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Cucumber Course Duration – 12  – 16 Hours 

Cucumber Course Pre-Requisite

  • Basics of Selenium Web driver & Java 

Cucumber Course Syllabus 


  • Template in writing Business  Requirements
  • QA role in BDD
  • Template in writing test cases for Business Scenarios
  • Advantages of BDD, Why it is so popular in recent time?

Cucumber Basics

  • Why Cucumber
  • When Cucumber 


  • Overview 

Cucumber-Set up in Eclipse

  • Maven
  • Cucumber-Junit /Junit
  • Cucumber-java

Cucumber-Junit Introduction

  • What is Junit?
  • Configuration of Junit
  • Junit test Example?
  • Junit Test Runner?
  • Junit Test Suite
  • Running Junit test from Eclipse 

Cucumber Implementation

  • Annotations of cucumber
    • Given
    • When
    • Then
    • And
    • But
    • Scenario
  • Cucumber Tags
  • Comment in feature file
  • Data Sharing using picocontainer

Data driven testing with Cucumber

  • Cucumber Parameterization of test cases
  • How to use Examples Keyword (Data Driven)
  • How to use the Data tables Maps


  • Cucumber Report 
  • Extent Report

Continuous Integration and Version control system

  • Creation of GIT account
  • Jenkins Installation-configuration 
  • Jenkins Job creation from scratch.
  • Execution of the Cucumber script and Report generation using Cucumber Report add on and Extent Report
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