: Oracle Purchasing

  • Managing procurement processes in EBS.
  • Purchase requisitions and purchase orders.
  • Supplier management and vendor negotiations.
  • Receiving and inspection.

Module 5: Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning (ASCP)

  • Overview of Advanced Supply Chain Planning.
  • Demand and supply planning.
  • Supply chain modeling and optimization.

Module 6: Oracle Shipping Execution

  • Managing shipping processes in EBS.
  • Shipping methods and carriers.
  • Freight management.
  • Labeling and packing.

Module 7: Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) Integration

  • Integrating Oracle Transportation Management with EBS.
  • Transportation planning and execution.
  • Carrier management.

Module 8: Oracle Warehouse Management (WMS)

  • Warehouse setup and management.
  • Inbound and outbound processes.
  • Picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Integration with Inventory and Order Management.

Module 9: Demand Forecasting and Planning

  • Demand forecasting techniques.
  • Forecasting setup and data analysis.
  • Planning for inventory and procurement.

Module 10: Reporting and Analytics

  • Generating reports and inquiries in Logistics.
  • Using Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) for logistics analytics.
  • Customizing reports and dashboards.

Module 11: Integration with Other EBS Modules

  • Integration with other Oracle EBS modules (e.g., Finance, Manufacturing).
  • Data flow and synchronization between modules.

Module 12: Security and Access Control

  • Access control and security considerations in Logistics.
  • Role-based security and permissions.
  • Auditing and compliance.

Module 13: Customization and Extensibility

  • Customizing Logistics modules for specific business needs.
  • Creating custom workflows and forms.
  • Extending functionality using Oracle Application Framework (OAF).

Module 14: Best Practices and Case Studies

  • Best practices for using Oracle EBS Logistics.
  • Case studies of successful Logistics implementations.
  • Tips for optimizing supply chain and logistics operations.


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