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Job Opening for DevOps Intern(Freshers) (Job code- RT190)

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Interested candidates kindly apply before 6th September.

CV must be in pdf format, saved with your first name.

Job Description:

  1. Good understanding of DevOps methodology & building CICD pipeline
  2. Good verbal & written communication
  3. Good logical reasoning and education background
  4. Hands on experience in any one of SCM tool Git, Github, BitBucket etc
  5. Hands on experiences in anyone of CICD integration tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Bamboo etc.
  6. Hands on experience in anyone of configuration management tool like  Chef, Ansible, Pupper etc.
  7. Hands on experience in any one of testing tools like Selenium etc.
  8. Hands on experience in any one of monitoring & alert tools like Splunk, Dadadog, Prometheus etc.
  9. Hands on experience in any one of infrastructure tool like terraform, AWS Cloud formation etc.
  10. Good understanding of Docker, Kubernetes
  11. Good understanding of AWS & AWS DevOps tools like CICD Pipeline, repository
  12. Thrill to learn new technology & build IT career in DevOps & cloud world
  13. Excellent Communication skills
We are no longer accepting applications for this ad.

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