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Job Opening for AWS Developer, Freshers (Job code- RT207)

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Interested candidates kindly apply before 12th September.

CV must be in pdf format, saved with your first name.

Post: AWS Developer

● Understand current infrastructure and stack in order to employ best AWS
● Create different AWS services such as API, RDS instance and Lambda to
build a server less application
● Understand the current application infrastructure and suggest changes to it
● Define and document best practices and strategies regarding application
deployment and infrastructure maintenance.
● Implement the application’s CI/CD pipeline using the AWS CI/CD stack.
● Write infrastructure as code using Cloud Formation or similar.

● Experience with the core AWS services, plus the specifics mentioned in this
job description.
● Good background in Linux/Unix administration.
● Experience with Docker and Kubernetes. Having used ECS or EKS in the
past is a plus.
● Proficiency in at least one language from our stack: Node.js, Python
● Strong notions of security best practices (e.g. using IAM Roles, KMS, etc.).
● Experience with monitoring solutions such as Cloud Watch.
● Previous exposure to large-scale systems design.
● Ability to troubleshoot distributed systems.
● Knowledge of writing infrastructure as code (IaC) using Cloud Formation or
● Experience with building or maintaining cloud-native applications.
● Past experience with the server less approaches using AWS Lambda is a plus.
For example, the Server less Application Model (AWS SAM).

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