Tableau is a business intelligence and data visualization tool to get insights from data, find hidden trends, and make business decisions. The Analytics segment is a fast changing domain in the IT industry and needs to be in pace with the current trends. At Radical we ensure to keep in pace with the top 3 Analytical tools in the market as per the Gartner study so that the niche availability of resources remain under your belt and the opportunities to explore the BI world remains open at any point of time.

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Tableau Duration of Training  :  32 hrs

Tableau  Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Tableau  Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training

Tableau Training & Certification in Pune

Highly Experienced Certified Trainer with 10+ yrs Exp. in Industry

Realtime Tableau  Projects, Scenarios & Assignments


Why Radical Technologies

100% Placement Guarantee for the Right Candidate

10+ Years Real Time Experienced Trainers

Learn from Industry Experts, Hands-on labs

Flexible Options: online, instructor-led, self-paced

14+ Years of Industry Recognitions

1 Lakh+ Students Trained

50,000+ Students Placed

Guaranteed 5+ Interview Calls

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Free Internship Project & Certification

Monthly Job Fair - Virtual as well as Physica

5000+ Reviews & Ratings


Pre-Requisites :
The best thing about Tableau is that there is no prerequisite to learn this software. With zero technical or any programming skills, one can learn and master this tool suite

Tableau Learning Objectives :

At the end of this class, the student will be able to :

  • Build advanced chart types and visualizations
  • Build complex calculations to manipulate your data
  • Work with statistics and statistical techniques
  • Work with parameters and input controls
  • Implement advanced geographic mapping techniques and use custom images to build spatial visualizations of non-geographic data
  • Implement all options in working with data: Joining multiple tables, data blending, performance considerations and working with the Data Engine, and understand when to implement which connection method.
  • Build better dashboards using techniques for guided analytics, interactive dashboard design and visual best practices
  • Implement many efficiency tips and tricks
  • Understand the basics of Tableau Server and other options for sharing your results

Is SQL required to learn Tableau?

You must have to have a basic knowledge of SQL, and this would help in writing custom queries which is not possible through to frag and drop functionality to achieve complex data set building.


1. Tableau  Introduction and Getting Started

  • Why Tableau? Why Visualization?
  • The Tableau Product Line
  • Level Setting – Terminology
  • Getting Started – creating some powerful visualizations quickly
  • Review of some Key Fundamental Concepts
  • What is Tableau?
  •  What does the Tableau product suite comprise of? How Does Tableau Work?
  • Tableau Architecture
  • Connecting to Data & Introduction to data source concepts
  • Understanding the Tableau workspace
  • Dimensions and Measures
  • Data Types & Default Properties
  • Tour of Shelves & Marks Card
  • Using Show Me
  • Saving and Sharing your work-overview

2. Filtering, Sorting & Grouping

Filtering, Sorting and Grouping are fundamental concepts
when working with and analyzing data. We will briefly review these topics as they apply to Tableau

  • Advanced options for filtering and hiding
  • Understanding your many options for ordering and grouping your data: Sort, Groups, Bins, Sets
  • Understanding how all of these options inter-relate

3. Working with Data

In the Advanced class, we will understand the difference between joining and blending data, and when we should do each. We will also consider the implications of working with large data sets, and consider options for when and how to work with extracts and the data engine. We will also investigate best practices in “sharing” data sources for Tableau Server users.

  • Data Types and Roles
  • Dimension versus Measures
  • Data Types
  • Discrete versus Continuous
  • The meaning of pill colors
  • Database Joins
  • Data Blending
  • Working with the Data Engine / Extracts and scheduling extract updates
  • Working with Custom SQL
  • Adding to Context
  • Switching to Direct Connection

4. Working with Calculated Data and Statistics

 In the Fundamentals Class, we were introduced to some basic calculations: basic string and arithmetic calculations and ratios and quick table calculations. In the Advanced class, we will extend those concepts to understand the intricacies of manipulating data within Tableau

5. A Quick Review of Basic Calculations

Arithmetic Calculations

String Manipulation

Date Calculations

Quick Table Calculations

Custom Aggregations

Custom Calculated Fields

Logic and Conditional Calculations

 Conditional Filters

6. Advanced Table Calculations

Understanding Scope and Direction

Calculate on Results of Table Calculations

Complex Calculations

Difference From Average

Discrete Aggregations

Index to Ratios

7. Working with Parameters

In the Fundamentals class, we were introduced to parameters – How to create a parameter and use it in a calculation. In the Advanced class, we will go into more details on how we can use parameters to modify our title, create What-If analysis, etc

Parameter Basics

Data types of parameters

Using parameters in calculated fields

 Inputting parameter values and parameter control options

Advanced Usage of Parameters

Using parameters for titles, field selections, logic statements, Top X

8. Building Advanced Chart Types and Visualizations/Tips & Tricks

This topic covers how to create some of the chart types and visualizations that may be less obvious in Tableau. It also covers some of the more common tips & tricks/techniques that we use to assist customers in solving some of their more complex problems.

  • Bar in Bar
  • Box Plot
  • Bullet Chart
  • Custom Shapes
  • Gantt Chart
  • Heat Map
  • Pareto Chart
  • Spark Line
  • KPI Chart


9. Best Practices in Formatting and Visualizing

  • Formatting Tips
  • Drag to Legend
  • Edit Legend
  • Highlighting
  • Labeling
  • Legends
  • Working with Nulls
  • Table Options
  • Annotations and Display Options
  • Introduction to Visualization Best Practices

10. Data Analysis And Reporting

  • Data Analysis using Pivot Tables – use of row and column shelf, values and filters
  • Difference between data layering and cross tabulation, summary reports, advantages and limitations
  • Change aggregation types and summarisation
  • Creating groups and bins in pivot data
  • Concept of calculated fields, usage and limitations
  • Changing report layouts – Outline, compact and tabular forms
  • Show and hide grand totals and subtotals
  • Creating summary reports using pivot tables

11. SQL : Data Manipulation (DML Commands)

  • Insert, Update & Delete statements
  • Select statement – Subsetting, Filters, Sorting. Removing Duplicates, grouping and aggregations etc
  • Where, Group By, Order by & Having clauses
  • SQL Functions – Number, Text, Date, etc
  • SQL Keywords – Top, Distinct, Null, etc
  • SQL Operators –  Relational (single valued and multi valued), Logical (and, or, not), Use of wildcard operators and wildcard characters, etc

12. SQL : Accessing Data From Multiple Tables Using SELECT

  • Append and JoinsUnion and Union All – Use & constraints
  • Intersect and Except statements
  • Table Joins – inner join, left join, right join, full join
  • Cross joins/cartesian products, self joins, natural joins etc
  • Inline views and sub-queries
  • Optimizing your work

13. Tableau : Data Handling & Summaries

  • Date Aggregations and Date parts
  • Cross tab & Tabular charts
  • Totals & Subtotals
  • Bar Charts & Stacked Bars
  • Line Graphs with Date & Without Date
  • Tree maps
  • Scatter Plots
  • Individual Axes, Blended Axes, Dual Axes & Combination chart
  • Parts of Views
  • Sorting
  • Trend lines/ Forecasting
  • Reference Lines
  • Filters/Context filters
  • Sets
    • In/Out Sets
    • Combined Sets
  • Grouping
  • Bins/Histograms
  • Drilling up/down – drill through
  • Hierarchies
  • View data
  • Actions (across sheets)

14. Tableau : Building Advanced Reports/ Maps

  • Explain latitude and longitude
  • Default location/Edit locations
  • Building geographical maps
  • Using Map layers

15. Tableau : Calculated Fields

  • Working with aggregate versus disaggregate data
  • Explain – #Number of Rows
  • Basic Functions (String, Date, Numbers etc)
  • Usage of Logical conditions

16. Tableau : Table Calculations

  • Explain scope and direction
  • Percent of Total, Running / Cumulative calculations
  • Introduction to LOD (Level of Detail) Expressions
  • User applications of Table calculations

17. Tableau : Parameters

  • Using Parameters in
    • Calculated fieldsBins
    • Reference Lines
    • Filters/Sets
  • Display Options (Dynamic Dimension/Measure Selection)
  • Create What-If/Scenario analysis

18. Tableau : Building Interactive Dashboards

  • Combining multiple visualizations into a dashboard (overview)
  • Making your worksheet interactive by using actions
    • Filter
    • URL
    • Highlight
  • Complete Interactive Dashboard for Sales & Services

19. Tableau : Formatting

  • Options in Formatting your Visualization
  • Working with Labels and Annotations
  • Effective Use of Titles and Captions

20. Tableau : Working With Data

  • Multiple Table Joins
  • Data Blending
  • Difference between joining and blending data, and when we should do each
  • Toggle between to Direct Connection and Extracts





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Student Stories and Reviews :

The Tableau training at Radical Technologies exceeded my expectations! The instructors were incredibly knowledgeable and made complex concepts easy to understand.

Radical Student

I was a complete beginner in Tableau, but after completing the course here, I feel confident in my abilities to create impactful visualizations and dashboards.

Radical Student

The hands-on projects and real-world examples provided during the training helped me grasp Tableau's concepts quickly and apply them effectively.

Radical Student

I appreciate the personalized attention I received from the instructors. They were always available to clarify doubts and provide guidance whenever needed.

Radical Student

The Tableau certification course not only prepared me for the exam but also equipped me with practical skills that are highly valued in the industry.

Radical Student

I'm grateful for the job placement assistance provided by Radical Technologies. It helped me secure a position where I can apply my Tableau skills effectively.

Radical Student

The flexibility of online classes allowed me to balance my studies with other commitments. I highly recommend Radical Technologies for anyone looking for online Tableau courses.

Radical Student

The course content was comprehensive and well-structured, covering everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques in Tableau.

Radical Student

I was impressed by the industry-relevant projects included in the course. They gave me a taste of real-world scenarios and challenges faced by data analysts.

Radical Student

The instructors at Radical Technologies are not only knowledgeable but also passionate about teaching. Their enthusiasm for Tableau was contagious!

Radical Student

The Tableau training boosted my confidence and opened up new career opportunities for me. I couldn't be happier with my decision to enroll at Radical Technologies.

Radical Student

The supportive learning environment at Radical Technologies made the entire learning process enjoyable and rewarding.

Radical Student

The skills I acquired during the Tableau course have been invaluable in my current role. I'm able to analyze data more efficiently and present insights effectively.

Radical Student

I appreciated the practical tips and tricks shared by the instructors, which helped me streamline my Tableau workflows and improve productivity.

Radical Student

Radical Technologies goes above and beyond to ensure student success. I'm grateful for the ongoing support and guidance I received throughout the course.

Radical Student

The course materials were comprehensive, and the assignments were challenging yet rewarding. I feel well-prepared to tackle real-world data analysis projects.

Radical Student

The Tableau training has not only enhanced my technical skills but also improved my problem-solving abilities and attention to detail.

Radical Student

I was hesitant about online learning at first, but Radical Technologies' online Tableau classes were engaging and interactive, keeping me motivated throughout.

Radical Student

The instructors' industry experience brought a unique perspective to the training, providing insights into how Tableau is used in different sectors.

Radical Student

I'm amazed by how much I've learned in such a short time. The Tableau course at Radical Technologies is truly intensive and worth every minute.

Radical Student

The training sessions were well-paced, allowing ample time for practice and reinforcement of concepts. I never felt rushed or overwhelmed.

Radical Student

I'm grateful for the opportunity to network with fellow students and industry professionals through Radical Technologies' alumni events and networking sessions.

Radical Student

The course instructors were patient and encouraging, creating a supportive learning environment conducive to growth and development.

Radical Student

The Tableau certification has boosted my credibility and opened doors to new career prospects. Thank you, Radical Technologies, for helping me achieve my goals!

Radical Student

The practical skills I acquired during the Tableau training have made me a valuable asset to my organization. I'm excited to see where my Tableau journey takes me next!

Radical Student

FAQs :

Tableau Training refers to structured educational programs designed to teach individuals how to effectively use Tableau software for data visualization and analytics.

A Tableau Course typically covers topics such as data connection, visualization techniques, dashboard creation, calculations, and advanced features of Tableau software.

Tableau Training Courses can enhance your data analysis skills, improve your ability to present insights visually, and make you proficient in using Tableau for business intelligence.

Tableau offers various certifications such as Tableau Desktop Specialist, Tableau Desktop Certified Associate, and Tableau Desktop Certified Professional.

Yes, you can find Tableau Classes offered both in traditional classroom settings and online formats to accommodate different learning preferences and schedules.

Typically, Tableau Training courses have no strict prerequisites. However, familiarity with basic data analysis concepts can be beneficial.

Absolutely! Tableau Training for Beginners is widely available and caters to individuals with little to no prior experience in using Tableau.

Tableau Certification costs vary depending on the level of certification and region. You can check Tableau’s official website for current pricing.

The duration of Tableau Courses can vary from a few days for intensive workshops to several weeks for comprehensive training programs.

Yes, you can find Tableau Training Centers in various locations. Use online search tools or directories to find options near your area.

Yes, many institutes offer Tableau Training with job placement assistance to help students secure employment opportunities after completing the course.

Tableau Desktop Training usually covers data preparation, visualization techniques, dashboard design, calculations, and advanced features specific to Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Online Training can be equally effective as classroom training, provided you have access to quality instructional materials and dedicated instructors.

Research institutes offering Tableau Training, read reviews, consider course content, instructor credentials, and alumni feedback to find the best fit for your learning goals.

While some basic Tableau tutorials and resources are available for free online, comprehensive training with certification usually involves a fee.

Some institutes or Tableau partners may offer discounts or promotions on Tableau Training courses. Check their websites or inquire directly for any ongoing offers.

Yes, many Tableau Training providers offer self-paced learning options where you can access course materials and complete assignments according to your schedule.

While not mandatory, Tableau Certification can significantly enhance your credibility and job prospects in the field of data analytics.

Yes, many Tableau Training programs offer flexible schedules, including evening or weekend classes, to accommodate working professionals.

Your choice depends on your role and responsibilities. Tableau Desktop Training is for analysts creating visualizations, while Tableau Server Training is for administrators managing server deployments.

Yes, many institutes offer customized Tableau Training for corporate teams, tailored to their specific business needs and objectives.

Yes, reputable Tableau Training programs often include real-world case studies and projects to provide practical experience and application of learned skills.

Look for factors such as instructor expertise, course curriculum, industry recognition, alumni success stories, and student reviews to gauge the quality of Tableau Training providers.

Some Tableau Training providers offer access to course materials, recorded sessions, and online resources even after completing the course for continued learning and reference.

Many Tableau Training providers offer accessibility options for individuals with disabilities, such as closed captioning, screen reader compatibility, and adjustable font sizes.

Prerequisites vary depending on the certification level. Some may require prior Tableau experience or completion of specific training courses, while others may not have any prerequisites.

Yes, you can retake Tableau Certification exams after a waiting period. Be sure to review your exam results and focus on areas needing improvement before attempting again.

Utilize official Tableau exam guides, practice tests, and hands-on experience with Tableau software to prepare thoroughly for Tableau Certification exams.

Yes, comprehensive Tableau Training often includes modules on data security best practices, governance policies, and compliance considerations relevant to Tableau deployments.

Yes, you can advance your Tableau Certification by completing higher-level exams or meeting specific criteria outlined by Tableau for certification upgrades.

Most Probable Interview Questions for Tableau

Interview Question No. 1 for Tableau : Can you explain your experience with Tableau Training and how it has prepared you for this role?

Interview Question No. 2 for Tableau : What motivated you to pursue Tableau Certification, and how has it contributed to your professional development?

Interview Question No. 3 for Tableau : Can you discuss a challenging project you worked on using Tableau and how you overcame obstacles during its implementation?

Interview Question No. 4 for Tableau : How do you stay updated with the latest features and updates in Tableau software?

Interview Question No. 5 for Tableau : Can you demonstrate your proficiency in Tableau by describing a complex data visualization you’ve created?

Interview Question No. 6 for Tableau : How do you approach data preparation and cleaning before visualizing it in Tableau?

Interview Question No. 7 for Tableau : Can you explain the difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server, and when would you choose one over the other?

Interview Question No. 8 for Tableau : Have you ever encountered performance issues with Tableau dashboards, and if so, how did you optimize them?

Interview Question No. 9 for Tableau : Can you discuss your experience with integrating Tableau with other data sources or platforms?

Interview Question No. 10 for Tableau : How do you ensure data security and compliance while working with sensitive information in Tableau?

Interview Question No. 11 for Tableau : Can you describe a scenario where you had to collaborate with a team to deliver a Tableau project, and what was your role in the collaboration?

Interview Question No. 12 for Tableau : How do you handle stakeholder feedback and iterate on Tableau dashboards to meet their requirements?

Interview Question No. 13 for Tableau : Can you share your approach to storytelling with data using Tableau visualizations?

Interview Question No. 14 for Tableau : How do you troubleshoot technical issues or errors encountered while working with Tableau?

Interview Question No. 15 for Tableau : Can you discuss your familiarity with advanced Tableau features such as LOD calculations or parameter actions?

Interview Question No. 16 for Tableau : Have you ever conducted Tableau training sessions or workshops? If so, what topics did you cover, and how did you ensure effective learning outcomes?

Interview Question No. 17 for Tableau : Can you explain the importance of data governance and quality assurance in Tableau projects?

Interview Question No. 18 for Tableau : How do you prioritize tasks and manage deadlines when working on multiple Tableau projects simultaneously?

Interview Question No. 19 for Tableau : Can you provide examples of how you have used Tableau to derive actionable insights and drive business decisions?

Interview Question No. 20 for Tableau : How do you approach performance monitoring and optimization of Tableau Server deployments in an enterprise environment?

Learn Tableau – Course in Pune with Training, Certification & Guaranteed Job Placement Assistance!

At Radical Technologies in Pune, we are dedicated to providing top-notch Tableau training and certification programs tailored to meet the demands of today’s data-driven world. With a focus on excellence and innovation, our institute stands out as a premier destination for individuals seeking comprehensive education in Tableau.

With expertise in Tableau Course design, our team ensures that each program encompasses the latest industry trends and best practices. Whether you’re a novice eager to explore the fundamentals or a seasoned professional aiming to refine your skills, our Tableau Training Courses cater to diverse skill levels and learning objectives.

Our Tableau Classes, both in-person and online, offer dynamic learning experiences facilitated by experienced instructors who are experts in their field. Through interactive sessions, hands-on exercises, and real-world projects, students gain practical insights into data visualization, dashboard creation, and advanced analytics using Tableau software.

Furthermore, our Tableau Certification programs empower individuals to validate their proficiency and enhance their career prospects in the competitive job market. We guide our students through the certification process, equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to excel in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and other specialized certifications.

At Radical Technologies, we understand the importance of job placement assistance in today’s fast-paced industry. That’s why we go the extra mile to support our students in their career endeavors. From resume building to mock interviews and networking opportunities, we strive to bridge the gap between learning and employment, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared to embark on successful Tableau careers.

Located in Pune, our institute serves as a hub for aspiring data enthusiasts, professionals, and organizations seeking to harness the power of Tableau for data visualization and analysis. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with our passion for empowering individuals through education, makes us the preferred choice for Tableau Training in Pune and beyond.

Join us at Radical Technologies, where your journey to becoming a proficient Tableau expert begins. Explore our range of Tableau Training Courses, unlock your potential, and embark on a rewarding career path fueled by data-driven insights and innovation.


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Depending on the selection of the BI tool we train you to crack the first step of Data Analytics certification (Developer) with the guidance of the trainer and the most expected questions in the certification along with the tips and tricks to quickly make your answers by interpreting the questions asked in the certification.

The trainer has 10+ years of experience into Business Intelligence blended with Data Analytics and real time BI implementations of Banking,Retail and Pharma domain which implement BI on a very high scale. Along with the industrial experience he carries a suite of different use cases in the industry and their solutions as a part of the training. The past candidates have successfully been able to grasp the tool after being taught and keep receiving solutions for existing problems in the Real time experience and bond shared by the trainer.

Radical believes in giving Quality to their candidates by gelling up the real time industry experience shared by the trainers. We believe in taking the tour of the technology to a deep level assuming that it provides value in the long rum to its students and they keep up a good bond with the institute and the trainer in their long journey. Swift responses to queries, Alternate solutions to problems and real time use cases of business makes it unique as a training institute.

The next path after Tableau is to enter as a business Analyst role and start with the slice and dice reporting along with self driven reporting. Gradually we need to enter into Analytics by knowing the inbuilt K-means algorithm of Tableau and then proceed towards ‘R’ followed by machine learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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