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Informatica Cloud Data Integration Training in pune | Online

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Course Duration: 40 hrs

Course Content

1.Informatica Cloud Overview

  • Informatica Cloud
  • Object Synchronization
  • Process Synchronization
  • Data Replication
  • Informatica Cloud Applications
  • Informatica Cloud – Key Terms

2.Informatica Cloud Secure Agent and Architecture

  • Informatica Cloud Architecture
  • Informatica Cloud Secure Agent
  • Informatica Secure Agent Architecture
  • Running Agent as Local/Network User

3.Creating Connections

  • Connection Properties
  • Connection types
  • Configuring a connection
  • Creating a Salesforce.com Connection
  • Creating a Flat File Connection

4.Data Synchronization Application

  • Data Synchronization application
  • Data Synchronization Operations
  • Field Information

5.Data Replication Application

  • Data Replication App Overview
  • Data Replication Features and Benefits
  • Data Replication Source and Target Options
  • Other Data Replication Task Options
  • Resetting the Target Table

6.Cloud Mapping Designer – Part I

  • Cloud Mapping Designer use cases
  • Mapping Lifecycle
  • Transformations in Cloud Mapping Designer
  • Mapping Validation
  • Creating a Simple Mapping using a Source, Filter, and Multiple Targets

7.Cloud Mapping Designer – Part II

  • Joiner, Expression, and Lookup transformations
  • Field Rules: Renaming Fields, Selection Criteria
  • Creating a Mapping using the Lookup and Expression Transformations

8.Cloud Mapping Designer

  • Aggregator Transformation Overview
  • Aggregator Transformation – Source and Target
  • Normalizer Transformation
  • Normalized Fields
  • Lookup Transformation
  • Unconnected Lookup

9.Qualifying and Transforming Source Data

  • Data Filter
  • Simple and Advanced Data Filter
  • System Variables in a Data Filter
  • Incremental Processing
  • Field Expression

10.Mapping Task and Mapping Parameters

  • Mapping Task
  • Parameterization use cases
  • Adding Parameters to a Mapping
  • Parameter Types
  • Parameter Panel and Best Practices
  • Mapping Updates and Deployment
  • Creating, testing, and running a Mapping Task

11.Advanced Task Options

  • Pre and Post-Processing Commands
  • Operating System Commands
  • Parameter File
  • Setting Up a Parameter File

12.Automating and Monitoring Tasks

  • Schedules
  • Schedule Repeat Frequency
  • Repeat Frequency Options
  • Schedule Blackout Period
  • Email Notifications

13.Linear Taskflow

  • Schedules
  • Schedule Repeat Frequency
  • Repeat Frequency Options
  • Schedule Blackout Period
  • Email Notifications

14.Template Taskflows

  • What is a Taskflow?
  • Task flow Steps
  • Task flow Templates

15.Advanced Properties Settings

  • SQL Overrides in Lookups
  • Lookup SQL Override Attributes
  • Pre and Post SQL commands

16.Advanced Source Options (Salesforce)

  • Multiple Object Source Type
  • Salesforce Objects – Options
  • Salesforce Data Model and ERDs
  • Saved Queries

17.Relationships and Integration (Salesforce)

  • Purpose of external ID
  • External ID fields in Salesforce.com
  • Foreign Keys
  • Salesforce ID
  • Relationships – Master-Detail relationship
  • Relationships – Lookup relationship
  • Force.com
  • Workbench
  • Data Loader
  • Mapping, Sync and Replication task for SFDC
  • Data Synchronization Operations – IDs

18.Field Lookups (Salesforce)

  • Lookup Overview
  • Configuring a Lookup
  • Lookup Best Practices

19.Hierarchical Connectivity

  • Hierarchical Schemas
  • Hierarchy Parser Transformation
  • Hierarchy Builder Transformation
  • Web Services and-REST Web Services
  • Parameters of REST Web Service Message
  • Web Service Transformation
  • Using Web Service Transformation in a mapping

20.Informatica Cloud REST API

  • What is a REST API?
  • Informatica Cloud REST API

21.Performance and Scalability

  • Partitions
  • Types of Partitioning
  • Partitioning Rules and Guidelines
  • Secure Agent Groups with Multiple Agents

22.Discovery IQ

  • Discovery IQ Overview
  • Discovery IQ Features

23.Advanced Parameterization and REST Utilization

  • Parameterization
  • Use case and solution
  • Advanced Parameterization
  • Parameterization technique in a mapping

24.Advanced Administration

  • Custom Roles
  • Asset Level Permissions
  • Rules and Guidelines for Permissions
  • Project or Folder Access Using User Groups
  • Administrative settings for the organization


  • User Roles
  • User Groups
  • Object-level permissions
  • Organization hierarchy
  • Migrating Assets

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