Covers each topics with Real Time Examples . Covers More than 250+ Real Time Scenarios which is divided into L1 ( Basic ) + L2 ( Intermediate) and L3 ( Advanced ) . Trainer from Real Time Industry .This is completely hands-on training , which covers 90% Practical And 10% Theory .We give Combo Pack of RHEL 6 with RHEL 7 , to make sure all the candidate will get at least 5+ Year experience knowledge in Redhat Linux after attending this course.Covers SA1 + SA2 + SA3 topics in Details from the very basic to advanced level . Complete RHCSA and RHCE Exam Preparations.Appear for Redhat Global Certification Exam At any time After the course – No need to wait to get schedule from Redhat . At your convenient time , you can book and appear for exam using our Individual Exam Delivery System called KOALA

11000 Satisfied Learners

Red Hat Examination Center in Pune | Keral

Duration of Training  :  80 hrs

Batch type  :  Weekdays/Weekends

Mode of Training  :  Classroom/Online/Corporate Training


Red Hat Linux RHEL 8 Training & Certification in Pune

Highly Experienced Trainer with 10+ yrs Exp. in Industry

Realtime Projects, Scenarios & Assignments



Why Radical Technologies

100% Placement Guarantee for the Right Candidate

10+ Years Real Time Experienced Trainers

Learn from Industry Experts, Hands-on labs

Flexible Options: online, instructor-led, self-paced

14+ Years of Industry Recognitions

1 Lakh+ Students Trained

50,000+ Students Placed

Guaranteed 5+ Interview Calls

Top MNCs - Associated with 800+ Recruiters

Free Internship Project & Certification

Monthly Job Fair - Virtual as well as Physica

5000+ Reviews & Ratings

Combo Pack of  RHEL 7.x & RHEL 8

This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8

Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 includes three Modules :


  • Red Hat System Administration I (RH124)
  • Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)


  • Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294)

Total duration :  80 hrs of training (90% Practical & 10% Theory)

Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) –

Red Hat System Administration I provides a foundation for students wishing to become full-time Linux system administrators by introducing key command line concepts and other enterprise-level tools. These concepts are further developed in the follow-on course, Red Hat System Administration II (RH134).

Prerequisites :

There are no formal prerequisites for this course; however, previous operating system administration experience will be very beneficial.

Get started with Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Describe and define open source, Linux distributions, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

Access the command line

Log into a Linux system and run simple commands using the shell.

Manage files from the command line

Copy, move, create, delete, and organize files while working from the bash shell.

Get help in Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Resolve problems by using local help systems.

Create, view, and edit text files

Manage text files from command output or in a text editor.

Manage local users and groups

Create, manage, and delete local users and groups, as well as administer local password policies.

Control access to files

Set Linux file system permissions on files and interpret the security effects of different permission settings.

Monitor and manage Linux processes

Evaluate and control processes running on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux system.

Control services and daemons

Control and monitor network services and system daemons using systemd.

Configure and secure SSH

Configure secure command line service on remote systems, using OpenSSH.

Analyze and store logs

Locate and accurately interpret logs of system events for troubleshooting purposes.

Manage networking

Configure network interfaces and settings on Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.

Archive and transfer files

Archive and copy files from one system to another.

Install and update software

Download, install, update, and manage software packages from Red Hat and yum package repositories.

Access Linux files systems

Access, inspect, and use existing file systems on storage attached to a Linux server.

Analyze servers and get support

Investigate and resolve issues in the web-based management interface, getting support from Red Hat to help solve problems.

Comprehensive review

Review the content covered in this course by completing hands-on exercises.

Impact on the organization :

This course is intended to develop the skills needed for basic administration and configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This course introduces key command line concepts and enterprise-level tools, laying the foundation for the rapid deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The curriculum also introduces the basic administration skills needed for resolving configuration issues and integrating Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems with other existing environments.

This offering lays the foundation for secure user and group administration, and develops skills that allow administrators to use available storage solutions more efficiently and securely. This course is the first of a two-part series that turns a computer professional who knows nothing about Linux into a fully capable Linux administrator.

Red Hat has created this course in a way intended to benefit our customers, but each company and infrastructure is unique, and actual results or benefits may vary.

Impact of this training :

As a result of attending this course, you should be able to perform essential Linux administration tasks, including installation, establishing network connectivity, managing physical storage, and basic security administration.

You should be able to demonstrate these skills:

  • Access the command line
  • Manage files from command line
  • Create, view, and edit text files
  • Manage local users and groups
  • Monitor and manage Linux processes
  • Control services and daemons
  • Control access to files with file system permissions
  • Analyze and store log files
  • Configure and secure the OpenSSH service
  • Install and update software packages
  • Access Linux file systems
  • Manage Linux networking

Recommended next exam or course :

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134)
Red Hat System Administration II with RHCSA exam (RH135)
Course description 

The first of two courses covering the core system administration tasks needed to manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux serversRed Hat System Administration I (RH124) equips you with Linux® administration “survival skills” by focusing on foundational Linux concepts and core tasks. You will learn how to apply command-line concepts and enterprise-level tools, starting you on your journey toward becoming a full-time Linux system administrator. This path continues with the follow-on course, Red Hat System Administration II (RH134).

This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8.

Course content summary :

  • Introduction to the command line
  • Managing physical storage
  • Install and configure software components and services
  • Establish network connections and control firewall restrictions
  • Monitor and manage running processes
  • Manage and secure files and file systems
  • Administer users and groups
  • Review the system log files and journal for issues
  • Troubleshoot problems and analyze systems with Red Hat Insights
  • Remotely manage systems with SSH and the Web Console

Prerequisites for this course :

Basic technical user skills with computer applications on some operating systems are expected.

System Administration II (RH134) –

This module goes deeper into enterprise Linux administration including file systems and partitioning, logical volumes, SELinux, firewalling, and troubleshooting. Attending both Red Hat System Administration I and Red Hat System Administration II can help you in your preparation for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX200).

Outline for this course :

Improve command line productivity
Run commands more efficiently by using advanced features of the bash shell, shell scripts, and various utilities provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Schedule future tasks
Schedule commands to run in the future, either one time or on a repeating schedule.
Tune system performance
Improve system performance by setting tuning parameters and adjusting scheduling priority of processes.
Control access to files with ACLs
Interpret and set access control lists (ACLs) on files to handle situations requiring complex user and group access permissions.
Manage SELinux security
Protect and manage the security of a server by using SELinux.
Maintain basic storage
Create and manage storage devices, partitions, file systems, and swap spaces from the command line.
Manage logical volumes
Create and manage logical volumes containing file systems and swap spaces from the command line.
Implement advanced storage features
Manage storage using the Stratis local storage management system and use VDO volumes to optimize storage space in use.
Access network-attached storage
Use the NFS protocol to administer network-attached storage.
Control the boot process
Manage the boot process to control services offered and to troubleshoot and repair problems.
Manage network security
Control network connections to services using the system firewall and SELinux rules.
Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux on servers and virtual machines.

Course description :

Focuses on the key tasks needed to become a full-time Linux administrator

Red Hat System Administration II (RH134) builds upon and lends context to the foundational knowledge established in Red Hat System Administration I (RH124). This follow-on course demonstrates more detailed use cases for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®, preparing you for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam (EX200).

This course is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.

Course content summary :

  • Install Red Hat Enterprise Linux using scalable methods
  • Access security files, file systems, and networks
  • Execute shell scripting and automation techniques
  • Manage storage devices, logical volumes, and file systems
  • Manage security and system access
  • Control the boot process and system services

Audience for this course :

This course is geared toward Windows system administrators, network administrators, and other system administrators who are interested in supplementing current skills or backstopping other team members, in addition to Linux system administrators who are responsible for these tasks:

  • Configuring, installing, upgrading, and maintaining Linux systems using established standards and procedures
  • Providing operational support
  • Managing systems for monitoring system performance and availability
  • Writing and deploying scripts for task automation and system administration

Prerequisite(s) for this course :

  • Successful completion of Red Hat System Administration I (RH124) is recommended. Experienced Linux administrators seeking to accelerate their path toward becoming a Red Hat Certified System Administrator should start with the RHCSA Rapid Track course (RH199).

Red Hat System Administration III : Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294)

Course description :

Learn how to automate Linux system administration tasks with Ansible

Red Hat System Administration III: Linux Automation with Ansible (RH294) teaches the skills needed to manage large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently. You will learn the techniques needed to use Ansible® to automate provisioning, configuration, application deployment, and orchestration.

This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 8 and Red Hat Ansible Engine 2.8.

Course Content Summary :

  • Install Ansible / Red Hat Ansible Engine on control nodes.
  • Create and update inventories of managed hosts and manage connections to them.
  • Automate administration tasks with Ansible Playbooks and ad hoc commands.
  • Write effective playbooks at scale.
  • Protect sensitive data used by Ansible with Ansible Vault.
  • Reuse code and simplify playbook development with Ansible roles.

Outline for this course :

Introduce Ansible
Deploy Ansible
Configure Ansible to manage hosts and run ad hoc Ansible commands.
Implement playbooks
Write a simple Ansible Playbook and run it to automate tasks on multiple managed hosts.
Manage variables and facts
Write playbooks that use variables to simplify management of the playbook and facts to reference information about managed hosts.
Implement task control
Manage task control, handlers, and task errors in Ansible Playbooks.
Deploy files to managed hosts
Deploy, manage, and adjust files on hosts managed by Ansible.
Manage large projects
Write playbooks that are optimized for larger, more complex projects.
Simplify playbooks with roles
Use Ansible roles to develop playbooks more quickly and to reuse Ansible code.
Troubleshoot Ansible
Troubleshoot playbooks and managed hosts.
Automate Linux administration tasks
Automate common Linux system administration tasks with Ansible.

Impact on the organization

IT automation is key to managing large numbers of systems and applications efficiently and consistently at scale. This course develops the skills needed to efficiently operate and more easily scale the organization’s dynamic IT infrastructure, accelerate application time to value, and rapidly adapt and implement needed innovation through DevOps practices.

Red Hat has created this course in a way intended to benefit our customers, but each company and infrastructure is unique, and actual results or benefits may vary.

Impact on the individual

As a result of attending this course, you should be able to use Ansible for the purpose of automation, configuration, and management. You should be able to demonstrate these skills:

  • Install and configure Ansible or Red Hat Ansible Engine on a control node.
  • Create and manage inventories of managed hosts, as well as prepare them for Ansible automation.
  • Run individual ad hoc automation tasks from the command line.
  • Write Ansible Playbooks to consistently automate multiple tasks and apply them to managed hosts.
  • Parameterize playbooks using variables and facts, and protect sensitive data with Ansible Vault.
  • Write and reuse existing Ansible roles to simplify playbook creation and reuse code.
  • Automate common Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administration tasks using Ansible.

Recommended next exam or course

  • Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (EX294)
  • Advanced Automation: Ansible Best Practices (DO447)

Our Specialty :

  • 100% Passing Records of RHEL 7
  • Training By 16+ Years experienced Real Time Trainer
  • 300+ Practical Sessions
  • 100+ Scenarios and Assignments
  • World class training methods
  • Training  until the candidate get placed
  • Certification and Placement Support
  • All training in reasonable cost
  • 10000+ Satisfied candidates
  • 5000+ Placement Records
  • Corporate and Online Training in reasonable Cost
  • Complete End-to-End Project with Each Course
  • Data Center with Cisco UCS Servers
  • World Class Lab Facility which facilitates I3 /I5 /I7 Servers
  • Resume And Interview preparation with 100% Hands-on Practical sessions
  • Doubt clearing sessions any time after the course
  • Happy to help you any time after the course

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I have completed the linux course from Radical Technologies, Pune, from Trainer: Rahul shinde sir, he is well experienced trainer for this courses. and  my experience was really really great. He covered all the topics needed for linux …

Vishal Mehtre

I have done my Linux from our radical technologies through @rahul Shinde sir..actually He's perfect professor as well he's knowledge,when I was learning Linux..that …

Swapnil Rode Skr (Swapie)

I just completed my Redhat training and certification from radical technologies. …

Irfan Choudhari

It was a good experience at radical tech. With linux professor Rahul sir, thanks for such an amazing linux coaching.

Mahesh Garole

Recently I have completed Linux course from Radical. The trainer was Rahul sir, he is best in teaching. From basic to advance all concepts  and topic got cleared perfectly by Rahul sir. After the end of class I got  100 % knowledge on Linux and I definitely can work on Linux now. thank you so much Rahul sir and Radical

Bharati Garud

Trainer name- Mr. Rahul Shinde sir Course name- Linux I have attended Linux course. It is very good course. The way Rahul sir teaches …

Rajesh Ambadkar

FAQs :

Radical Technologies stands out as the leading Red Hat Training Institute in Pune due to our 15 years of expertise, comprehensive curriculum, and a commitment to providing the Best Linux Certification training. Our courses are designed by industry experts, ensuring a holistic and practical learning experience.

We offer a Job Placement Guarantee to the right candidates who successfully complete our training programs. Our strong industry connections, coupled with a focus on practical skills, equip our students with the necessary expertise to secure employment in the competitive job market.

Absolutely! Our courses cater to a wide audience, including beginners. Whether you are looking for Linux Courses for Beginners in 2023 or 2024, we provide a solid foundation through our carefully crafted Linux Training for Beginners, ensuring a smooth entry into the world of Linux and Red Hat technologies.

For information on the cost of RHCSA Certification in India, please contact our team directly. Our courses cover comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and preparation for the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam, ensuring that you are well-prepared for success.

Yes, Radical Technologies offers both in-person and online Linux Courses to accommodate various learning preferences and schedules. Whether you are in Pune or learning remotely, our courses are designed to provide a seamless and engaging learning experience.

Our courses cover a range of Red Hat certifications, including RHCE, RHCSA, and RHCA. We provide specialized training in Red Hat Ansible and Red Hat Openstack, ensuring that our students are well-versed in the latest technologies. Our Red Hat Career Path guidance and Job Placement Guarantee further enhance career opportunities.

Radical Technologies covers Linux Foundation certifications as part of our comprehensive Linux courses. Our curriculum includes Linux Professional Institute certification, ensuring that our students receive a well-rounded education in Linux and open-source technologies.

Yes, our courses emphasize hands-on experience and practical skills. The Linux Admin Classes and Linux System Administrator Courses are designed to provide real-world scenarios, equipping our students with the skills needed to excel in Linux and Red Hat environments.

Our Online Linux Training in Pune provides a flexible and accessible option for students who prefer remote learning. The same quality of education and industry expertise is delivered through our online platform, ensuring a rich and engaging learning experience.

The duration of our Linux courses varies, and we offer flexible scheduling options, including weekend Red Hat courses in Pune. This accommodates the diverse needs of our students, allowing them to balance their education with other commitments.

Most Probable Interview Questions for RedHat Linux 

Interview Question No. 1 for RedHat Linux : What are the main differences between Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Fedora Linux?

Interview Question No. 2 for RedHat Linux : Can you explain the significance of systemd in Red Hat Linux and how it differs from the traditional init system?

Interview Question No. 3 for RedHat Linux : How do you manage software packages in Red Hat Linux using tools like YUM and DNF?

Interview Question No. 4 for RedHat Linux : Discuss the importance of SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux) in Red Hat Linux and how you configure and manage SELinux policies.

Interview Question No. 5 for RedHat Linux : What are the steps you would take to secure a Red Hat Linux server, including best practices for firewall configuration and user management?

Interview Question No. 6 for RedHat Linux : Can you explain the purpose and usage of Red Hat Subscription Manager, and how it helps in managing software subscriptions and updates?

Interview Question No. 7 for RedHat Linux : How do you configure and manage network interfaces in Red Hat Linux, including setting up static IP addresses and managing network services?

Interview Question No. 8 for RedHat Linux : Discuss your experience with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) subscription models and the different support options available.

Interview Question No. 9 for RedHat Linux : Can you explain the concept of Red Hat Satellite and how it helps in managing and provisioning Red Hat Linux systems at scale?

Interview Question No. 10 for RedHat Linux : How do you troubleshoot common system performance issues in Red Hat Linux, including analyzing CPU, memory, and disk usage?

Interview Question No. 11 for RedHat Linux : Describe your experience with Red Hat Ansible and how you use it for automation and configuration management tasks in Red Hat Linux environments.

Interview Question No. 12 for RedHat Linux : What are some best practices for securing SSH access to Red Hat Linux servers, including key-based authentication and SSH hardening?

Interview Question No. 13 for RedHat Linux : Discuss your experience with Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) and how you use it to manage virtualized environments in Red Hat Linux.

Interview Question No. 14 for RedHat Linux : How do you monitor system logs and performance metrics in Red Hat Linux using tools like journalctl, sar, and Nagios?

Interview Question No. 15 for RedHat Linux : Can you explain the role of Red Hat Identity Management (IdM) in centralized user authentication and access control in Red Hat Linux environments?

Interview Question No. 16 for RedHat Linux : Discuss the different file systems supported by Red Hat Linux, including ext4, XFS, and Btrfs, and their advantages and use cases.

Interview Question No. 17 for RedHat Linux : How do you configure and manage Red Hat Linux servers for high availability using technologies like Pacemaker and Corosync?

Interview Question No. 18 for RedHat Linux : What are some best practices for securing Apache HTTP Server on Red Hat Linux, including SSL/TLS configuration and HTTP header security?

Interview Question No. 19 for RedHat Linux : Describe your experience with Red Hat OpenShift and how you use it for container orchestration and application deployment in Red Hat Linux environments.

Interview Question No. 20 for RedHat Linux : Can you explain the role of Red Hat Insights in proactive system management and how it helps in identifying and resolving potential issues in Red Hat Linux systems?


Radical Technologies offers comprehensive RedHat Linux Course, Training, Certifications & Placement Support to launch your cloud career.

Welcome to Radical Technologies, your gateway to mastering the world of Linux and Red Hat technologies! With over 15 years of expertise, we stand as the Best Red Hat Training Institute in Pune with Placement, providing comprehensive courses that encompass the Best Linux Certification training available.

At Radical Technologies, we pride ourselves on offering a Complete Linux Course designed to cater to both beginners and seasoned professionals. Our Linux Certification Classes cover a wide spectrum, ensuring that you receive the Best Linux Training available in Pune and across India.

Embark on your journey into the realm of Linux with our Linux Academy Training, where you’ll find Linux Admin Classes that are meticulously curated to transform you into a proficient Linux Administrator. Explore the Linux Administration Course to gain hands-on experience and expertise in managing Linux systems.

Whether you’re seeking Linux Certification Training, Linux Certified Courses, or specific Linux Classes, we have you covered. Our Linux Courses in Pune, both online and in-person, cater to your learning preferences and schedules. No matter if you’re near our physical location or learning remotely, Radical Technologies brings the Best Linux Courses to your doorstep.

Our Linux Certification Courses go beyond the ordinary, encompassing the Linux Professional Institute and Linux Foundation Certification. Dive into Linux Programming Courses and Linux System Administrator Courses, paving the way for a successful career in the ever-evolving field of Linux and Red Hat technologies.

Thinking of Linux for Beginners in 2023 or 2024? Look no further. Radical Technologies offers Linux Training for Beginners, ensuring a solid foundation for your Linux journey. Explore the Linux Online Courses designed for those eager to learn remotely.

We specialize in Red Hat technologies, offering Red Hat Certification Training in Pune with a focus on Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE), Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), and the prestigious Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA) Training. Navigate your Red Hat Career Path with confidence, knowing that our courses are designed to prepare you for real-world scenarios.

Unlock Red Hat Career Opportunities in Pune with our Job Placement Guarantee, providing you with the confidence to step into the workforce seamlessly. Navigate Red Hat Enterprise Linux Certification with ease, understanding the Red Hat Certification Cost and the value it brings to your career.

Whether you choose Red Hat Linux Training in Pune or opt for Online Linux Training, Radical Technologies ensures that you receive top-notch education from industry experts. Our courses extend to Red Hat Ansible Training, Red Hat Openstack Training, and more, making us your one-stop destination for all Red Hat-related expertise.

Don’t just learn, thrive in the world of Linux and Red Hat technologies with Radical Technologies – where excellence meets opportunity. Join us and experience the best in Linux and Red Hat education!

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