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Hiring for Computer vision Engineer(Job Code-RT 429)

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Job Description: Computer vision Engineer

• Researching and developing scalable computer vision and machine learning solutions
for complex problems
• Collaborate in cross-functional teams to integrate image analytics algorithms and
software, as well as develop system prototypes
• Proficiency with vector quantization and clustering to build search engines and
• Understanding of computational geometry, statistics, and linear algebra
• Maintain and develop software modules for large-scale image and LiDAR data
processing in the cloud
• Analyze and improve the efficiency and stability of various deployed systems
• Work well in a collaborative team environment
What We Look For
• 3+ years of experience with computer vision, deep learning, and machine learning
• 2+ years of experience in vectorization of raster data using computer vision
• 2+ years of experience working with drawing/CAD/GIS file formats (extraction
manipulation and generation Dxf,SVG shapefiles, etc)
• 2+ years experience with programming languages like C, C++, Matlab and Python
• Experience with Unix and Linux command-line tools and scripts
• Experience in OpenCV or other computer vision libraries, as well as deep learning
frameworks like TensorFlow
• Experience with point cloud meshing, image segmentation, and 2D marker tracking
• Experience with three dimensional (3D) imaging concepts
• Proficiency with CNNs (Convolutional Neural Networks) and RNNs (Recurrent Neural
• Excellent analytical, mathematical, communication, and problem-solving skills
• Keeps up with the latest advancements in technology related to the field
• B.S., M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science, computer vision, machine learning or other
related fields
These Would Also Be Nice
• Experience with optimizing algorithms for embedded devices using OpenGL and
• Experience with JIRA, Git, and agile project management
• Experience with WebRTC, ARM, and CUDA

Interested candidates kindly apply before 04/02/2022.

CV must be in pdf format, saved with your Full name.

We are no longer accepting applications for this ad.

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