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Best Hypermesh Training in Pune

ALTAIR HYPER MESH is a high-performance finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance.

Duration of Training : 40 hrs

Purpose :

It is an A To Z Machine Design, Simulation and Analsys software

Job zones :

Machine Parts& Assembly. Automotive Design, Aeronotical, Agriculture  Machines, Piping, Sheet Metal, Ducting Design,Fabrication Works.

Qualification  :

ITI, ITC, VHSS, Graduates, Diploma, Engineering students.

Trades :

Mechanical, Production, Mechatronics, Areonautical

Content  :

Sketch, Part, Assembly, Drawing, Sheet Metal, Welding, Surface, Routing, Piping, Mould, Simulation, Analysis, Studio Rendering.

Hypermesh Syllabus

Getting started with Hyper mesh

Working with Fe-Models.

Model viewing option using permanent menu.

Working with geometry

Basic operations \ failures

Advanced features for working with before meshing

Note: Tips for considerations Edone before meshing

Introduction to Meshing

Introduction to 2D – (Shell) elements

Basic meshing operations & commands

Meshing of surface using shell elements

Properties of elements

Meshing concepts & techniques

Transitions – methods

Advanced features & concepts in shell

Meshing & features of other 2D – commands

Introduction to 3D – elements

Types of elements

Features of 3D – elements

Types of elements

Features of 3D – meshing commands

Tetra mesh & other 3D commands

Introduction to modification or

Advanved features using, using Tool – panel

Commands in  Tool – Panel

Introduction to 1-D elements

Where they are used, when they are using

Creation of 1D – elements & commands

Related to 1D elements

Introduction to Boundary conditions

Applying Boundary conditions creating systems

Applying loads….Constrains etc.

Other important concepts Include

Extraction of Mid – surface, Quality checks

Writing output checks for the different solves packages.

Post – processing (Reviving the result)

Element, Specification for the project

Consideration before starting a project.

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