Job Opening for DBA Trainee; BCA/B.TECH/BSc/Diploma (3 yearcourse)/MSc /MCA; Fresher’s; Good knowledge in writing SQL scripts; Experience in DR Solution implementation; ( Job Code-731)

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Hiring For DBA Trainee!!!

Education – BCA/B.TECH/BSc/Diploma (3 yearcourse)/MSc /MCA -FRESHERS

Training Completed in DBA Course / OCA/OCP

Appointment – Permanent

Experience  – Fresher

Key Responsibilities

  • Administrate, Monitor and maintain all database in ISS.
  • Ensure that all Databases related services are available to all project teams on time.
  • Backup the databases based on ISS policies.
  • Ensure that data are backed up regularly and available readily for restore on demand.
  • Take ownership and ensure optimum use of database server usage by constant monitoring of DB usage.
  • Proactively monitor the database and take action in coordination with project team to remove unwanted database/schema.
  • Responsible for Database installation, configuration based on project demands.
  • Evaluate the need for new installation/Database/Schema for creation. Create only if justified and not just because the project team or user requested.
  • Proactively involve in knowing the requirement of Database and related activities at project level.
  • Proactively gather knowledge on the Applications and apply that knowledge for performance tuning of the database for that application. E.g. Create Index based on frequently queried data, Plan for the storage of tables/partitions etc, to evaluate the size requirement etc.,
  • Proactively analyze the SQL’s and inform the development team on expense SQL’s for improving performance.
  • Involve in Database design and assist the project team in Database design to make sure that the database is designed for best performance.
  • Periodic performance tuning to improve database performance.
  • Maintain Disaster Recovery Setup Database and ensure timely communication to the Senior Management about the status.
  • Archive and remove unused DBs on regular intervals to control the resources.
  • Database restoration based on requirements.
  • Document database and server details.
  • Follow all security policies followed by ISS.
  • Do R&D and propose latest DB trends to the management.
  • Participate on client meetings on need basis.
  • Set the Database Standards to be followed in ISS, like naming of Database, Tablespace, schema naming, index locations, datafile locations, export/import practices etc as applicable.

Technical Skills Minimum required to execute the assigned tasks on time with quality · Database Administration experience · Knowledge in Operating systems.

  • Experience in DR Solution implementation
  • Experience in RAC and Cloud database

Installation, configuration and management of DB in Windows and Linux platforms.

  • Good knowledge in writing SQL scripts
  • Good knowledge to understand Application Softwares · Amazon RDS experience.


  • Excellent verbal & written;
  • Excellent inter-personal communication;
  • Can provide guidance in communication.

Soft Skills: Analytical, Reasoning, Organizing, Self & team Grooming, Support function,

Leadership Skills, Presentations Skills, Assessments/Evaluation skills, Commitment to Quality,

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