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Talend Introduction
Learning Objectives: In this module, you will get an overview of ETL Technologies.You will be introduced to various products offered by Talend Corporation till date and its relevance to Data Integration. Further, you will learn about the TOS (Talend Open Studio), GUI, and how to install TOS.
• Working with ETL
• Comparison with other market leader tools in ETL domain
• Importance of Talend (Why Talend)
• Talend and its Products
• Introduction of Talend Open Studio
• TOS for Data Integration
• GUI of TOS with Demo
• Creating a basic job
Working with Talend for Data Integration
Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn to work with various types of Data Source, Target Systems supported by Talend, Metadata and how to read/write from popular CSV/Delimited files. Connect to a Database and read/write/update data and complex datatypes like JSON along with some of the basic components like tLog, tMap using TOS.
• Launching Talend Studio
• Working with projects
• Creating and executing jobs
• Connection types and triggers
• Most frequently used Talend components [tJava, tLogRow, tMap]
• Read & Write Various Types of Source/Target Systems
• Working with files [CSV, JSON]
• Working with databases [MySQL DB]
• Metadata management
• Creating a Business Model
• Adding Components to a Job
• Connecting the Components
• Reading and writing Delimited File
• Reading and writing JSON Files
• Connecting Database(MySQL)
• Retrieving Schema from the Database
• Reading from Database Metadata
• Retrieving data from a file and inserting it into the Database
• Deleting data from Database
• Working with Logs and Error
Talend – Basic Transformations
Learning Objectives: In this module, you will understand Data Mapping and Transformations using TOS. In addition, you will learn how to filter and join various Data Sources using lookups and search and sort through them.
• Context Variables
• Using Talend components
• tJoin
• tFilter
• tSortRow
• tAggregateRow
• Lookup
• Accessing job level/ component level information within the job
• SubJob (using tRunJob, tPreJob, tPostJob)
• Embedding Context Variables
• Adding different environments
• Data Mapping using tMap
• Using functions in Talend
• tJava
• tSortRow
• tAggregateRow
• tFilter
• Perform Lookup operations using tJoin
• Creating SubJob (using tRunJob, tPreJob, tPostJob)
Advance Transformations
Learning Objectives: In this module, you will understand the Transformation and various steps involved in looping job of Talend, ways to search files in a directory and how to process them in a sequence. You will also learn to export and import Jobs, run the jobs remotely and parameterize them from the command line.
• Various components of file management (like tFileList, tFileExists, tFileCopy, tFileDelete)
• Error Handling [tWarn, tDie]
• Type Casting (convert datatypes among source-target platforms)
• Looping components (like tLoop, tForeach)
• Exporting and Importing Talend jobs
• How to run Talend DI jobs externally (using Command line)
• Parameterizing a Talend job from command line
• Implementing File Management (like tFileList, tFileExists, tFileCopy, tFileDelete)
• Type Casting (tMap(using Expression Builder))
• Looping components (like tLoop, tForeach)
• Exporting and Importing Talend Jobs
• Parameterizing a Talend Job from command line

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