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Job Oriented DBA Architect Training Classes in Pune


Courses will be conducted by Mr.Rahul Parkhe , who has 12+ years of IT experience as Oracle DBA & Oracle Apps DBA with Oracle Corporation USA, Oracle India & IBM India. He has been Performance Tuning Expert in Oracle Database & Worked as an Database Architect for 25 + Clients across USA, Middle East, Asia for Oracle Customers on very higher end production databases that includes Banks, Telecom & Other Sector. This course is very practical focused; 5+ customer experiences would be shared to establish the students as confident DBA’s to handle any real life issues in Database Area. Various industry best practices, examples & experience would be shared with students.

Students can first take up the Oracle 11g DBA then move on to become Advanced DBA by doing 11g RAC DBA, which will include Data guard Concepts and Implementations as well. Oracle Apps DBA course is designed keeping practical focused for those DBA’s who would like to go for Oracle Apps DBA career path, which is in great demand today. 

Students have an option to reach out to the faculty over a phone call for 1 month support to get them established in their new job as DBA.Mock Interview Sessions for all the courses at the end of the course Guidance to students for Books References, Obtain Support, Work with Oracle Corp & Right material reference to become an Expert DBA eventually – today we lack this in industry. Students can avail extra practice hours for implementations.

Key points: 

  • The Business drivers behind data architecture
  • The roles, responsibilities and skills required to be a data architect
  • How information architecture relates to data architecture
  • Conceptual, Logical and Physical data models
  • Capacity Planning & Sizing Case Studies
  • Architecture Recommendations / Benchmarking
  • High Availability Considerations
  • Ebusiness Suite, Siebel Architecture Overview
  • Conduct Performance Review & Recommendations
  • Performance Tuning OS,WEB,NETWORK,APPS,DB Approach
  • Best Practices for Application & Database
  • Disaster Recovery Considerations & Implementations
  • Troubleshooting Techniques end-to-end stack
  • Testing Approach & Results Case Studies
  •  Data Archiving & Purging Considerations
  •  Role of Architects in Planning Upgrade & Major Rollouts
  •  Sharing Case Studies of 5+ Customers for Oracle

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