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Virtualization for AIX (POWERVM)

Duration of Training:  40 Hours


Introduction of virtualization and PowerVM versions.
Introduction of HMC.
Creation of LPAR and installation of VIOS server.
Allocation virtual resources from VIOS to LPAR.
Shared Ethernet Adapter.
Configuration of Dual VIO server.
Mapping of SAN disk from VIOS server to LPAR.
Node Port ID virtualization.
Shared Ethernet Adapter failover.
VLAN tagging, Virtual switch creation, control channel creation.
DLPAR operations on LPAR.
Backup of VIOS server.
Upgradation of VIOS server.
Difference between LPAR, DLPAR and WPAR.
Capacity on demand.
Advanced system management interface tool.
Configuration of HMC.
HMC connection with Managed systems.
HMC Backup and Restore.
HMC upgradation.
Firmware upgratation managed systems.
Introduction of DATA center.
Network Installation Manager.
Study Material.
PowerVM certification. Preparation.

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