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Job Opening for Design Engineer; D.M.E, B.E. Mechanical engineering or similar field;1 to 5 Years Experience; Professional knowledge: Solid works and Solid Edge; (Job Code-RT849)

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Interested candidates kindly apply before 07/02/2023.

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Hiring for Design Engineer!!!

Location: Pune


D.M.E, B.E. Mechanical engineering or similar field. And Good communication of English

Experience –  1 to 5 Years

Budget – up to 6 Lacs per annum.

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Selection of mechanical standard parts;
  2. Order standard parts;
  3. According to the project plan, carry out mechanical design technical research and development
  4. Output of electronic files, drawings and BOM.
  5. To provide insights into the assembly work and deal with design problems and improve them.
  6. Make action flow chart.
  7. Sorting out equipment delivery data.
  8. Accomplish other tasks temporarily assigned by department supervisor.
  9. Professional knowledge: Solid works and Solid Edge.
  10. Familiar with the schematic diagram and selection method of screw, slide rail, bearing, pneumatic parts and hydraulic transmission.
  11. Familiar with mechanical design principles, sheet metal design, tolerance fit, mechanism drive, and basic electrical knowledge.
  12. Familiar with the characteristics of common metal materials and non-metal materials, as well as material processing technology and processing methods.
  13. Ability to analyze equipment beat and DFMEA
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