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 Introduction to Checkpoint Technology

 Installation and Initialization of Checkpoint Security Management Server

 Deployment Platforms

 Introduction to Security Policy

 Monitoring Traffic and Connections

 Network Address Translation

 Using Smart Update

 Checkpoint Smartview Tracker

 Checkpoint Smartview Monitor

 User Management and Authentication

 Identity Awareness

 Introduction to Checkpoint VPN’s

 Checkpoint Configuring Site-to-Site, Remote VPN

 Security Gateway Installation and Integration

 IPSec Tunnel Establishment Process

 Upgrading, Backup and Restore Security Gateways and Management Server

 Upgrading Standalone Full High Availability

 Advanced Firewall – Check Point Firewall Infrastructure

 Advanced Firewall – Security Gateway

 Kernel Tables

 Check Point Firewall Key Features

 Network Address Translation

 FW Monitor

 Lab 2: Core CLI Elements of Firewall Administration

 Clustering and Acceleration

 ClusterXL: Load Sharing

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