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Job Opening for Linux; Any Graduate; Fresher’s; Knowledge of computer network fundamentals; Basic understanding of docker containers, configuration management tools; (Job Code-RT 771)

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Interested candidates kindly apply before 10/11/2022.

CV must be in PDF  format, saved with your Full name.

Hiring for Linux!!!

Location: Pune 

Following are the things expected from the candidates:

  1. Fundamentals of Linux and Linux commands
  2. Knowledge of computer network fundamentals
  3. Installation and configuration of Linux OS
  4. Basic understanding of docker containers, configuration management tools.
  5. Learning capability to use container technology, OpenShift/Kubernetes and Ansible

What he will be doing:


  1. Troubleshoot the issues related to the Linux servers
  2. Use of the ansible for the server configuration management
  3. Use of Ansible playbooks, roles, vaults, to configure the Linux servers
  4. Creating containerized applications using docker containers/podman
  5. Installation and configuration of Kubernetes/OpenShift Cluster
  6. Deploying containerized applications on Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster
  7. Autoscaling the containerized applications using Kubernetes/OpenShift
  8. Use of configmaps and secrets to setup container environment
  9. Deploying the Kubernetes/OpenShift services in the cluster
  10. Deploying pods on specific nodes in Kubernetes/OpenShift cluster

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