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SAP Ariba is a comprehensive procurement and supply chain management platform that enables organizations to transform their procurement processes into a more efficient, collaborative, and digitally driven system. It encompasses a range of functionalities and tools to simplify procurement, enhance supplier relationships, and drive cost savings.

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Duration of Training : 40 hrs

Batch type : Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training : Classroom/Online/Corporate Training

1. Introduction to SAP Ariba
• Overview of SAP Ariba and its role in procurement
• Benefits of using SAP Ariba for procurement processes

2. SAP Ariba Architecture and Integration
• Understanding the architecture of SAP Ariba
• Integration with other SAP solutions and third-party systems
• Data synchronization and exchange between systems

3. Supplier Management in SAP Ariba
• Supplier onboarding and qualification processes
• Supplier performance tracking and evaluation
• Supplier collaboration and communication

4. Sourcing and Contract Management
• Sourcing strategies and best practices
• Request for Proposal (RFP) creation and management
• Contract lifecycle management in SAP Ariba

5. Procure-to-Pay Process in SAP Ariba
• Requisitioning and purchase order management
• Goods receipt and invoice reconciliation
• Approvals and workflow management

6. Catalog and Content Management
• Catalog creation and maintenance
• Pricing and availability management
• Punchout catalogs and integration with external content providers

7. Analytics and Reporting in SAP Ariba
• Overview of reporting tools and capabilities
• Creating and customizing reports and dashboards
• Analyzing procurement data for insights and decision-making

8. SAP Ariba Best Practices and Optimization
• Best practices for utilizing SAP Ariba effectively
• Tips for optimizing procurement processes
• Continuous improvement and change management strategies


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