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Ethical Hacking Training in Pune

Certified Ethical Hacking Course Content

Module 1: The Basics
Course Introduction
CIA Black White Grey Hats, Laws
Introduction to Kali Linux distribution

Module 2: Footprinting
Introduction to Footprinting
Lab Introduction
Footprinting NIKTO
Footprinting Harvester
Footprinting using SHODAN
Footprinting Google Hacking

Module 3: Scanning and Enumeration
Introduction to Scan Enumeration
TCP Handshake
Banner Grab
Live System Lab
Port Check Lab Part 1,2,3
Scanning Techniques Lab
OS Fingerprinting Lab
Mapping Networks
Banner Grabbing Lab
Enumeration Tools

Module 4: System Hacking
System Hacking Lab
Backdoor System Hacking
Create\Develop Backdoor

Module 5: Malware
Malware Viruses, Worms, Trojans
Malware Stinger
Malware Currports
Malware TCP View
Malware Hash Calc

Module 6: Sniffing
Lab Intro
MAC Spoof

Module 7: Social Engineering
Introduction to Social Engineering techniques
Lab Intro
Lab Recon

Module 8: Denial of Service

Module 9: Session Hijacking
Session Hijacking Lab Intro

Module 10: Web Servers and Apps
Web Applications
Web Server Lab Intro
Burp Suite Lab

Module 11: SQL Injection
SQL Injection Overview
SQL Injection Techniques
SQL Injection Lab

Module 12: Hacking Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
Understanding Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Protocols
Hacking strategies

Module 13: Mobile Hacking and Security
Understanding Android\IOS architecture\framework
IOS Jailbreak
IOS Mobile Device Management

Module 14: IDS, Firewall and Honeypots
Understanding Intrusion Detection System
Types of IDS and Firewalls
Introduction to Honeypots

Module 15: Internet of Things
IOT Basics
IOT Surface Area Tools

Module 16: Cloud Attacks and Vulnerabilities

Module 17: Cryptography
Algorithm Cryptography
Algorithm and Hash Cryptography
Cryptography Tools
PKI Disk Encrypt Email Cryptography
Cryptography Lab
Photo Cryptography

Module 18: Reports and Compliance

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